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  1. If i was being kind i would call those models average. If i am being truly honest they look bad. Rebel Troopers, the helmets look too flat.
  2. If it is Piett then that finishes off any realistic chance of the SSD coming out. His current omission is the biggest persuasive argument that FFG are at least considering it.
  3. Thanks. I agree that 1st edition suffers from too many books with an overwhelming abundance of material. However I went into auto pilot and bought everyone so now feel compelled to get the most out of them. 2nd edition looks to be an improvement but not enough to pull me away from 1st edition. The one book that is tempting me is Forgotten Gods. Is it easy enough to run using 1st edition?
  4. I am critically looking at all the GW IP stuff and deciding whether to pick up before they disappear into the gaming sunset. I have the complete range of DH 1st edition books and that is more than enough material to last us a life time. The rules are functional and overall do the job they need to do. What are thoughts on grabbing the 2nd edition books? Do they add much to the much larger 1st edition range?
  5. Great picture. Have no fear, makes zero business sense for them to release a 6 x 3.
  6. OK bad use of consensus, majority? Thanks for the response, and i understand the distinctions you lay out but do the rules deal with such terms as 'may' 'act' 'byproduct'? You are spending and discarding, which seem to both be 'acts'.
  7. May I clarify current views regarding this? I agreed with the general consensus in this thread that if a token is exhausted (red side up) and you spend it for its normal effects you then discard, as the rules tell you to, and ergo Admonition's effect triggers. Simple, or so i thought. However my attention has just been brought to another thread that contradicts that: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/201362-admonition-clarification-from-ffg/?hl=admonition I'm happy with matters regarding tokens in their readied (green) state. The sticking point appears to be tokens that are already exhausted. Even with the FFG clarification cited in the other thread I cannot see why they would rule that way. Some explanation would be useful. It hasn't appeared in a FAQ as far as i can tell. Many thanks
  8. Well said Sir. Careful what you wish for people. Armada is at a very good stage right now and on reflection wave 3 is a smart move by FFG. Do you really want an unbalanced bloated mess? Better they take their time and do things properly.
  9. I am going to answer the question honestly. I woke up this morning and as usual fired up the tablet and spent 10 minutes drinking a cup of tea and surfing the internet before getting ready for work. One of my go to websites is FFG to check on any news. I'm in Hong Kong so any news from the previous day would have happened over night given USA time zone. I saw the small ships, realised that was the entirety of it and felt a pang of disappointment. I then got on with the rest of my day since real life seems to take precedence over nerd raging out over plastic toy space ships. Later in the day i had a chance to look at the flotillas in greater detail and I think it is a fairly cool and, done well, innovative addition to the game. I certainly didn't see it coming. Yes, I am still a little disappointed but that is tempered with genuine enthusiasm for the potential of flotilla's to add yet another dimension to what is a truly wonderful game that has given me many hours of enjoyment.
  10. I agree with all the points about 40K, balance is very bad at the moment, the worst I can remember it being, but to be fair to Games Workshop they have pretty much publicly declared that Warhammer, in all its guises, is not a competitive game. It is about two or more gamers coming together to see their pretty models on the table to immerse themselves in the rich and dark setting of 40K to create story in front of them. Play testing the rules would appear to be an after though. Models first game second. If i remember rightly they have now abandoned any support for an official tournament scene. FFG have a completely different attitude, which is refreshing, but it should also be noted that 40K when compared to Armada/Xwing is vastly more complicated game with far more moving parts and factions to gel. One of the reasons that I think GW in the end threw in the towel and said 'we are a model company'.
  11. Just to clarify, i think the VSD is a solid ship. The question was whether the OP needs to buy another one for the cards and my view is that in the current Wave 2 climate then owning one VSD should suffice in a collection on a budget.
  12. If you have one already, presumably from the core set, and are adamant about not needing the cards then I think you can comfortably skip buying another.
  13. The big D usually ends up being my go to Admiral, mainly because of all the other toys i am trying to squeeze into my fleet. There is something to be said for being the cheapest and I expect to see more of Ozzel for the very same reason. Dodonna's ability is also very generic; i don't feel like i need to build a list around him as I do for the other Admirals. Lastly it is an incredibly fun game mechanic that i enjoy exploiting.
  14. But they'll still Brace, no? How about Intel Officer? Will definitely be trying that but as pointed out, I usually run Walex in that slot. I also want to try Lando.
  15. My limited experience using torpedo frigates is that they dish out tremendous damage which is immediately braced down to an amount that is less than devastating. Next time I use them I think I will try HTT.
  16. It is the one rule that we have always ignored, it is so dumb. It is like mysterious terrain rule in warhammer, I've never played anyone who hasn't been OK with just forgetting it exists.
  17. Agreed. I find Rebels to be the more intense faction to fly, with a mistake acutely punishable. Bit like playing Dark Eldar in 40k. Imperials are more like Space Marines, sheer firepower and resilience can see you through some of your mistakes.
  18. Anyone used an x wing swarm? Bit like the TIEs I have a lot of them and you could field 10 in a 400 point list.
  19. I have this and it is a real nice image but I also have the two mouse matt FFG ones and much prefer them. The deepcut one suffers because it is vinyl and you get a lot of glare.
  20. I faced a TIE swarm in my last game and they were incredibly effective, albeit i made a stupid move that aided their effectiveness. After a few turns of my xwing/Jan Ors group keeping the swarm busy Jan and friends died and i decided it would be a good move to go and land my MC80 Home One on top of the swarm as it would enable me to broadside from either side two glads. I was far too close to the Glads and despite giving them an absolute pasting they then returned fire and pretty much stripped all my shields. Then in the squadron phase all the TIEs shot at the MC80. That amount of dice add up and they put 4 damage cards on me. That basically meant that with the Imp player have initiative he was able to activate first and easily blow the MC80 apart. Taken in numbers and their swarm ability utilised alongside Howlrunner and perhaps Flight controllers they are deadly. Anti squadron fire from ships is bad for them due to their hull 3 but in the games i have played there was always a ship i would rather be firing at so firing at the TIEs seemed a waste.
  21. Just been reading Star Wars: essential guide to warfare and I note that The Independence is described as The Rebel Command ship and Ackbar's flag ship. No mention of Home One. So was Home One in fact the call sign for the Independence during the Battle of Endor? If so seems weird for FFG to over look.
  22. I am lookin forward to the announcement and want it ASAP. I don't buy into the theory that it dilutes wave 2 in anyway,even if announced now it wouldn't be with us until June.
  23. KR multicase although their wave 2 stuff has not been launched yet. A tad pricey compared to some of the homemade solutions but worth it in my view as i am lazy and like the uniformity of their boxes.
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