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  1. I have, and I suspect always will have, a soft spot for the Eldritch creatures. So, my favourites: 1. Dark Priests 2. Skeletons 3. Sorcerors How people aren't doing damage with the Skeletons is beyond me. Even in the very first dungeon level, while the skeletons were still copper, I killed the tank with ease (turning him into a pin cushion) and wounded several others. Make it a master skeleton and the heroes have a problem. Especially now they are diamond.
  2. Tomb of Ice: More Descent is never a bad thing. Some interesting looking heroes, a few more mosters, and some new board bits too (not to mention some fluff). However, those monsters wll have little affect on your current RtL campaign and the heroes will have none. Feats are another matter though. Some of them seem quirky and vaguely cool, others seem crazy good. Still, they are no more annoying than Crushing Blow.... Android: This is a completely unknown quantity. It looks interesting that's for sure, and going by the latest sneak peak that Kevin posted I'm certainly intrigued. But I've been curious about new games before and just as many have turned out crud as they have brilliant... Who knows about this one. I intend to wait for more info and, ideally, the rules so I can get a decent feel for how it'll play. Last Night on Earth: This is a fun and fairly straight forward zombie romp. It is LEAGUES ahead of 'Zombies!!!' by Twilight Creations, and is accessible enough for non-gamers to enjoy (I've played this with several). I'm completely unsure on the balance of it though. On occasions the zombie player(s) have utterly trounced the heroes, and on occasions vice versa. Is this indicitive of a brilliantly balanced game? There have been some close calls too, granted. The production quality is nice (not quite FFG standards mind), and overall, if you like the theme, you'll struggle to dislike this. These guys (Flying Frog) also make a game called 'A Touch of Evil' which is sort of a lite-Arkham Horror game, with a 'Sleepy Hollow' theme rather than a Lovecraftian one. It's also shorter by a country mile. If you like Arkham, you could consider this too. Alternatively, as this is a FFG board *winks*, Battlestar Galactica has recently hit the shelves, and if you can get 5 friends to play it with you, you'll have a blast. It's an awesome game, and I love it.
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    Joram said: Bleached Lizard said: Mr Skeletor said: I use to read rules religiously when they came out, but now I don't unless I'm on the fence. I found after reading the rules and knowing exactly what you are getting kind of made the purchase and opening of the box anticlimactic. So no I don't, especially if it's for an expansion that I know I'm going to buy anyway. Makes opening the box much more fun. I've liked Kevin's designs in the past enough to go into this blindly. I find that reading the rules leaves me wondering exactly how those rules could be implemented in relation to the components that are contained in the box. FFG games especially are very card-heavy, and most of the bulk of how the game plays is contained on those cards rather than in the rulebook. True. However, some things can be told from the rules. For instance, it didn't take a knowledge of the cards to tell me that Battlestar Galactica had an excellent traitor mechanic that beat Shadows Over Camelot hollow. So the rules still do help to a limited extent. Does 'inside knowledge' of that take away from opening your own copy of the game though? Certainly doesn't in my camp.
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    JerusalemJones said: I've got this game in my library of games, because sight unseen I will buy this game. It had the two things that would guarantee my purchase -- Kevin Wilson and Cyberpunk. I already love this game, and all I know about it is what was in the trailer. I hear that. I'm all over the idea of a decent cyberpunk game. And I'd love to see some rules for this too. I'm incredibly intruiged to see how it'll work. It's on my 'watch list'.
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