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  1. Well, in my campaign, The waywatcher started as a scout (renamed Kithband warrior) and will go to Waywatcher and then Ghost Walker (that I´m creating, but will be something like a assassin/marksman/ranger from hell).The Ironbreaker started as a Soldier (renamed Tunnel Warrior- I dont think that Miner was a tunnel warrior) and will go to ironbreaker-shieldbreaker-ironbeard when he get his family armor that was lost when his karak turned like a Dwarf fortress f*cked game. intead of basic, both careers are intermediate, and I pushed the *breakers one step ahead inserting talent slots when needed. Until now, no problems.
  2. Im just waiting a POD with all the corrected cards, like que Aqshy or the Dark elf dragon armor. I´d pay for that.
  3. In 2nd Ed, a hand weapon did 1d6 damage. In the 3rd, does +5. In Gurps (as fae as I remember) you could exchange a +4 for a d6. Maybe it can help randomize stuff.
  4. I though she was a guy....who never played the game. Well, one less attentionwhore on these forums, and thats good for me.
  5. Its pretty easy to play WFRP if you stand out of harm´s way everytime. In my nearly last play, one char managed to dodge all attacks, hit hard every foe and took no damage at all (**** wood elf). The other 2 players (Ironbreaker and Brightwizard) entered the fray and took damage, the bright wiz got stuck down. The elf player was grinning, laughing and saying "Wow, I love this game". The others didnt say anything except "**** Wargor". In the last session, the elf took his toll. Fighting inside a house, with no space for manuvers the ironbreaker shined and the wood elf got badly hurt. In the end of the session, he start bitching "awn, this system is too lethal. It dont help ranged attack characters. I wont play again this". The other 2 started to laugh. I feel your pain, but this problem isnt a problem. Its a player whining. So tell him to act like a real player. They must learn to stop hitting everthing and think a little.
  6. Well, the ancestor cards already are a "connection" with the gods. IMHO (and thats a really humble, because I sont know WF very well) the human gods give power to humans because humans worship and need it (balancing the scales, because humans are a weakling race comparing to the resilience of dwarfs and magic of elves). Dwarves remember his "gods" with tales and songs and that gives them power. Elves I dont have a single clue.
  7. Well, I guess I figured it out. When a GS is engaged wih a SM it still can move, so the GS is IN the terrain tile.
  8. Hello people, got this game on the morning and played after lunch (losing beautifully). And I got a question that I couldnt find on the forum: When the GS spawn on a terrain on the left, for example a corridor, the GS is currently ON the terrain (being engaged with the SM on the right) or in the LEFT side of the terrain (staying 1 movement from being engaged with the SM)? Thats because if they are IN the terrain, they are auto-engaged with the SM, so, they cannot move, BUT if they arent, in the GS phase they stay out of range (because the symbol dont match to move) OR the move to front (engaging the SM)? Thanks for the answers
  9. Hello and welcome. I´ll try to help solve these questions, but I expect more experienced folks came by. 1- You create a NPC with many points and powers you like. You can use NPCs from the adventure book as a base, OR creating like a PC, but with many Advances you need. In your example, looks like your NPC is like a nemesis, so I´d create as a char with maybe 8 Extra advances. (its powerful, but its still a apprendice) 2- Depends on the monster. A Skeleton with a sword and shield would have Basic Attack and Block, but not "Acess the situation." In the adventure book the monster´s actions are listed and normally I would use as it is, with the exception of a powerful monster. It depends on your flexibility. 3- You can have as many players you want. I made one extra box with paper and glue (there is software to create fold up boxes, just google it), in the support part of the warhammer page there is a pdf with the basic actions and a pdf with blank cards, that your players can use if someone take the same action of another player. If you like to have more parts, the Adventure Toolkit has tokens and cards for a extra player (beside 10 cool careers and lots of new cards) 4- I bought extra die, but it isnt necessary. If you put all dices in the center of the table, everyone can use it without problems.
  10. I used once the puzzle idea from Mansions of madness using 2xInt moves to exchange and move the pieces. The wizard loved the idea.
  11. Sturn, great idea. One suggestion: How about using Hexagons instead squares? That way you could separate easily the ranges. I´m using blank hexagons (about the size of a card) and it works great.
  12. doc_cthulhu said: I've used one of the one-sheets in it. I'm a consumer wh... and will buy every box that comes out but that one was certainly worthless for me. At least for now. Though the one-sheets in it are quite cool. I second that. Including the consumer...
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