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  1. Sunny is one of the few scum ships I don't have unfortunately.
  2. Hi all. I've flown this list, or a variant of it, three times now and it is a lot of fun. Would you change anything major? I'm going to run it this Sunday methinks. Version 1 had a Quadjumper with tractor, and courier droid instead of the Scyk. Dalan Oberos with Veteran Instincts, Harpoon Missiles, Contraband Cybernetics N'Druk Suhlak with Harpoon Missiles and Adaptability Kavil with Adaptability and Synced Turrets Cartel Spacer with Heavy title, Mangler Cannon Bullseye is pretty awesome when you can line it up and those harpoons are lots of fun. Contraband Cybnernetics is there to make sure target locks happen when they have to, or a focus to make sure it is going to be a good hit on a bullseyed or previously TL'd target. I just need to remember to get N'Druk off on his/her own and to keep the Cartel back at range 3 for a good defense and hopefully exploiting shots against harpooned ships.
  3. The tournament was a blast and I went 3-0 for first place. I managed to borrow a guidance chip, which I forgot to use every time, and ended up running: -Miranda Doni with TLTs -Captain Nym with Havoc title, Veteran Instincts, Bomblet Generator, Autoblaster Turret, Accuracy Corrector -Arvel Crynyd with A-Wing Test Pilot, Adaptability, Proton Rockets, Guidance Chips Round #1 was against a Thweek, Khiraz (can't remember which one), Nym (auto-blaster and accuracy corrector, etc.) list. The Star Viper tried to flank and then couldn't get back into the fight quickly enough thanks to some groovy bomb placement which is probably the only thing that saved me. Miranda healed at least 4 shields and ended the game with a couple of hull left, my Nym was on his last hull, and Arvel managed to survive this match, dying in every other one. 200-0. Round #2 was against Wolf, Miranda (TLTs), and Sabine. Arvel died this match after delivering his pro-rockets. I think the only thing that save me was a bomblet exploding and giving an angry Wolf at range 1 of Nym blinded pilot and preventing 5 dice coming his way. Lots of healing with Miranda on both sides but mine managed to limp away with a couple hull left. Round #3 was a against 4 Academy Ties and a Bump-Decimator (also had anti-pursuit lasers). I managed to kill 2 TIES and lost Arvel but in the last round I TLT'd his Decimator dropping it to half and netting me some points for a win. Fun day!
  4. Seconding the need for Integrated.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions! Much appreciated. I was all set in my mind to get rid of the A-Wing and then played last night and am very torn about getting rid of him since he bumped and got shots off twice and also got a 5 hit pro-rocket hit in to finish off a FO TIE that was only missing a shield. Lucky I know but he was a fun source of annoyance. Went against a TIE list with 5 ships (Academy, Howlrunner, FO, Bomber with Proton torps, and the TIE Interceptor that can boost/barrel after attacking). He can screaming in and I did not turn hard enough with Miranda so she was limping away, blinded and with one hull left after turn 3 and turn 4 she tried to SLAM away but the Interceptor chased her while the others got in close with Nym and The A. I got lucky and the Academy flew off the map after trying a K Turn and I managed to autoblaster Howlrunner very quickly which are the two reasons, in addition to an epic pro rocket, that I think I managed to somehow win. It came down to Nym down 2 shields vs his untouched bomber and I just kept at range one and chased him until it was over with 3 hull remaining for Nym. Great suggestions and I might change stuff around to give them a try. Super Rex sounds like loads of fun and I like the idea of Sabine and changing the bombs to the K!
  6. Hi all. We have a tourney coming up in a couple of weeks and I'm looking over a couple lists to try and decide what to fly. I've got a double Falcon that seems like fun, but really want to give this one a go too. Any thoughts? I've got all the Reb ships except for the Ghost and Epic ships, most of the Scum (missing Shadowcaster, Jump Master and epic), and next to no Imps. Thanks in advance for any constructive advice you can give. Flying it tonight again and it did very well in a 3 player free-for-all. -Miranda Doni with TLTs (would really like to fit Lando on there but no points left) -Captain Nym with Havoc title, Veteran Instincts, Bomblet Generator, Autoblaster Turret, Accuracy Corrector -Arvel Crynyd with A-Wing Test Pilot, Adaptability, Proton Rockets May the Force be with you!
  7. I really like Lando on the Falcon. Sure he might roll blanks some times, but I usually get a focus and the times 2 evades comes up are pure gold. I'd probably put the evade title on the Falcon too, but the one you have on it now would be better for getting Ray and Finn back in the sweet spot so I might just have to try it out. As gold as tail gunner is if you threw in a second tactician on your team it would be nasty. I played Rebel Sympathizer and Rey last week, both with tacticians, and it was nasty.
  8. I'd take a tractor beam to drop AG/reposition baddies so the others can get good hits in.
  9. If you can find a way to put vectored thrusters on your Wookie ship it really rocks and makes it much more maneuverable and shooty with that wicked nice firing arc. Wookie Commandos is another upgrade I like to throw ion the Wookie ships to free up actions for barrel rolls (with VT) or reinforce.
  10. A-Wings with cruise missiles are all kinds of fun.
  11. I'm a Lando man myself=:) When those 2 evades come out Miranda is golden.
  12. Great suggestions @Boom Owl ! The only thing I don't have is the Ghost for the Kanan but I could easily borrow one. The E-Wing is another ship I have not flown a lot so makes me want to try it even more.
  13. Hi all. At my venue no-one seems to have any luck with U-Wings. They seem really lackluster, and was wondering if anyone could give some build suggestions and some strategy suggestions? I'd like to go from the "joke" ship to the "better than I expected" if possible. I've played one paired up with a Wookie Ship (Low) and Biggs and had no luck. It was Cassian with push the limits, Baze, Jan Ors, Fire Control system and Engine Upgrade. Think there are 4 U-Wings at our venue and they never seem to do much. Think I'm really not planning ahead with the pivot wing wing enough either. The brake and turn around seems good but I always have it on the +1AG and flipping it really seems to telegraph your next move to everyone. Many thanks in advance and may the Force be with you.
  14. For Arc pilots I really like Shara Bey who can share target locks so your other pilots can focus on other actions and use her's as needed. Throw in a weapons engineer and MG-98 for even more target lock goodness.
  15. I like it! Just stay close to Miranda so she can't TLT and you'll be fine=:) I have horrible luck with the Protectorate SF's but really like them and want to give them another go.
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