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  1. Peacekeeper_b said: Greetings all. Anyone know or suspect or hope we get TF2 or RH before RT is released at GenCon? Im just a bit worried that after RT is released we DH fans will get the WFRP treatment for a while! I bet that the release schedule shows all DH products, and we won't receive any more. But that would be sufficient. Adventures check Player sourcebook check Monster Manual check Evil Guys source book check Dark side characters coming up Ascension coming up I'd be glad to get ascension and the radicals handbook this year. I don't think that any more books for DH are necessary (though eligible (? is thtat the right term? I'm not a native speaker). So I expect that these books conclude DH and the story goes on with RT. A little transference work and it will work or DH, too. Radicals in September (in Germany maybe October) and Ascension in February are my guesses.
  2. check out girlgeniusonline.com for the story about the Heterodyne. Although it's a bit girly, the story is amazing. Concerning your planet, just develop the world. It has been lost to the maps, because of xxx (warp storm, etc).
  3. Thank you for the quick response! Well, I hadn't the idea to look it up in the weapon section. The traits (DH p332) do not mention the impact damage... So for the Eldar: "They move like quicksilver".
  4. Hi there, during our last session there came up two interesting questions. First: What kind of critical damage does the Toxic Trait cause? There is also nothing about the continuance. How do you handle it? Just one round, or depending to the situation (and health) of the characters. Second: Unnatural Agility and Lightning Reflexes. An Eldar Ranger occured in my last session and he has been challenged for close combat by one of my acolytes with suicidal tendencies. We rolled initiative and that has been my problem. Lightning reflexes doubles the AG-Bonus. So, does an Eldar with AG Bonus of 5 (Unnatural AG =10) and Lightning Reflfexes really have an initiative of 1d10 + 20? Thanks in advance!
  5. The Baron said: (or, if you wanted a Beast House angle, they have strapped to their legs a pheremone releaser that causes a very large, very angry predator to follow them around the planet), that would be a bit more interesting. THAT is a really good idea. Call me copycat, but this fits perfectly for a oneshot. Maybe on a Deathworld.
  6. Well, that has been my problem with the damnation crusade. I don't like that part of fluff either. The main character in descent of angels is a youngster of around 18?, too. Then with the coming of the Imperium he seems to be almost too old to become a neophyte. In some fluff (well, I can't remember the source, sorry) it is mentioned that a human being who has passed the puberty can't take the implants any longer. Which surely contradicts to all those mysterious stories of youngsters fighting for their lives much harder than any IG against Orks.... I'm a big Space Marine fan, so keep em coming, but if a chapter lets a neophyte loose, there has to be a good reason. Regards, Cal.
  7. I like the idea of Space Marine neophytes as acolytes. But concerning the fluff neophytes should be very young, shouldn't they? It will be very interesting for a 12 to 14 year old boy to look in the jaws of hell before he is really indoctrinated.
  8. Your acolytes could work for a radical who wants to get a yellow warp entity. Acolytes Code Name is: Team Rocket
  9. The link didn't work for me either, so I clicked me through your hp. Amazing work. Really, the artwork, the animations. You made my day!
  10. One of the designers mentioned this on the old BI page. You can burn one fate point to negate one corruption point. Otherwise a Sister of Battle with Corruption 11+ does not make sense...
  11. user4574 said: Soulless, which is effectively what an Untouchable is I doubt that bein' soulless means that you have to be untouchable. Of course it is in some fluff which mentions UTs as soulless, but they can pray to the Emperor, can't they ? I prefer that there is something in their genom, which can be expolited by the necrons to create pariah. In TT Eldar Solitaires, who are some kind of harlequin, I guess, do not have any psy-disrupting abilities, the same with Tau.
  12. For me, it's the Logicians, because I like the idea to recover a sunken Golden Age of Technology. There are so much possibilities. On the other hand, the Pale Throng has it's charm, too. You can cause some moral problems in your players, which is only one opportunity ...
  13. What an entertaining thread. Awesome work. You should also post more of Mr. Graves Evil Deeds! Besides, I own such wooden coffer, too. Hmm, the ways of chaos seem unpredictable.
  14. 5 regulars, 1 floater and myself as gamemaster. So it works, cause most of us play together for more than 10 years now. We have a two/three weeks rhythm, because of work. Hmm, While playing Earthdawn and Shadowrun, which has been a while, we have been 7 regulars and one GM. Definitely too many for a good game, but the story could be continued, even if someone missed one evening. I'd prefer five players maximum. specially combat scenes with too many players take too long.
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