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  1. A number of new posts went up over the last few days but today sees the first "rules content" post - namely an Elite advance scheme for the Death Cult our players got mixed up in. Enjoy….
  2. One of the things they managed to get from my players was being permitted to kiss the Lord-Captain's pet Ambull.
  3. Sincere apologies for the formatting problems on the latest post - they have been corrected and the content is now readable (always a plus). That'll teach me to make sure I preview a post before publishing - lesson learnt.
  4. HeavensThunderHammer said: Sounds pretty cool. Also remember for every person like me there's at least a few more who just won't say anything. Well Blogger's very good at keeping a record of page hits and the traffic has been very encouraging so far, whether vocal or not! Just published a more generic post about simple GM techniques for breathing a bit of life into NPCs - but using some examples from our game as illustrations. Hopefully people will find it useful.
  5. Thanks for that - I hope to update daily for the next few weeks until I've detailed the campaign to date and a few bits an pieces like the Elite advance packages we've introduced, how I come up with NPCs etc etc Once things settle down it'll probably be two updates a week - one at weekends and one on Thursdays (as we play on a Wednesday).
  6. Ok - so my campaign has been running for a little over six months now and in thirty years of gaming it's possibly the best gaming experience I've had. With that in mind (and for a number of reasons which I hope to cover in future posts) I've started a blog to document it. The blog will cover "the story so far" and then move on to covering sessions on a week by week basis. I also plan to profile NPCs, location write ups and less rule specific things like the processes I go thorough in planning my games, the techniques and tools I use in play and out etc Primarily it's intended as a personal way for me to document what has been, to date, a really really surprising, rewarding and entertaining gaming experience and creative process but if anyone else gets any use out of it at all then that's a bonus! The site URL is below - check frequently for updates (there's a whole backlog of stuff to catch up on…) http://housebaccahrus.blogspot.co.uk/
  7. Well teh marine's joined teh crew and the rest of the PCs have "cautiously accepted" him ….basically they are trying not to anger or provoke this combat demi-god whilst plotting how they can best use his status and gifts for profit… Even though he says he's a loyalist and doesn't appear corrupt they are all convinced *something* is up with him and are playing things very very cautiously…
  8. Arkio_Gannys said: I read the other posts and I thought about it for a little whil and then thought, why not have him not be a renegade, but a marine from an obscure chapte and have him on a penitent crusade for 100 years for some failing while serving his chapter? Maybe he failed to save the gene seed of a squad of his brothers, or maybe he succumbed temporarily to the tempations of chaos and his momentary lapse caused the death of a chapter hero. He is banned from fighting alongside his chapter and any of thier primogenitor chapter battle brothers so he has been wandering the space lanes without any of his power armour or his holy weapons. This would also help him not to overshadow the others in combat too much. Just my thoughts We're going with a similar idea - one of his closest battle brothers fell to service of the Ruinous Powers but he defended his honour to the last. He was blinkered to his lies and only when he was finally, and almost fatally, betrayed did he accept his Brother had fallen into darkness. Ultimately the fallen marine escaped, and blame (rightly) fell upon the shoulders of our Player-marine. They were, as marines, almost inseperable and his brother's failing has reflected poorly against him, throwing suspicion upon his own loyalty (especially considering how vehemently he defended his friend). He was tried for his complicity in his brother's escape from justice and his own suspected corruption but chose to invoke a Bloodquest - he would leave the Chapter, only to return when he had captured his lost brother and thereby regained his honour in the sight of his commander and Battle Brothers. His quest has brought him to the Koronus Expanse and he has been hunting here ever since.
  9. My wife came up with a possibly great (and suitably weird) idea this morning - they demand a very mundane (and slightly personal) thing - but ALL of the ship's complement of it: "Give us your hair." "Wha…" "All your hair from all your bipeds." OR "All the wax yof your ears…we want it" Her original suggestion was everyone's belly button fluff - perhaps the Sryxis can answer teh ultimate question of why we have it…
  10. I've got things lined up so that my players are about to negotiate with Stryxis trader for details (location etc) of a lost Xeno treasure but I'm a little at a loss as to think what the Stryxis will want in trade. I want to play up the fact that they don't measure value in the same way as Humans (or in any reliably discernable way…) but I don't want to trivialise it. Also the meeting will be interrupted by (anti-xeno) Imperial authorities so dealing with the humans and "saving" the Stryxis may count favourably towards the deal - but likewise I don't want that to be the only "price" the players pay. Any suggestions for what they could demand? Anyone come up with creative Stryxis deals?
  11. Update: After lengthy discussions with the player we created a "renegade" member of the Angels Sanguine using the Forsaken Achetype from Black Crusade. He's a loyalist but believes that his brothers are "misguided" in their interpretation of the Emperor's will and has decided to "go it alone" to best serve the Master of Mankind. The player tech-priest and arch-militant found him in self imposed suspended animation within a portion of Ghiliam and twist infested hull they'd picked up as scrap for salvage. It appears that the mutants were worshiping his unconcious form… The fact that his armour (as per BC) is not fully functional and patched with various bits and pieces adds to the mysterious background and limits his combat effectiveness a little. All in all no one is quite sure how old he is, how long he was in sus-an, exactly *why* he left his chapter and what his plans are. He's a wild card and so far is making a facinating and positive addition to the campaign…
  12. Librarian said: another possiblity is to build him useing black crusade as perhaps a forsaken template. black crusade marines tend to be a bit lower in starting power. and a lone renegade marine would be far more likely to work long term with a rogue trader crew than a member of the deathwatch. To be honest that was my first thought and suggestion to him - essentially a "renegade" marine, but not necesarrily a Chaotic one (i.e. http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Renegade_Space_Marine_Chapters_(List)) - I was inspired by Lysander and Clotus from the Bloodquest series (back in the days of Warhammer Monthly comic…) in fact there's a montage sequence in the last book of the quest wheer they serve in a variety of roles as they work their way across the Imperium, one of which is as men-at-arms for a Rogue Trader, so the "fluff" precedent is there. I suppose my reluctance is that he'll be percieved as a "Chaos Marine" rather than a "renegade" - but I guess that's an issue to resolve with the players perceptions - the characters themselves probabaly don't know enough about Marines to see them as anything other than "Astartes" - We've played it that there's an awareness of the fact that there are Chapters but that most people wouldn't know the unique characteristics of a Blood Angel vs a Dark Angel etc. To the crew and officers of the Dynasty he's a demi-god in ancient relic-like armour, who cares what colour it's painted?
  13. One of our gaming chums has asked to join our playing group, which is cool - we're all getting older with families and don't often get the chance to play together. Plus our group tends to have a core of 3 regular players and 3 (possibly four now) "drop ins" who turn up as and when - which works very well with the set up we have. Anyhow - new guy doesn't know too much about WH40K, but he does know Space Marines (I blame these new fangled "video games" all the youngsters seem to be so into these days…) and has sked if his PC could be an Astartes…. The immediate gut reaction was NO! But the more I thought about the less it seemed to be an issue. I figured a Deathwatch Kill Marine *could* work… Has anyone tried it? I realise that there will initially be a difference in XP (our group is mid 7K-8k, he'd start at the equivalent of 13k) but the marine will advance much slower. Added to that he's a very focused combat character and our RT already "one hits" most adversaries in Close combat (he's designed as a deulist…) Am I mad to even suggest such a thing? I'm thinking I may raise the issue with the existing players to make sure they are all on board, but I don't forsee them seeing having a wlking light tank on their side as a problem…..
  14. When I started I had a similar, but slightly different issue. I'm a lifelong WH40K fan and I "got" Dark Heresy (both conceptually and literally) straight away, same with Deathwatch. I could see how those games would work for me & my playing group. Rogue Trader on the other hand….I got the books for completeness but empire building? Being your own boss? That didn't feel quite *right* - and yet there was a part of me that harked back to my original WH40K 1st Edition "Rogue Trader" tabletop game and the fact that my first army for that game had been a Rogue Trader and his entourage….there was *something* So I got most of the books for completness, used bits of it in my DH game and otherwise they sat on the shelf. Then last year, for a bit of fun I decided to sit down, look over the rule book (and just the core rule book) and see if I could draw out some inspiration - if it was a professional writing assignment or if I was a player not the GM what would I want to see in RT? I made a list of themes and topic - the key practical points I liked and went from there. The campaign that has come from that has been arguably the most rewarding, entertaining and exciting I've EVER played or run in about 30 yrs of gaming. The players love it and we now have a short list of extra people who want "in". Now I'm not saying that I have a majic wand to wave - what works for me might not for you but what I would say is that s GM you need to find the key *in* fro you - you need to find a theme, story or element that you want to run - something that excites and drives you about the game. The rest is just the dressing. It's the big secret of RPGs - the books, the setting material, the novels, miniatures all that stuff - it's not needed - we love it (I have shelves and shelevs of it) but it's the bells & whistles. All you need is a story - a concept that you as a GM can bring to life. Start there, whether it's small or grand in scope. Add bits of the books etc as you go, it doesn't need to be everything right away but it does need to appeal to you.
  15. Nice For clarity I should point out that the PC Explorator is an Arch-Heretek, the PC RT (son of the Warrant holding NPC) talks to ghosts and is studying Forbbiden Lore:Daemonology from a Malefic Codex, the PC Arch-Militant is an Untouchable and the Void Master is a Wyrd….the Dynasty flagship is packed with xenotech and they regularly entertain visiting Stryxis traders…. They are going to be spoilt for choice as to who the Arbites are after….
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