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  1. That's amazing. Yeah, the next attempt at destroying your scenarios should be the report to the Inquisitor. Acolyte: "Hello, I am the planetary governor." Inquisitor: "What? No you're not. I know the governor personally!" Acolyte: "Ha, ha, yes well you never can be too careful. You see, I'm Inquisitor Storm, undercover as the planeta-" Inquisitor: "What!? You imbecile! I'm Inquisitor Storm!" Acolyte: "That's what we wanted you to think!" GM: gibbergibbergibbergibber
  2. GMing is difficult. No doubt about it. Give yourself some more control in the initial session. Not railroading control, but character/situation control. Come up with the acolytes yourself, or give the players guidelines for their characters' backgrounds. Some players really dislike being told who their character is or where they come from, but the good roleplayers should jump at the chance to explore a character they haven't fleshed out themselves. Also, searching for Dark Heresy or Warhammer 40k themed images on the 'net is a good source of inspiriation. If you have any copies of Warhammer Monthly or Inferno! then I'd recommend you go through one or three. Those are my only ideas right now. I hope they help.
  3. Emprah_Horus said: Also, please note how many shots each man takes within each 5 second period (read: round) - it is a perfect example of being able to shoot more than single shot in melee. I know my group will continue to allow pistols to shoot semi/full auto in melee until an errata states otherwise. I don't see your point. In ranged combat you can move, and then shoot a single shot. Or you can stand still, aim, and shoot a single shot. In melee combat you can move, and then attack with a simple attack. Or you can stand still, aim, and attack. In melee combat with a pistol you can move, and then shoot a single shot. Or you can stand still, aim, and shoot and single shot. It's not a time restriction we're debating, but rather a mechanical one. One of game mechanics/balance and someone having the concentration/opportunity to squeeze off three, four, or even five well-centred shots in melee rather than just one lucky one when they're trying to defend themselves from the eviscerator-wielding maniac who just charged them. As far as I can see, you're prohibited to a single shot in melee because you don't have the opporunity to use a pistol weapon the way you normally would. There's not enough room, your target moves differently to the way they do when they're not toe-to-toe with you (hence the -20 to BS when you're shooting at someone in a melee you're not involved in), and you're spending a lot of time avoiding their frenzied attacks. If you have the room and opportunity to use an autopistol to its full advantage in close combat, what is stopping you from using a shotgun or a las carbine?
  4. I tried scanning with more paper underneath and it came out much better. So I guess that the scanner's light is too bright or something. I made some wallpapers in Photoshop for my campaign "The Demise of the Diocletian". This is the original "non-spoiler" version (it doesn't reveal what The Diocletian is). And now I have the "spoiler" version (which does reveal what The Diocletian is) which I'll show to my players when they find out what this mysterious thing is. 1280x1024 1440x900 (better)
  5. Can you imagine if he was void-born and could get the Fate Points back after spending them? Then again, there was that awesome story about the acolyte with the concealed cavity who killed upteen million people, collecting weapons and armour as he went to escape a high-security prison thanks to his huge array of Fate Points.
  6. Lupinorc said: So you are saying that we can't use semi/full auto because RAW there is nothing, that we can't parry a pistol in melee because RAW we can't. But then you mock the RAW as being ridiculous? You can't have it both ways!
  7. Lupinorc said: Because it's not your turn to attack. "I'm going to shoot you in the face." "Oh, well in that case I'll just use my hammer to shove your arm away from me, thus making you miss." "Why didn't you just dislocate my shoulder? You'd have to reach just as far to do so. In fact, it would have been easier to just break my arm!" "Oh no. Don't be silly. It's not my turn to attack." Yes, combat in ttrpg games is abstract, but that's just ridiculous. We're talking about a reaction to something. Parrying is your last line of defence. You parry just before the fatal moment. You're unable to duck out of the way, so you take the incoming blow on your own weapon to deflect it. You're on the defensive. You're not leaning into your opponent in order to poke his arm off-centre. Even if I use a club as an example (I used a chainsword because a) it illustrates the rediculous choice of harmlessly prodding someone when you could just dismember them b) it's a sword, and swords are classically assigned to parrying c) it's 40k and chainswords are awesome) why would you prod someone's arm with a club instead of breaking their elbow? If you're attacking the weapon then you're attacking the weapon, you're on the offensive. If you're blocking an incoming attack, you're defensive - you're not calling the shots - you're reacting to something. You're desperately scrabbling at a way to make sure whether or not you can use semi- or auto-fire in melee because you can't find the rules for it. But when the rules state something clearly and precisely like "YOU CANNOT PARRY A RANGED ATTACK" you just ignore it. Why? Because it doesn't suit you? As for the kung fu movies - that's entirely different. You're talking about heroes who have trained exclusively in martial arts and are so good that they can bring nothing to a gunfight and still win. Not only that, but most of those moves are offensive actions. The martial artist moves into his opponent's space, grabs the gun, disarms him, breaks his neck, whatever. Saying "Oh but the gun goes off, if we were playing Dark Heresy then it'd be the mobster's turn, not the martial artist." also doesn't work because the GM in whatever the martial arts film is just said "As you snap the gangster's arm, he gives a curdling yell and his pistol goes off wildly in his paralyzed hand." because then it sounds cool. When you throw your Landunder blade at the cultist with the heavy stubber, and the GM says "the knife goes right into his neck, he falls over backwards, firing the heavy stubber into the air in his death throes!", you don't complain and say "It's not the cultist's turn! He can't shoot! I wanted to use that heavy stubber and now it has less ammo in it!"
  8. Necrozius said: Exactly. I'm positive that I've seen that kind of thing in movies once or twice (slapping a guy's gun-arm away as the shot goes off). It's cinematic and fun to picture in your head, so why not? This makes no sense. If you can slap the guy's gun arm away with your chainsword, what is stopping you from just cutting the arm off? You don't need to lean forwards to use a pistol in close combat they way you do with a melee weapon. You don't need to adjust your balance or stance to lean into the blow. You can just fire from the hip. If someone can prod your gun away at that point, I don't see why they don't just poke a hole in your throat instead. If you're counting pistols as ranged weapons in close combat then you cannot parry them. It states in the rules that unless you have the appropriate talent (which only covers primitive firearms anyway) that you cannot parry a ranged attack.
  9. The descriptions for Full Auto Burst and Semi Auto Burst both refer to "ranged attacks" "If the ranged attack is successful..." But maybe that's not enough. Next you'll be suggesting Suppressing Fire in melee.
  10. Is there a secret underground movement of people who try to find problems with RPG rules? Don't omit common sense! I don't mean to sound insulting or arrogant but it looks crystal clear to me. Luddite said: **They're used to shoot your opponent in close combat.** OK. Pistols are the only ranged weapons that can be used in melee. They use BS and still count as ranged weapons so can't use melee weapon talents etc. (Errata p12). That said there doesn't appear to be anything stopping you using ranged talents like Crack Shot, Two weapon wielder, Dual Shot, etc. ( ? ) I don't have my book with me right now. Luddite said: **No semi-auto. No full-auto. Single shots only. One shot.** Where's the reference for this? I've scoured the core book and the errata and can't find anything about not using semi- or full-auto. Where does it say you can't unload a 10-shot burst from your autopistol? Attack in close combat - half action. Full/Semi Auto - full action. You can attack with a pistol in close combat as a half action. Full/semi auto doesn't suddenly become a half action instead of a full action because you're toe-to-toe with some stimmed-up ganger wielding a monkey wrench. Maybe I'll quote what I can find when I get home. Luddite said: **No range modifiers. No +30 point blank bonus. No -20 firing a weapon into melee combat penalty. Just a base Ballistic Skill.** Point blank (p199) and errata (p12) makes it clear you don't get the +30BS for shooting at a target you're in melee with. Where is it stated you don't get the -20BS shooting into melee? I'm not doubting it, i just can't find the reference for it. Because you're not shooting into melee. You're in melee and you're attacking with a pistol. You're not out of melee shooting into melee. The only ranged weapons you can use in melee are pistols and they are covered by the rules we're debating. If you were standing a few metres away and shot at two mutants who were wrestling with each other over a scrap of rat meat, then you'd get the -20BS penalty. Luddite said: On a side note, the Errata is confusing when dealing with Swift Attack. It says that pistols in melee cannot use 'melee' talents. Swift Attack is a melee talent. Yet under tha clarifications it says Swift attak allows you to attack with a melee weapon and a pistol as one attack. So does the character get to attack one target with his power sword and shoot at another target, or does it allow the power sword and pistol to attack the same close combat opponent? If the latter than this contradicts the clarification that pistols cannot benefit from melee tanletns doesn't it? Confusing... I think Mark It Zero handled this pretty well. The errata covers this.
  11. Ira said: ...the last session my character struck a guy in the head with his best quality mono-sword, dealt rightous fury, the second attack hit (also in the head), and I rolled a 9. When everything was calculated the guy took 27 damage to the head (13 from one attack and 14 from the other), and the guy managed to live and fight still. After everything was said and done and the session was over I asked him how the guy managed to survive, and he told me the man had one wound left. So a little unnerving that I would have had to get two rightious furies in order to kill him with one strike. But hes the GM, I'll respect the decision. Sometimes this happens. Unfortunately you just have to roll with it and hope you or your GM can come up with a reasonable description of such an event. If you had a Guardsman character and took Sound Constitution as many times as possible, you'd have fourteen extra wounds by the time you finished your career. Fourteen! Try explain surviving several bolter rounds to the head...
  12. I'd advise in a similar fashion to those before me. Split the group if it's too large. Either play every even week with one group, and every odd with the other, or (better yet - so you don't have to break your brain on two similar campaigns) get someone else to GM the second group. It's not fair that only one person buys all the books and prepares for the games. Edit: Just read your reply. Ninja'd! Okay, so you're not the GM. Still, that's a lot of people in guy's apartment. Can you ask if the GM if the group can be split anyway? I'm sure it'd be a relief for him! As for the girlfriend - ask if the GM can give her a throwaway character so she can join in. The fine line is making her character wary of the psyker so she doesn't latch onto her boyfriend in-game, but don't make it a hostile act like you're trying to break up the new couple. If you want to make a snack run and your psyker player isn't contributing, ask if he and his girlfriend would mind going to the shops down the road. If he's just leaving his character un-narrated then you're not really losing an acolyte while he's out.
  13. This is needlessly becoming something of a broken record. By the book: They're used to shoot your opponent in close combat. No semi-auto. No full-auto. Single shots only. One shot. No range modifiers. No +30 point blank bonus. No -20 firing a weapon into melee combat penalty. Just a base Ballistic Skill.
  14. This is a narrative game. Don't bog it down with rules. If you had two acolytes holding a cultist down to the ground, and a third acolyte pointing a stub revolver (loaded with dum-dum rounds) at the cultist's head, you don't then say "roll BS +30 to hit him" or "roll for damage". You just describe his grey matter being spread across the floor for the glory of the Emperor.
  15. What I don't understand is how these rules can be misunderstood. Guardsman "Synchthrote"* (Wounds: 10; Toughness Bonus: 3; Armour Points: 4) gets hit by an autogun for 12 points of damage. Synchthrote's player deducts 4 points of damage thanks to his Armour Points. Damage taken is now 8. Synchthrote's player deducts 3 points of damage thanks to his Toughness Bonus. Damage taken is now 5. Synchthrote takes 5 damage. He is now at 5 Wounds, lightly wounded. Synchthrote manages to return fire and kill the cultist who was shooting at him. At this point, he can still spend a Fate Point to regain 1D5 Wounds. A little later on... Synchthrote (Wounds: 5; TB: 3; AP: 4) gets hit by falling rubble for 10 damage. Synchthrote's player deducts 4 points of damage thanks to his Armour Points. Damage taken is now 6. Synchthrote's player deducts 3 points of damage thanks to his Toughness Bonus. Damage taken is now 3. Synchthrote takes 3 damage. He is now at 2 Wounds, heavily wounded. After pulling himself free from the rubble, Synchthrote has to fight for his life against a pack of scavvies who ambush him. At this point, he can still spend a Fate Point to regain 1D5 Wounds. Synchthrote (Wounds: 2; TB 3; AP 4) gets hit by a shotgun for 14 damage to the leg. Synchthrote's player deducts 4 points of damage thanks to his Armour Points. Damage taken is now 10. Synchthrote's player deducts 3 points of damage thanks to his Toughness Bonus. Damage taken is now 7. Synchthrote takes 7 damage. He is now at -5 Wounds, critically wounded, and suffering from whatever reads from number 5 on the Critical Impact Damage To The Leg Table or whatever. Because he has taken Critical Damage, Synchthrote cannot spend a Fate Point to regain 1D5 Wounds. Assuming Synchthrote somehow survives... Synchthrote (Wounds: -5; TB 3; AP 4) gets hit by a rifle stock to the head for 2 damage. Synchthrote's player deducts 4 points of damage thanks to his Armour Points. This nullifies the damage. Synchthrote takes no damage. He is still at -5 Wounds, still suffering critical damage, and still cannot regain Woulds by spending a Fate Point. And finally... Synchthrote (Wounds -5; TB 3; AP 4) gets hit in the chest by a custom-built hunting rifle (Pen 0) for 11 damage. Synchthrote's player deducts 4 points of damage thanks to his Armour Points. Damage taken is now 7. Synchthrote's player deducts 3 points of damage thanks to his Toughness Bonus. Damage taken is now 4. Synchthrote takes 4 damage. He is now at -9 Wounds and (according to the Critical Impact Damage To The Body Table or whatever it's called) dead. Unless Synchthrote has any Fate Points to burn, it's time to roll up another character.
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