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  1. Thanks for the response Holy Outlaw. I've noticed you made no reference to the Pegasus. I tend to use that in most games now - do you not rate it?
  2. I've had BSG since it came out, and own both expansions (though I haven't experienced all of what Exodus has to offer). Much of which the expansions add are optional rules, and the Pegasus expansion added two elements which I hated and won't be using again (the Cyclon Leader characters and New Caprica). Reading through the Exodus rules, I was struck with the thought of both expansions together would add an inordinate amount of stuff to the game, to the point where it would be borderline baffling and certainly not good for beginner characters. So, are there any veteran players out there that believe they play the 'optimum' game, cherry picking elements from both expansions, dumping stuff that doesn't work so well, etc. And what are they? Your thoughts are welcome.
  3. If in doubt, hit them with weapons. Knocking one or two of the heroes out would definitely make a hole in their line.
  4. IronRavenstorm said: Terah said: Luan1987 said: I just wish that in these future expansions your predicting they reprint the miniatures from the first edition, because they are hard to get nowadays. I would be appalled if they mixed the old miniatures in with new content. I doubt they will re-release the old monsters, it would be nice if they did, but they better not mix the old figures in with new content. If owners of 1st Ed had to re-buy miniatures they already have to get new content for 2nd Ed that would be amazingly arrogant of FFG. I agree with you on this. It would be appalling if FFG did re-release the old miniatures in future expansions. I'm sorry for those who came late to the series, but Descent has to move on. Give it a year, and you won't care anymore about the old miniatures. The new ones are a lot cooler. Back in my day we would have killed for hybrids, fire imps, goblins, shadow dragons, and etc… So. please stop asking for the old miniatures. I'm not the bad guy here, but I know what you really want. You don't really care about the old miniatures, but rather have more miniatures right now. The game has just started up so give it some time to grow. I rather have FFG spend their time and money on new stuff to advance the game for everyone to enjoy. I agree too. And not to mention the fact that the old hero miniatures are HORRIBLE when stood next to the quite lovely new minis. More new stuff please
  5. Robin said: No more than one attack action. Just to seek clarification on this point - is this they cannot make two attacks, or cannot take two actions that are considered 'attack actions'. There are many creatures that have a listed action that says something like 'Make an attack that does X'. Does this count as their attack for the turn? And if not, they would be free to do this twice, surely? FYI, we were playing last night and a giant did a double sweep on us because it wasn't an 'attack' (it was a sweep). Was that wrong?
  6. The problem with solo play is, why would you make the optimum decision with regards to Overlord strategy?
  7. DocSavage said: Hi there, 1.) Why the Familiar "Reanimate" does not have any Defense Die? If he's attacked, he cannot defend? 2.) May he carry equipment (found or bought in a campaign)? Many thanks for your kind help. 1. Yes, he cannot defend. And damage rolled he takes. There is a Necromancer power that gives him a brown defense dice, I believe. Yes, this means he'll die a LOT. 2. To my knowledge, nope. Equipment is for heroes.
  8. rugal said: Sorry if the question was already asked. Take the first scenario at two players, First Blood Can Karnon use his Heroic Feat to end the game immediatly ? Or the "named" Ettin considered as not as a minion monster ? (since at two players, his white) Didn't find anything in the rule book about this particular case. Technically speaking, tan monsters are minions, so no problem. Though a rule stating a named monster isn't a minion is fine (assuming one doesn't exist already, which, while I don't remember seeing one, I'm pretty sure it existed in D1, so it might remain in D2).
  9. herozeromes said: cleardave said: I take it you never set up a Force Drain in the Carbonite Chamber with Vader (with a lightsaber for the extra +1) and played "All Too Easy" on the Light Side player that came to stop you? If you were running the "Dark Deal" Objective, that one play burns your opponent for 8 of his 60 Life Force. You're totally re-enacting the occupation of Cloud City in that Objective, especially if you play "Cloud City Occupation". I really don't want to sound like I'm being glib, but were you playing the game wrong? This is the kind of thing that I LOVED about SWCCG. They allowed you to recreate situations in Star Wars with the chance of a different outcome. It totally nailed the feel of the movies. You COULD easily make a generic deck that spammed non-unique characters, but really the most fun was when you created a scenario like Jedi Training or making the Second Death Star Operational and then having the opportunity as a Rebel to blow it out of the sky. The reason that no other game has touched this feeling is because they just put Star Wars pictures on games that could have been anything. Seriously, WotC could have been a World War II game. I actually found the SWCCG worked better outside of a tourney environment, when you and a buddy conspired to build compatible decks so they would interact (even if it was as vague as 'I'm building a Light Side Tatooine deck') It really was a MASSIVELY thematic game though. Separating sites and systems was genius, and meant you didn't have the afforementioned issue with characters and starships fighting. There were just so many things going on, so many possibilities, and all of them entrenched in the Star Wars universe. What's not to love about training Yoda up to be a pilot, chucking him in an X-Wing and sending him off on an attack run to blow up the Death Star? Or reanacting the Battle of Hoth with less At-Ats and having Echo Base stormed by Wampas. Just so many cool moments. The thing that really screwed it up was bloody Episode 1 and the corresponding garbage that came with it. Had the game constantly moved forward (with expanded universe stuff) or just kept filling in blanks in the original trilogy, there wouldn't have been any problems. Also, Lucas got greedy. Shock.
  10. Robin said: The Chipped Axe would be less powerful, as it has two identical surge effects. I would rather follow the "if it ain't broken, don't change it" philosophy. Easy enough to change if he wanted - Surge Surge: +3 Damage. Done.
  11. I actually DON'T agree with ColdMoonRising. The reason things fell down in D1 was because once you hit silver or gold dice, the amount of surges you could roll was INSANE. In D2, you're pretty hard pushed to roll more than 3 EVER, so why does it become broken? This assumes of course that they never release other enhancement dice (and personally, I'd love it if they did - posibly tied into their 4 traits, but who knows), but for now, I see absolutely NO problem with this.
  12. Doc Belmont said: I was at the Fantasy Flight Games In-Flight Report at GenCon, and this very question came up. Unfortunately, the answer was a definite "NO." There are no plans to reprint the old miniatures. It sucks, but there ya go. I'm just glad that I was able to get ahold of all of the Descent expansions before second edition was announced. Thats a shame and a bit weird. If they can release painted Arkham Horror miniatures for crazy prices, you'd have thought they could do this. Maybe they destroyed the molds…
  13. smilek said: Hello all! Can anybody tell me, what is the order of applying surges during blast attack? For example, Leoric has 3 hearts and 2 surges on his attack blast roll against a dracon and a couple of zombies. 1) Does he need to decide how to use surges right after attack roll or he can do it after all defend rolls? 2) If he can does it after all defend rolls, can he use surges in different ways for each of blasted monsters or he should use the same order of applying surge for all targets? Defense dice are rolled at the same time as attack dice, so I would suggest surges are spent AFTER. This does beg the question why doesn't the attacker roll the defense dice to cut down some time, but whatever. And surges have to be spent in the same way. You spend a surge, that effects all targets. You want different effects? Gotta attack them multiple times I'm afraid.
  14. I actually have a strong feeling that the first two expansions will actually round out the game to be what they intended to make initially, but couldn't due to cost or time implications. The fact that this one has been announced already, so soon after the base game hit the shelves, leads me to believe it's been made for ages - and IMO, was there alongside the base game. I don't have a problem with this, but I do think it'll mean we won't get any 'meaty' expansions til this time next year, minimum. And for the record, that's EXACTLY what I think they'll do. Two new characters (Scout and Healer), two new classes for them, couple of new monsters, another condition (I'm expecting 'bleed' weirdly), more tiles, more cards, and a few additional things that are nigh on impossible to guess at
  15. You make a good point Endevor. To my knowledge, there are no Overlord tricks that make hero abilities bought with XP utterly redundant, whereas the heroes can do just that for the Overlord. Of course, I don't need any convincing that the overlord needs some love in a future expansion. As I said previously, I think BOTH sides need more options, but the OL has been made SO dull progression-wise (and stating that monsters rank up 10 or so hours into the game is hardly a good thing) we're gonna struggle to find someone that actually WANTS to play the OL in our games.
  16. So glad to see this post on here - I was beginning to think myself and a few of my buddies were the only ones that felt this way… I've mentioned this briefly in another post somewhere that adding ONE card to your deck is frankly, dull. When compared to Road to Legend, which admittedly is a few expansions down the line, there was a TON of options for upgrades (for both parties in fact). Buying lieutenants is gone. Buying upgrade cards are gone. No more 'plot' cards. No raising monster levels. Playing as the overlord in the Advanced Campaign you had no END of choices - this was great, choice is good. I really hope some of this finds its way back in. And to be honest, I like a little bit more customisation return for the heroes too. The class decks are excellent, for sure (though I am slightly worried that every power would be bought by campaign end - not having finished a campaign yet though I'm unsure), but that is pretty mush it, especially once you have a decent weapon. I doubt we'll ever see the return of the black dice (which personally, I do slightly mourn, as this differentiated a caster with a warrior - now, generally, they are both as good as the other), but perhaps we'll see a generic deck of abilities that are purchasable by all, os SOME other way to customise your character…
  17. Rasiel said: Problem is not randomly throwing the dice … problem is what happens when you know how to roll the dice to get the result you want … Some gamblers could tell its easier to roll some sides with this dice than with ordinary ones. Get a dice tower or rolling cup then. Problem solved.
  18. Rasiel said: Hi, how do you like Dices in game ? I dont know why FFG makes dices that are imbalanced ?! They have different patterns on each side cut right into each side of the dice … Is that feature to make some sides "lighter" and some "harder" to roll ? I thought Descent will be played with balanced dice, each side with 1/6 probability to roll. Especially "X" side of blue die is super cut. X makes the die have great crater in a shape of X in it … i hate this dices … Because they have had experience with printing directly onto the dice (the first edition of Doom) and the print wore away, leaving nought but coloured cubes of plastic - and rendering the game unplayable… I'd MUCH rather have etched dice, thanks. And the bias they may or may not have would be negligable. People always remember the misses - remember, it's 1 in 6 rolls (statistically speaking). That's pretty dang frequent.
  19. Flatusjae said: Steve-O said: There's definitely no "once per turn" limit of Hero Abilities. (Unless the ability itself says so.) Heroic Feats can only be used once per ENCOUNTER, after which point you flip over the hero sheet to indicate it has been used. Is that what you meant? Yea I was speaking about the ability, not the feat. How to use Heroic Feats was very clear in the rule book But I just assumed that you can only use the ability once per turn, just… because. It felt natural, for me. I'm afraid that those abilities will turn out to be too powerfull in the long run. But like I said, I haven't played much at all yet! However, some hero abilities should be thought of as 'knacks' or innate prowess a hero has, rather than an ability a hero is using (such as the 'if the hero scores more range than needed, do more damage' ability, for example). It doesn't make sense that they 'forget' how to do this… But to each their own. With regards to the original poster, I always look at it as 'spend' vs 'inflict'. Anything positive that I'm doing for myself is 'spent' fatigue, and therefore I cannot spend more than I have (i.e. up to my stamina cap). However, negative effects INFLICT fatigue, and that CAN force you to go in excess of your stamina (which manifests as damage). I'm pretty sure this is how it works, but even if it's not, it's how we play.
  20. Disappointing… Just once I'd like an FFG come up that didn't have misprints…
  21. Rico said: I contacted FFG regarding a PDF of the Quest Book and they responded that they have never released Quest Books on PDF in the past and the liklihood of it happening for 2e is slim to none. However, this is for ONE customer who purchased their product and it didn't contain the quest guide, rendering the whole thing useless. A fat watermark over the top consigning it to said customer should stop him uploading it to the web.
  22. Rhime said: well, I did pay $85 bucks for the game so technically it's not "free", but I was hoping for user made quests to help us get started since staring at the box right now is all we can do… Have you asked FFG for a pdf? It's not an unreasonable request IMO.
  23. PinkTaco said: I'm not really too keen on 2nd edition so far. I still find RtL to be the superior game.. Don't give up hope just yet. I find the majority of RtL superior too, but that is after three other expansions for Descent 1. The base games, when compared like for like are, IMO, WORLDS APART. The campaign in 2nd Ed is so much improved over the weak 1st Ed rules it's night and day. I'm confident, or at least hopeful anyway, that a future expansion(s) will add some of the things that we currently feel are missing from 2nd ed which RtL had and made it a better game. Now, I don't expect there to be a like for like game ever, but I believe the bare bones have been put in place with D2, and these will be expanded upon significantly in the future. I'm hopeful it WILL become the superior game before too long.
  24. Columbob said: kingbobb said: The OL may select from a range of monster cards that match the icons available in that part of the quest. I don't know if it's specifically stated in the rules, but I think you're limited to one set of monsters…so if you have two open slots, you can't take double Giants, assuming you had the figures. It is stated, in the Quest Guide I believe. So no taking two groups of bane spiders or beastmen, which is a bit of a shame because many plastic monster pieces will be useless in second edition. For instance, no group that I've seen feature 2 master monsters ever, most groups, against 4 heroes, will feature 3-4 normal and 1 master for the smaller critters and 1-2 normal and 1 master for the larger monsters. Half the beastmen and bane spider miniatures won't ever be needed as it is. Good point, hadn't actually considered that… Thats an issue and a bit of a shame too. No more 'flooding the board' with a load of skeletons or what have you… Hopefully this will be another thing that's addressed (the same group can be choses twice assuming you have the available miniatures - works for me).
  25. Antistone said: Sausageman said: This assumes you are free of fatigue at the time. No it doesn't. Taking 2 move actions and spending all of your available fatigue for extra movement always takes you farther and leaves you more fatigued than performing 1 movement action and a rest action, even if your available fatigue is currently zero (because 2 move actions still goes further than 1). Granted - but you can't spend 'all your fatigue' (assuming your stamina is greater than your speed, as was the initial post) for additional movement if you've already spent some/all of it.
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