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  1. Nope, you cannot. You can play an Action card (I think that's what they are called) before retreating, but you cannot play a character. Bethenetana already has to be present from the previous turn to have any effect.
  2. Deduction. If someone ends next to you suspicously often you better start to worry.
  3. The base came is really more on the family friendly side. However once you use deckbuilding with the Inquisitors this starts to change quite some, The German speaking community of BM had/has quite some tournaments going that were quite tense with the top players. BM might seem simplistic, but this is decieving IMHO.
  4. Also note that loosing a fight in the first turn still happens, sometimes even voluntarily to get rid of strong cards and only loose 1 dragon instead of 2 later on.
  5. You have to be able to match your opponenst strenght in the corresponding phase. This can happen with a strong character, by discarding or ignoring part of his strenght, with cards that add to your strenght, have a shield icon, ... You do NOT need to match the strength upon plaing the character only The people decks are pretty well balanced, but some are FAR harder to play then others.
  6. I only own the old edition, but besides the drafting mode nothing changed in gameplay AFAIK. IMHO Blue Moon is an awesome game. Not as intimidating as normal CCGs, but with enough depth to keep you entertained for a very long time, especially once you start with deck building. Too bad that at least one people deck that was hinted in the flavour texts was never released
  7. Its a game I really like. A bit on the complex side however as each character has its own abilities. So people often surprise you when they do stuff you haven't remembered, (Game is out from a different publisher in German for quite some time)
  8. For me two things could/should be added to AH. 1. More thematic clue mechanism. Something more like the missions that require you to hit certain locations in order to get clues. Mechanically instead of placing clue tokens on the board clue missions would be placed that if fulfilled give 2+ tokens. 2. Sidequests. Kinda like rumors, but more or less just positive. These could be integrated as a new token (like the whispers token). They need time but give nice to awesome rewards and offer the player chances to see other parts of 'lovecraft country',
  9. Ah. I think that one is new in 2nd edition.
  10. So stick to BoW - the game you like?! ;-) 'We' waited long enough for a proper true C&C fantasy game. What you adore is exactly what drove me away from BoW. The lack of L/C/R
  11. Wouldn't be doing it the other way around be the better option? Leave the CAC in and if drawn take the ships from the CFB first (reserves if not sufficient). Leave all other rules as are. Maybe add a jump icon to each CAC? Dunno about balance, unfortunately I don't play the game nearly enought.
  12. According to the card count they should be in
  13. There is at least one relationship that kinda allows for cooperative combat…
  14. I think the game DOES benefit from houserules, but be careful what you do. For me I changed the follwoing stuff: * Added 3 cards to the mythos deck that say you gain the favour of Bast if applicable (additional 'the Story continues cards for that specific purpose') * Added 2 cards to the mythos deck that say that your debts with the dark man come true Both specifically fight dilution that was not addressed with Miscatonic. House rules: * All allies are in play from the start, but only 11 are available from the boarding house. Discard 1 from the boarding house and 3 from the remainders each time the terror level increses. * Have both the cards from the old and the new dark pharaoh expansion in the game for the encounter cards and for everything else where they are not identical between version. Conditions like Tainted are selected accoding to the card symbol (old or new) that caused the condition, where MH cards are considered to belong to the new version. Both add variety Additional House rules: * First gate doesn't place a doom token * Overture only comes into play when first environment is revealed Make the game slightly easier as it got a bit out of hand with all the additional boards and gate bursts. * In Kingsport place a Monster on the indicated location if the Rift track for that combination of symbols is already full. To make Kingsport a bit more exciting.
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