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  1. Hi my friend is very interested in purchasing 2nd ed warhammer fantasy books, any chance you could email me a list of the books and the sort of prices you were looking for? Thanks, D
  2. Hi guys, i know this isn't really the place to post such a thing but have done it anyway. A friend of mine has decided he wants to get into GMing but wants to do it for 2nd ed only, do any of you have any idea where (in the uk) he could purchase the books (core rules a must) for reasonable prices, the ones on amazon and ebay are crazy!!!!!!! Thanks, Your ever loving muckyscribbler P.S If you dont wanna reply on here feel free to send to my email address.
  3. Thank you noble forum dwellers, as always your wealth of information/inspiration has proved invaluable (especially the idea that she has a breeding cycle) and i have a renewed faith in those illuminated by The Emperor's divine light. May your ships be strong and swift and your Rogue Traders find themselves fat of purse. Yours always, Dirtyscribe
  4. I have 2 gaming groups and they have decided they would like to meld and play RT, this in my opinion is an ace idea, so after asking the players which PC's they would like to play Kelly decided she would like to be the navigator. Bearing in mind she (Kelly) has the least amount of 40k lore i dont think she new what that really meant, after I and another player gave her a brief lowdown she was still happy to do so. I have no problem with having her play the navigator and will proceed accordingly but i just wanted to know if in 40k lore there has ever been any female navigators, i dont think i have ever heard of any! RT rulebook gives some idea of how a young navigator often acts, basically as a bit of a rake, however for a female character this may not be entirely welcome (although knowing Kelly i am sure thats just what she will do)! Any help welcome. Cheers 'very' Dirtyscribe
  5. Thank you for the link! Hmm, not quite what i had in mind, but wont my players get a shock when i only reveal it to be Nagashizzar after they get there!
  6. Hi everyone, i am looking to set a part of a campaign in a place i have heard of in the Old World called Cripple Peak. I am sure that years ago i knew where it was on a map of the Old World but now cannot seem to find it. Does anyone know where it is? Did it used to be on a map, has it ever been on a map or have i imagind the whole thing? Please help cos my players will want to plan their route to it if its already on the map...if its not present then i will create a location for it. Cheers, your very own mucky scrawler.
  7. I have heard tell of a data slate style document that can be used to create mission briefings on and printed out, do any of you know here i can find such a thing? Any help would be gratefully received.
  8. Good, i liked it, some spelling error's but then we all make those, now how many xp for ego stroking? I know who the special investigator is too but not sure if me 'guessing' it counts! If you write good things about my character imagine how handsome and successful Josef could be when he appears in BFYE? lol
  9. I have been looking at some of the mini's available and they look really awesome, are they a comparable scale to warhammer models as i would be using them for warhammer roleplay?
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