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  1. Right so update from Caleb: The card anatomy on page 8 of the core rules describes Game Text as: “The special abilities unique to this particular card.” There is no distinction made between ‘benefits’ and ‘drawbacks’ - all of a character’s game text constitutes its ability, both good and bad. Any bold trigger (such as Action, Response, Forced) is a triggered action, so if Local Trouble is attached to Cirdan when his Forced effect triggers, you must raise your threat by 1. Cheers, Caleb Which makes it quite hard on Cirdan but hopefully I have enough test of wills around for when I next play it! This also infers that if you trigger off Glorfindel's effect it also raises threat by one.
  2. I agree with the two interpretations that Richardplunkett suggested earlier, leaning more on the side that it does trigger after this interesting dicussion. I've sent a message through the rules questions form if that's the correct way to get an official answer I'm not sure. I'll post here again when I get a reply.
  3. The faq alludes to Action and Response being triggers but nothing about forced in section: (1.36) Triggered abilities vs. Passive abilities Triggered abilities are abilities on cards that have a bold trigger word such as Action or Response. I've looked a little closer and found the line: (1.09) Forced Responses Forced responses resolve immediately when their specified prerequisite occurs, and before any response effects that also can be triggered off the same prerequisite. So I guess that answers the fact that a Forced effect is 'triggered' here but does this count as an ability? I'm coming up blank looking at the faq or the rulebook for a definition of 'ability'. Anyone got any insight on that one? As dalestephenson says, I think that might solve the issue. If SpGlordindel and Cirdan's Forced effects count as abilities then Trouble afflicts them. If they aren't abilities then they are safe.
  4. I was playing The Steward's Fear tonight as I'm trying to go back through all the scenarios giving them a once over with some newer decks. It was almost like playing blind again since it has been so long. That aside the main question is how does Cirdan work with Local trouble? The card states every time he triggers an ability increase threat by 1 as one of the clauses. Does this trigger off his Forced: effect? I played it as it does which made it particularly painful but I'm not sure if forced counts as 'triggered' for the sake of Local Troubles. I know it does not trigger off the passive due to the FAQ stating: "Because passive abilities don’t have a trigger they are always active and cannot be “triggered”."
  5. It's out in the UK now too, just got mine! I haven't seen a price hike here though. Has it only affected the states then?
  6. I kind of like the idea they have going already. Wherein the card can be used with just one sphere but has more stuff if used as a multi-sphere card. Most of the cards that have the two sphere abilities on them also are co-op friendly with multiple players sharing the costs. I'm not sure making plain multi-sphere cards would have as wide a reach. Saying that I'd love to see a neutral card that costs 2 or something and has different effects listed in its box depending on what sphere resources you spent on them.
  7. Update: I just google searched this subject. So did I, and wow, that explains almost EVERYTHING. I thought there was something else going on (star wars getting in the way, etc) but the corporate reshuffle is now looking like the major cause for delay of the release of Bilehall (advertised release Q4 2015, released Q1 2016) and what has felt like a long wait between announcement and release of the last couple H&M packs (not to mention the limited number of amazon sellers). Maybe it's just my perception, but the ANA changeover has not been great to D2E. Hopefully that's just a short term effect. There was a lot of delay on the lotr lcg as well, we were growing jealous of the constant GoT stuff. I'm not sure if it's related, though I could see a reshuffle delaying a lot of things while they focus on management. Wasn't stewards meant to be Q1 and the next one (forget the name) supposed to be Q2?
  8. That's weird maybe we got our boat first? It's currently on sale on UK amazon.
  9. Is this still not out in the states? Re blood apes: Yes that removal of once per turn limit has been great, dash, leap, leap gets my group every time I've used them so far. I hide the master somewhere in the middle of the group and they assume he won't be able to reach the heroes so they pile in ready for the normal one to get through. Surprise dash and 8 attacks is so satisfying. Edit: Oh I'm also using Valyndra's deck, not the best deck out there I know but getting crush on some weaklings is fun. Massive bulk also gets rid of heroes being able to block the master monster from Leaping at the cost of some health.
  10. Are the blood apes now 2x2 rather than the old 1x2? They have changed some but did not realize that they changed these? Ah their size, yes they are 2x2 now didn't think to check that. Nagas are 2x2, I assume that's the same as before and ferrox are still small.
  11. Re: blood apes, I don't have the conversion kit so I was going off of their abilities listed on the wiki which have their movement listed as 4. So I'm guessing that's wrong on there then? Also, how can heroes block spaces other than preventing the Ape expanding at the very end as it still says "It may move through spaces containing enemy figures", the only thing that changed with regards to moving through characters was the verbiage to make it consistent with other similar effects.
  12. I remember seeing the peril but didn't find the treat as heroes bit. Found it now in the appendix. It does mean though that Challara as a geomancer can really screw with enemy AI leading them back down corridors away from the party. I'm going to try it!
  13. One major Peril I had that was quite funny was in the sidequest to open the chests, as soon as I picked up the key and the last enemy spawned, Valyndra also spawned right next to that enemy. She also blocked the doorway back towards the objective and I already had a peril tick for 2 damage on all my heroes. Thankfully I just spent any remaining feats I had and piled onto the unique enemy from the quest to end it but those major perils can get painful. I haven't seen more than 5 damage from perils either yet but it stacks up quite fast especially if you have 8 hp heroes. I was too far away from a door having dealt with a party of giants tailing me and as I walked up to the door I was slapped with 2 then 5 damage. My healer was choking it on 1 hp after that but still standing. I've played through the campaign twice now and on the second run through I took a treasure hunter with me and fished for healing potions and passed them around. So if I couldn't get to a door for whatever reason I had a contingency. Also no heroes with less than 4 speed or less than 10 health. I'm hoping they add a difficulty slider to the perils so you can try out tactics you aren't familiar with or heroes you aren't stellar with. A quick fix you can do until then is to make it easier is to ignore any major perils that pop up only taking the effect of minor ones. One thing that I am wondering is I played with a geomancer where I blocked doors a lot or made it so enemies had to use both actions walking towards the heroes, around the stones. I was wondering with all the engage/spot/retreat do the familiars count as a hero for those purposes? I'm guessing only if the familiars are the only things around (I made enemies attack as a last resort if there was no other way to get to the heroes) but I'm not so sure.
  14. Currently, Demon Lords have some placeholder text something like DEMON_LORD_SURGE on their surge options. I know they only have one surge option but I find it funny that there is something that looks like a filename there.
  15. I'm not sure but some of the Major perils seem to get you to hurry up, so get a team that isn't too defensive. All of the missions so far are about getting somewhere and then either running for the objective or killing something. One the last mission I tried to gather my party before travelling forth and got hit with two major perils for 2 then 5 damage on all party members. Thankfully I took lots of healing abilities and chugged potions but still I think the perils appear to want to rush you along so you don't gather strength.
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