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  1. Tanks also fire armor piercing rounds. That would be more effective against pillboxes.
  2. Really interesting! We might have to try that out.
  3. I was wondering if there is a Unit Cost System out there for TOI. The kind of system you use whan improvising a scenario. Say, Germans and Americans got 1.000 points oeach to shop units and strategy cards and off they go to war.
  4. That is very helpful, thanks! I was considering going for that approach too and initially ignoring any units placed in the woods to the german left (near the bridge). I cannot figure out the usefullness of digging german entrenchments though. I think your advice on squad composition sounds really good. How many elites-regulars do you tend to put in each. 1-3 as suggested above or a more balanced 2-2?
  5. Placing an elite in the regular squads for the round up sounds like sound logic. I will have to take that into consideration. Pure elite squads rock, though! Personally I think there should be an oficer in all medic squads. That squad becomes a real defensive asset. The engineers, AT and flamethrowers I am not sure about. I think flamethrowers should go with elites though if expecting to attack pillboxes and entrenchments in cover terrain.
  6. At this point I have only played the Breaking Point scenario. I did so as German, and I found the going quite rough. The Panzer IV was quite an asset, but I found its capabilities quite limited, when it came to dislodging entrenched infantry and securing the final objectives. My main problem stems from not having effctive infantry tactics. How should I advance infantry on multiple entrenched MGs? How are engineers used most effectively in this scenario? In general I think it is a bit challenging t figure out how to mix squads. How do I make the most out of officers and elites? Do I make pure elite squads or should I mix them with regulars? Who benefits the most from specialization tokens? How are medics most effective? Any answers to these questions and any other pointers on good infantry tatics will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the feedback, guys. I will look into the thread ASAP
  8. I just started playing TOI this weekend and ran into a discrepancy when setting up for the first scenario "the Breaking Point". The American deplyment zone features a house. The are directly north of this house is filled with forest in the board even though the scenario map shows it has clear terrain between the house and the razorwire/entrenchments. Should the scenario map have red boxes marking overlays for this area? or is this area actually meant to be forest? My guess is nr. 1. but is there an official word/errata on this? I have looked through the errata and it makes no comment on this. On a different note; I am quite unfamiliar with this game and would like to read up on strategy and tactics for the game. Is there a strategy guide somewhere anyone can recomend? Thanks!
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