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  1. I've been thinking about this more and more as of late... Most likely because I've gone and dusted off Space: 1899 again . Can I be the only one that finds this would be a perfect fit for FFG?
  2. Oh, Slaanesh... why must you temp me so away from the true path of the Emperor of Mankind!?!?
  3. vespers2


    I seem to recall that GW's speciallist games made some limited edition red d10's with the Inquisitorial "=][=" on the 1 side for their Inquisitor line... but it's been a while and I would by another such set in a heartbeat.
  4. No doubt there will be a Hobbit/Shire expansion, eh?
  5. Talking it over with a few of my players the other night and we thought Monster Squad would be a good inspirational film, especially as we went over some general talents. "Wolfman's got nards!"
  6. I figured I'd post this thread here, as it is, well, Off Topic. I've already gone ahead and pre-ordered this little blasphemous delight. I'll admit I really don't believe that I'll be using the contents of this pouch as Domain counters in so much as that I'll be using them to adorn my altar (so to speak, as the product blurb suggest). How about any of you? A must for the game? Or needed to unravel the minds of those around you?
  7. Not that I've found. There are plenty of Easter Eggs. You also have an audio choice; hear it in complete digital glory, or scratched and ripped to have that nostalgic analog feel.
  8. Without going to far off topic, I'd to throw in my couple of thrones and recommend a beautiful size comparison of oh, so many ships of the genre we keep coming back too.
  9. Thanks for the update, though I thought this was already posted?
  10. Carrion Prince said: Is this the trailer you are referring to? I have a copy of this. In my humble oppinion, it is well worth the purshcase from the H.P.L.H.S., if for no other reason than to see their logo on a brown, padded envelope sitting in your mail box when it arrives.
  11. Boy, that takes me back. I'm going to have to dig out my copy of the TSR short story anthology, The Arrival. I may even still have a copy of a module or disk in a storage bin. Truth be told, I can still vividly remember playing Buck Rogers and the planet Zoom on the Amstrad. 5 1/4" floppy, if memory serves. I think I'm beginning to catch up on Captain Rogers.
  12. vespers2

    I love this game!

    One of the great joys/pains of this forum's format is how it allows for so much interaction with other players of games who have played games that you have not. The more I read about Drakon, more intrigued I've become. Given that I spend far to much money on my hobbies and habbits, I'm surprised the economy is in as bad of shape as it is. I know I'm going to be adding this game to my ever growing collection. It seems to be the perfect fit for one of those nights when everyone is a bit RPGed out and the thought of starting another campaign insights mutiny.
  13. vespers2


    I'd like to second that, the balance is better for the two nights' stay. I'm going to try the your tavern out this weekend, dth, I think my little circle of friends will be pleasantly surprised. Thanks
  14. Omnicrazzy said: I think my girlfriend would hate it. She hates snakes... even gummy worms. I too ran into this opposition, my love will not even look at the box. We once figured out on the Chinese Zodiac that she was born in the year of the snake, and she was inconsolable for the rest of the evening. I'm never again to bring it up in her presence.
  15. There are times when I have to convince the love of my life to try a new game with me. This was not one of the occasions, like Black Sheep (or possibly because of it) she was eager to try. This is another game which will be making the rounds at the elementry school for rained in lunch hours.
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