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  1. Nah, I've been playing massive amounts since GenCon and I can safely say that the Guard don't suck, at all.
  2. Actually there are plenty of arguments that can support its usefulness. Don't buy into the knee-jerk reactions that are (in many cases) flavored by perceived public opinion. Considering that you can mulligan to boost your chances of having the mine in your starting hand and considering the fact that a Unit is much more fragile than a Support right now (down the road that may change as more support-killing cards are released) AND considering the fact that you'd have to get a discount support card in your hand first turn, too, I'd say that the mine is quite solid and certainly under-rated. Furthermore, it's rather useful for factions who may not be as good at winning command struggles and gives a player a consistent non-command phase source of resources. It's one of those cards that the "card-gaming experts" claim isn't very good but the reality is that when you're using it, you nearly always find it helpful.
  3. Yes, but it's still mostly true and it's still stupid. But I can agree with you that our media on both political sides has gotten away from just reporting the news anymore, which is sad.
  4. Because there isn't any hyperbole in whining about a lack of female characters when a game has just launched, right? Oh wait... #eyeroll
  5. I think it's ridiculous that the game doesn't offer canine-based Warlords. It's blatant caninism at work. All I'm asking is that we have more dog-like humanoids in the game, for diversity's sake of course.
  6. And we've already (in this thread) explained that there ARE female characters that will surely show up on future cards. So why the need to beat the drums for 4 pages in this thread?
  7. Honestly this is why they need a separate RSP (Religion S#X Politics) thread for this type of stuff. It adds nothing terribly interesting to the actual game's discussion for a huge majority of people and just leads to angst. For our FB page, we're running a strict rule about it - no discussions AT ALL about these topics. It works nicely.
  8. There's just so much wrong here, I can't.... I just can't even begin to fathom where to start. Nope. Not going to bother. As far as I see it, you've just quoted an entirely well-reasoned post. Just how is there "so much wrong here?" Not going to be lured in to arguing with someone who's never going to understand the opposing perspective. The exact lame arguments being used here are ones I've seen time and time again. The constant whining to change everything to match one perspective ideals. It's just so wrong and consistently leads to slippery slope type of idiocy like we saw on the news today, where a public school (I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, really) has decided it's better to avoid using gender terms when addressing children and instead calling them "purple penguins." WTF? So yeah, there's plenty wrong with this. But guess what, I don't have to lay out my arguments why it's wrong. I can just shake my head in bemusement and annoyance and that's about it.
  9. No thanks, Conquest is better anyway. Plus, the Chaos art looks fantastic to me. It has just the right type of lighting and coloration for the faction. Awesome stuff.
  10. Just join our FB page, it's better than awful Reddit anyway.
  11. I've seen some fairly empty reasons for disliking games but this is a new one to me. LOL Wow. ::: shakes head :::
  12. There's just so much wrong here, I can't.... I just can't even begin to fathom where to start. Nope. Not going to bother.
  13. Groan. Knew someone would post something like this eventually in these forums. Yes, the IP should change entirely just for your sensibilities and your wife's needs. #eyeroll
  14. Darn. If only you'd reached me last week. I just got a new job and am unavailable during the daytime and I may already be lined up for a match on Thursday night. Perhaps next week on a weeknight?
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