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  1. I will be DM but my first character would be a Colonial - Scholar? who is studying strange temples and objects destroyed by the Empire and feels drawn to discover more, less damaged versions on the fringe. Later they will become force sensitive and discover that the things they feel drawn to understand are from the days of the Jedi.
  2. I am glad it wasn't deleted as I enjoyed reading it to get ideas how to handle advantages. thanks for posting.
  3. One of my players has made up an interesting Librarian character when we tried DW, which we didn't really enjoy. Would he be harder or easier to fit into a DH campaign than a 'normal' SM do you think. The other characters are all about to ascend to Throne agent status. Tam
  4. I would allow it, makes sense that a person from that culture would have a force weapon made in the design that they were familiar with.
  5. For all that RPG's are about communication, the players themselves are not always the best at communicating as themselves. I find that I get better feedback by email where the players can think about the response and it is not so confrontational. Tam.
  6. Even with unnatural traits, in my game the assault marine got opened up with only a couple of good rolls from a genestealer 1on1. They are certainly not invincible. Tam
  7. Moff8

    Deathwatch skills

    Wrestling - intersting, I can see one of them rolling around with a genestealer and finishing it with a headbutt. I need to make sure I write that in I had tried to think of the Deathwatch as a bunch of special forces coming together for a mission. A spetznas with a delta force alongside an SAS and a Legionare. I think I will give Assault Marine - Demolitions and tech use ( operating and maintaing jump pack and fist) Devestator - wrestling? Space Wolf - stealth and camouflage (if I remember right they do a lot of scouting with the new starts) Ultramarines - command Something along those lines, just to give them a few more options during the adventure. thanks all.
  8. I would like to round out the preGen characters in 'Final Sanction' a little by giving them some relevant skills to use other than combat. I am having a brain freeze as nothing is jumping out at me as to what these should be. Probably because my lack of farmiliality with the SM genre in general. I have the rules for DH and RT. Has anyone added any skills/talents to the preGens and if so what did you use? Tam
  9. MKX said: Didn't really like the pre-made characters in fact the whole group thought they where complete gimps. I think being sans a large part of their rules probably was making my 1-dimensional character essentially a bit of an idiot with a gun, armour that's been made well 'ard and I'm dumping the idea of being thinky because I have NO useful skills! I mean crap, someone with a bit of Forbidden Lore Xenos? ... anyone, we're only deathwatch? Wasn't at all challenged by the adventure, wasn't expecting to be either, so we'll call that even. Its a fairly long, drawn out elementry education of the D-% combat system I've been running DH games for quite some time, so its good if you want to teach your new players about how to shoot and stab things, but not so good if you want anyone to do anything but shoot and stab things that already knows how that works and I got quite bored. At several points, we really wanted to bust out old lore and start tasting enemy brains for information, eatin bricks for dinner and spitting acid on unruly rebel *******. There wasn't a rule for that.. or any of our other implants, so we where all very disappointed. I do hope there is a lot of detail on the SM's implants, they really where one of the more interesting bits of the whole SM lore I was really quite fond of. Bit negative, sorry I love the horde rules, they've been something of an idea in the back of my head for some time that I'd like to have some rules for 'Volley Fire' for multiple combatants but being busy, never got around to doing it. These are quite good, I'll be tweaking them a little more and definately using them in DH/RT games in the future. VERY GOOD! I had started to write up a review but essentially it was this.
  10. During the introduction I created a story that had a much larger group of SM in the Kill Squad. During the landing the pod the players was in was hit by a SAM and most of the SM inside were thrown out, the pod managed to crash land with the players the sole survivors. During the adventure they will come across these bodies and will have the opportunity to re-supply on a small scale. Tam
  11. I can't say I have a problem with SM Bolters being better and more damaging than standard bolters. I just put it down to different components in the bolts themselves. More charge in the first stage shell because the SM weapon can take it and he can handle the recoil, kraken rounds have more again. Different explosive used in the bolts, military grade C4 rather than TNT. That sort of thing. My players took it for granted that the SM bolters would be better and they were not disappointed. The heavy bolter tore through buildings, vehicles and hordes. The bolter and bolt pistol were more than enough to deal with genestealers. Just as my players expected. Tam
  12. I am not going to go into the Maths, I read the rules and adventure last night and I like the horde rules. I like the fact that a SM walking slowly towards a Horde of PDF can get shredded. I would have loved to have used these rules in some of the Purge the Unclean adventures that call for the PC's to be mobbed. Back to the wall mowing down dozens while the ammo starts to run out. I think it will make for the dramatic moments and artwork that I associate with WH40K. The adventure itself I think is OK, My worry is that the adventures could become quite samey. I will probably use Deathwatch as an interlude to some of my DH games. The players like to be able to just walk in and kick a** once in a while. Thomas
  13. Why oh why can't it be released on Friday instead, my gaming group (and one in particular) would love to try this and they are coming to mine this Friday. Oh well. I have to say I haven't been looking forward to seeing a new RPG as much as this one in quite a while. My DH group are all level 6 and looking at ascending. I have maneouvered them onto a RT starship with their Inquisitor and her Deathwatch bodyguards in anticipation of its release. Can't wait Thomas
  14. After reading all the theories I have changed my mind and I now believe the Tyrant Star to be a prison created by Eloeholth. To keep the scale grand I am thinking he has trapped either the soul of Horus or the Emperor. Perhaps syphoning off the power of all those psychics sacrificed to the Emperor. The next stage will be the return of the Emperor and the Warmaster and history will repeat itself.
  15. I was thinking of introducing one of these on one of my hi-tec planets. The space elevator would transfer people and cargo to and from low orbit. The counterweight would be a meeting place for voiders and the like, a place where deals are done between captains and merchants and rough manly men spend their hard earned thrones after a tough voyage http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_elevator
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