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  1. Monkey's GOD and his curse prophecy Splig Campaign: The End Of All Goblins The Goblin Who Would Be King DLC Merricks Quests: Dragon Hunting BloodHound Burning Wrath Hestion's Host Kildarth The Marked (Impish 1234,Kildarth the Forsaken) Moth And Flame Pest Control The Defense of Thelys The Glade Of All Illusions Troll's Treasure Wake of Fire Free side Quests: Arachnophilia Enemy Of My Enemy Hook, Line and Tentacle Lair Of Tekaris Prisoner Exchange (Impish 1234, Prison Break) Souls To save Temple Of The Elemental Dragon The Demon Hive The Treasure Of Davin Throm Tombs Of Kayladorn Expansion DLC side Quests: Temple of the Elemental Dragon - Lair Of The Wyrm (LotW) A Final Wish - Labyrinth Of Ruin (LoR) The Troll's Treasure - The Trollfens (Troll) The Worst exotic Merriod Inn - Shadow Of Nerekhall (SoN) Smash and Grab - Manor of Ravens (MoR) Mad Moriden's Tower - Mists of Bilehall (MoB) - The Chains That Rust (ChTR)
  2. I haven't got any of the expansions - are the expansion tiles quite specific for the expansion quests then? That seems a bit of a shame. The problem is that they would need to ship the parts they use in multiple expansions in every expansion they are needed in... Customers could get angry if they buy the base game and a random expansion in a shop and read something like: "you can't play this, because you need like 3 tiles from another expansion which you don't own" So FFG seems to have to decided to not do that at all (till now at least....) I want to have a big campaign which features other expansions and stuff. With the RtL app this could be possible... Digital Content Unlocks (Road To Legend) Heroes Monster Groups Hero Classes Shop Items Condition Side Quest ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Journeys In The Dark (Core) 8 Heroes 9 Monster Groups 8 Hero Classes 34 Shop Items 4 Conditions 8 Side quests (Diseased, Immobilized, Poisoned, Stuned) Lair Of The Wyrm 2 Heroes 2 Monster Groups 2 Hero Classes 9 Shop Items 1 Condition Burning 1 Temple of the Elemental Dragon Labyrinth Of Ruin 4 Heroes 4 Monster Groups 4 Hero Classes 21 Shop Items 1 Condition Cursed 1 A Final Wish The Trollfens 2 Heroes 2 Monster Groups 2 Hero Classes 13 Shop Items 1 Condition Weakened 1 The Troll's Treasure Shadow Of Nerekhall 4 Heroes 4 Monster Groups 4 Hero Classes 21 Shop Items 1 Condition Bleeding 1 The Worst exotic Merriod Inn Manor Of Ravens 2 Heroes 1 Monster Groups 2 Hero Classes 9 Shop Items 1 Condition Doomed! 1 Smash and Grab Mists Of Bilehall 2 Monster Groups 8 Shop Items 1 Condition Terrified 1 Mad Moriden's Tower The Chains That Rust H&M 4 Heroes 3 Monster Groups per BOX! Heroes & Monster collections* - Actually for RtL doesn't add quests as for classic game variant! (typically 2 quests per H&M box) Lieutenants figures - Agents 1 new peril effect, which summons the concrete lieutenant (for example Splig, Alric farrow, Lady Eliza Farrow, etc. ...)
  3. Road To legend is OUT!!! see: https://play.google....flightgames.rtl https://itunes.apple...mes/id372272435
  4. Road To legend is OUT!!! see: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fantasyflightgames.rtl https://itunes.apple.com/us/developer/fantasy-flight-games/id372272435
  5. Nice, hear something new about Descent Second Edition. FFG seems to be greedy publish some hot news on official web sites. Thank you Shnar for any infos, you are valuable source of informations for peoples which can't read GTM.
  6. (packs of creatures) what about another kinds of existing troops? Skeletons with mace, sabre, spears, slings, daggers (maybe throwing too) ... not only bows with NEW STATS CARD according by used weapon type. OL card which actually say Spawn 2 skeleton and 1 master skeleton give OL varietal choose what kind of skeletons is better to be placed right "in game"... Of course not only skeletons but all possible creatures which are in game etc. ... I think that isn`t hard to integrate this new factor to game. Also can be used if someone don`t have one of expansions. Finally we got new nice (plastic) minis. Remy`s dungeon cards are good choice, FFG can add cards to all decks. Poisoned arrows limited per pk 1, 3, 5 (rare to buy, or as treasure) as example of new weapon types for shooters?
  7. SamVimes said: The one with the barbarian on the cover His name is Mordrog Lord-Smasher, Champion of Terrinoth, first mention about him was published in Descent: The Road to Legend Preview #5, ... http://imgupload.sk/images/5phdu5jbjn6t1sx316v.jpg
  8. is Island map maded from common use game type of hardening paper or pvc (quality for often and longer use)? Paper often crack on edges or slip points what finally harms game material (forex my RtL map in the middle has this problem). Thanx for answer
  9. look in Road to Legend rulebook, page 3 "Boxes" last one is you missing. http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/descent/drtl_rulebook.pdf
  10. Malachnor question on you. Did you got Nara the Fang "in box with sticker " too? (Essen)
  11. If you better read last preview then you could see that "We were sailing in the southern Cerridor Sea, bound for safe harbor at Garnott..." so hidden city (right down corner) I deducted is named as Garnott. If you traced last log of Thalia then ... they sail from right corner harbour to "Just north of the Narrows of Gracor, we spotted a small island in the distance" that's land where Orrin is. See little maps in my translated ver. of Descent previews. (first one is from preview Beastmen off the Stardboard Bow) http://imgupload.sk/images/4i9ghbpwsfuzyyxlodsm.jpg (and second one is from preview A Gripping Tale) http://imgupload.sk/images/ml66x73vjbbdca6p3n2j.jpg blue dashed line marked way to log encounter and red for planning trail. Special thanks to Mark
  12. Marián Dzurilla said: hmmm my eyes was captivated by picture on bottom, because ... first mention about this kind of "monster" was btw. published in introduction Raise the Sails (http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=753) but, now its seems to be not only "... err cracking." but real Kraken (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kraken). Nice pictures, all. thanx all of FFG for this faq my prediction was correct ... Kraken become's to reality And, if this kind monster has separate (removable jaws alike as hydras heads) then it will be really strong monster forex. Every of jaws with own health (not total counted for monster) makes number of attacks equal number of jaws.
  13. I have dream .... It was cold, rainy and foggy morning when group of four good armored figures enter the tavern. I can't remember name of this tavern and don't know in which town stay but one I know this morning was empty. Only innkeeper behind the bar polish the glasses, when they enters, sleepily murmur something like "we'com travellers, we have rainy this mornin" and continues in his hard work. All figures sit down at the table near the window. Window was dirty, covered with grossly layer of dust and spider webs. So, observer in room can only hardly recognized what happen outside. One of new guests better tighten his bag which swings him on belt. Air breaks sound of tingling coins, which echoed from bag. Innkeeper cancel his work and in the nick of time came to table. Now he could seen that one of them has cape and so, he can't see his face, another has pack of swords packaged in leather laying by on bench. When person see that innkeeper gazed at them simply covered them by buckler. Innkeeper slowly sink eyes and continue in examinations just at that time yell out "aaaggrrr RAT! disssgustinggg RAAAT!" trying to hit n' beat them. But synchronous with innkeepers arm blow up hand one of new guests with dagger pulled off from boot. "I warning you don't do that, because it should be your last thing what you do"! say person with thunderous voice holding dagger on innkeeper neck. After short break person continue "his name is Boggs and he's travelling with us... rather bring us four mugs of beer and something to eat". "Three suffice" silently whispers that in cape. "Yess of course, and please excuse my for this accident" say innkeeper and after while serve the drinks and meals. When he finished say "did you hear last rumours about old cementery"? After he spoke last word rain outside was changed into blizzard and small piece of ice starts knock on window and windowsill. "Let's continue" say innkeeper "peoples don't know if someone envoke dark powers or on the world is too many evil that dead leaves their places on churchyards where rest in peace, but no one knows. Certain is that shades, ghosts, ghouls, lycantrophes, skeletons etc... all this undead creatures don't wander over land as now. And as Temples or churches are in every city this threats are legitimate". Again, noisy bold cleave the sky, and in shine was seeing that all country were covered with snow. Everything quitened, silent breaks man in cape which stood up and whisper "we knows". Thereafter all party members follows this in cape and went outside the house, whereby last one throw some coins on desk. Only innkeeper still gaze at frozen window in which frost sketch sihouettes of vampire above the body on graveyard. New tiles: (cementery, graveyard) outdoor with graves and standalone prop too New monsters: typically Graveyard Props: Grave (as props), Ice grave (as props), Tumulus - with entrance through the correct grave (random/non-random), Cauldron with holy water, Candlestick - character gives only half movement points without set on fire them, shoud be turn off by hero/humanoid monster Effects: darkness - LOS is reduced only to ??? squares. Alike as Reach, better light source (stand with 1,3,5 candles) = better LOS. Potion: cure lycantrophy (stop changing on lycantroph - conquest eater) Ways: - how to randomize chance "know" as result play same map - hidden some item in one of this "grave" props, (must search/pick up correct grave in map - OL randomize draw loss an place marks before starting map - alike as chest contain) - how to utilize Sarcophag props (which is used only in one quest) - how to utilize Temples materialize them in game (search all temples, special relic "rare" Quests or items) - how to utilize 8 towns in RtL and 8 towns in prepared SoB expansions This crossed my mind before going to sleep... I know it's too early but I forot it, if I don't write it here
  14. I hope they bundle this complete plot cards set "Frozen in Time" in prepared expansion Sea of Blood. Because I don't want mix in Descent game any of homemade content only quality FFG stuff. If someone want print them so let it be. This option should (stay) leave, but not only.
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