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  1. Does anyone know if the scenario will be available (online or otherwise)?
  2. Boromir_and_kermit said: I have emailed FFG, I suggest we all do the same. Hopefully, if there are enough of us asking the same question, we might get some sort of definitive answer as they clearly don't read these forums. Below is my email and their response. Pretty much what I expected. I have given up on BattleLore; I think that FFG already has... Geoff Geoff, Thanks for your interest in our BatteLore product line. Please be aware that I can't comment on what may or may not be in development regarding the product line in question. Please note that when and if we announce something, it will be on our web site. So keep you eyes there and stay tuned. Thank you for understanding. Regards, Kalar Komarec Customer Service Associate Fantasy Flight Games Customer Service Team customerservice@fantasyflightgames.com On Nov 27, 2011, at 12:54 PM, <heintzelman@alumni.duke.edu> <heintzelman@alumni.duke.edu> wrote: Message from: Geoff Heintzelman E-mail: heintzelman@alumni.duke.edu Message: Would you be willing to share with the fans some information about the future of BattleLore? All signs indicate that you have given up on the system, but there has been no definitive word from FFG. Will you make a 2nd edition of BattleLore? Are there more "BattleLore" games in the works (similar to Battles of Westeros? Have you killed base "BattleLore" to concentrate on Battles of Westeros? Would you consider selling the BattleLore name to someone else so the system can receive the treatment it deserves? There are so many possibilities for BattleLore -- a campaign system, more expansions, a campaign world, rpg, etc... It''s a shame to not have more news about it. When I see what Days of Wonder has accomplished with Memoir''44 (online game, scenario builder, fan support), I can only imagine what could happen for BattleLore. The potential for so much creativity is there. But regardless of your decision, it would be nice for the fans of BattleLore to know what your plans for this great game may be. Thank you, Geoff Heintzelman
  3. I imagine you've been besieged with requests, but I'm interested in the cards. What sort of FFG things are you looking for? Is there a better way to contact you? I can't find private messaging on these forums. Geoff
  4. I can somewhat understand the bitterness and disappointment when T&C came out because of the perpetual silence from DOW and the expectation that the next expansion was going to be heroes or creatures or something significant. This is unfortunate, because the T&C format does offer something unique to BattleLore the potential to make maps with more and/or different terrain than is offered in the base game and expansions. They could have put a mountain range on the map with foothills, a ton of forest squares with pathways, a castle or walls for a siege battle, a coast for naval attacks, a battle through the passages of a castle or streets of a city/town, etc... The potential is endless and could have provided unique terrain that could be used for several battles without paying for new boards. After all, witness the success of the battlemaps for Memoir'44. They have all been well received and are anxiously awaited by Memoir'44 fans because they offer landscapes, terrains, and battles that could not be played with the base game tiles. I must say, however, that I am discouraged by the silence from FFG as well. There was talk of an FAQ, terrain editor, web release of scenarios, etc... None of which has come to pass after several years. Seems like this is a road we've traveled before... Geoff
  5. Elberon said: and the biggest telling thing of what isn't there, Creatures, are they mulling over the whole idea of creatures and how to get them out there following the reception of the Troll pack? Have Richard and his playtest crew work on others (the dragon has been hinted at by the Raven but nothing official) I'm still surprised at the negative reception the Troll pack received (or continues to receive). The two battlemaps for Memoir'44 have been received positively in the M'44 community. I understand that it seemed a little overpriced and the cards weren't included, but that hasn't slowed down the M'44 maps. Is there a difference in the communities? The games? I'm not sure, but the Battlemaps seem like a great way to introduce atypical board sizes or amounts and types of terrain that aren't coverd in the base set. Just my 2 cents... Geoff
  6. I also agree that FFG will eventually publish BattleLore expansions, but I'm increasingly frustrated by the lack of official news from the company. How much trouble would it be to release a few scenarios now and then or to give us some updates on things like the scenario editor? At least then we would see some evidence of their willingness to support the game and its already established community. I must say that I find it hard to believe that DOW would not have published another expansion to BattleLore by now. I also find it ironic that the same offense that DOW was roundly criticized for is being committed by FFG. Perhaps it's time for an open letter to the company so that they'll sell it to a third publisher? ;-) Geoff
  7. ColtsFan76 said: Tell me of your will power once they announce. I bet you'll be the first in line as soon as they do I will be first in line -- no doubt about it. But this wait for information is maddening... Geoff
  8. Trump said: Trump said: So are you saying it's not complete because they've hinted at doing more with the game? Or it's incomplete because the game can be expanded? That doesn't make sense. I can call any game incomplete by those standards. It's not imcomplete because they've hinted at doing more with the game. It's incomplete because they promised to do more with the game. Mention of the Heroes expansion was made in the first rule book, there's a "?" on the board for something, there are tokens included in the game for some mysterious purpose. A campaign feel was promised in the lead up to the game, and has not been delivered as of yet. It's not incomplete simply because the game can be expanded. Battle Cry could have been expanded, but wasn't. It's not incomplete because everything described in the rulebook is in the box. Most other games are complete without expansions -- Carcassonne, Settlers, Formula D, etc... Even if they hint at expansions, there is nothing in the box the requires them. All that is needed is a few communications from FFG. Heck, even if they just released scenarios every month or two -- at least we would know they were thinking about it. Geoff
  9. playdead said: As I normally do (!), I totally agree with ColtsFan! Why in the WORLD would FFG acquire the rights to a game and then sit back and watch it die? That makes no sense for a business, and FFG IS a business!!! I I don't believe that FFG intends for BattleLore to die. However, the fact is that interest is waning due to the lack of communication. Even a monthly update with a little news about the progress would be enough to quell my anxiety. And as you say, letting it die makes no sense for a business. So why are they letting us feel that way? Geoff
  10. hobbeskind said: On the other hand, I cannot remember when was the last update to Chess. Yet it seems the whole world and Harry Potter is still playing it. Meaning in the end it is the players who have to do it. Yes, but chess is sold as a complete game. The instruction manual for BattleLore hints at what is to come (Heroes), there is a mystery spot on the war council sheet, and there are counters with unexplained uses. BattleLore was marketed as a campaign game -- but this promise has never been fulfilled. All the community is asking for is a glimpse of what FFG is thinking. Is the universe going to remain Uchronia? Will the hard to find creatures be re-released? What does heroes entail? How will armies be filled out or sold? Will there be a scenario editor? How will the campaigns work? Are they like the M'44 Campaign book or is there something RGP-lite involved? FFG must have some answers or thoughts about these questions. Wouldn't it be in there best interest to shed a little light on these subjects? After all, these are the question that DOW wouldn't answer and were excoriated for -- and IMHO catalyzed the transfer of the license to FFG. Don't get me wrong, I really like FFG and own quite a few of their games. Their productions are top notch and customer service is excellent. It's just that I had high hopes for BattleLore, and I thought that after 7-8 months of BattleLore being FFG property that we'd have some more information. Geoff
  11. Trump said: I think it's a bit laughable that anyone's stressed over whether or not FFG will be putting out a BL expansion. FFG is the absolute king of expansions. That's part of their business model (along with media tie-ins). They're not going to miss an opportunity here. It might take a while while they sort out which way to go with BL, but I suspect they'll eventually be cranking out expansions much faster than I want to buy them. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but as you can see earlier in this thread there are several people that haven't played BattleLore in months. It's dropping off the radar over at BGG and people are playing M'44 and C&C Ancients instead -- because these are "living" games that are evolving and developing. And as people become less interested in BattleLore, there will be less people that buy any new expansions, and thus less eventual development of the game system. Witness BattleCry -- it never had any expansions and is basically a footnote in the C&C family. For those of us that have been with BattleLore since the beginning -- we remember the promises that were made and see the potential for the game to develop. (Just read the last post by Richard Borg or look at the Memoir'44 Campaign Book to see what can be done with this system.) But as the game takes longer and longer to take shape, more people will look elsewhere and the system will die. As far as I can tell, the BattleLore system is no better off now than it was a year ago. We still have no new expansions and no communications from the company that owns the game. Noone has any idea where this game is going, and so it slips into disuse and lack of interest... It wouldn't take much communication from FFG to get everyone excited again -- if there is still anyone listening. Geoff
  12. cyric036 said: I realized it has been December since I have last played as well. Good game dying on the vine because there are too many other good games out there to play that have consistent releases. So I repeat, as more and more players drift away from BattleLore, isn't it time for FFG to update us on the status of the game??? We haven't had an official update since November. That update included the following: "Spring 2009 will be a great time to be a BattleLore fan." Well, Spring is upon us and rapidly going by. Still we wait.... Geoff
  13. kmedlinnc said: I want to say Curt Schilling responded once to the delay in an MMP reprint by saying that for his games (just cardboard and color paper and glue remember) it took them 4-6 months to get everything ready for the printer. The key words in that post are that "Curt Schilling responded" -- the big problem is that we have no news from FFG at all! I definitely appreciate Mr. Borg posting his thoughts on BattleLore's future, but that is still a long way from FFG telling us what's going on. FFG is still responsible for the development and production of the game -- not all of Richard's ideas may make it into a finished product.
  14. FFG announced today four new expansions for games other than BattleLore which will be in stores in June. Does this mean that the next BattleLore expansion is even farther away????? Of course, at this rate, we'll be lucky to have any official FFG news by that point. At least I have my Memoir'44 Campaign book to keep me occupied. Just think about a BattleLore Campaign book along the same lines -- that would be pretty cool... Geoff
  15. Indygnome said: On the down side, no amount of people expressing thier displeasure that FFG havent spoken up will change things, all it will do is lead to people like me (and I am sure others) getting bored with reading the forums and stop being active. In effect such comments drive people away and reduce the quality and numbers of people within what would normally be a loyal community. What drives people away from the community is a lack of news or new scenarios. If there are so many scenarios laying around -- how much trouble can it be to post a new one every month? I find it hard to believe that there is no news whatsoever to be released on BattleLore. For goodness sake, they haven't even announced whether the troll will ever be available separately... not to mention the Hill Giant and Earth Elemental. These are simple questions that FFG has even alluded to in their little news so far, but we still don't have an answer. As FFG takes their time, more and more people are finding other games to play, which means less long term development for BattleLore. What bores me is going to the FFG website and seeing -- Now shipping, a new expansion for (insert title of any game other than Battlelore here). Geoff
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