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  1. Level 3 of the base game, the heroes are on one conquest, I am one turn from reshuffling, the Naga boss is down to 1 health. Varikas the Dead is the last hero to move, can actually get 2 attacks in against the boss. X, X. How unexpected!
  2. I just wish to add one thought. Imagine you're considering getting the game, and check the available resources - Board Game Geek, or this, the home forum. Where, to your shock, you realize that threads are full of discontent about the support for the game, or abut the quality of the products. You will think twice before buying.
  3. Quoting my favourite Stargate character: "Indeed." I was looking forward to a product exactly like this one. If the issues get resolved, I'll be buying it. If not, then not. What I really suggest to FFG is taking a hint from Blizzard entertainment, and run a beta version through a collective of players before release, like an extended playtest. I believe local gamers would be overjoyed if they were able to come over to FFG and play the game extensively before anyone else, essentially constituting a free playtest.
  4. Basically, Heroes that are allowed to get all the traits and upgrades they want will pound the avatar into the ground twelve times out of a dozen. The only solution I see is that the OL has to harass them, keep them poor, force them to flee dungeons, raze crucial cities, and keep them from upgrading whenever they want, so that they enter his keep at well below their full capacity. Ideally, he should be able to even keep them from visiting a secret master once or twice... Then, he has a chance.
  5. Well, she is broken I'd play her as Dodging, as suggested, or simply her.
  6. For a darker tune, Summoning and Falkenbach can be good, to psych out players you can go for Qntal (electro/medieval) and darkwave/gothic sound works too. Also worth recommending are Gotien, Omnia, Schandmaul, Schelmish...
  7. Actually, my group quit playing Descent because even with 4 Heroes, I usually murdered them brutally. The OL's game really depends on resource management and clever use of what he is given. This is NOT a game with even sides. It's not straightforward, either. The OL is actually a guerilla who strikes at opportune times, killing a hero and then holding back until he can kill one more. The presence of monsters on the board is transient, most are only good for one strike - so make it count.
  8. What about pulling back the whole thing and issuing a corrected edition? One of the biggest game companies shouldn't have anything as flawed on the market. FAQ are welcome, but it seems to be poor form when they get as long as the rulebooks. (Though, as an ex-warhammer player, I should be used to poor editing and full-out brokenness. Games Workshop issued so many flawed rules that you had to house-rule every single Warhammer game, and balance was so poor that in the end, I quit playing competitively. After that, I quit Warhammer altogether ) (so, FFG, don't make me quit Descent)
  9. Starting with the Sorcerer King or Demon Prince may be deterring due to their early dungeon dominance and brutal lieutenant respectively; if you want to give tham an easy time choose the Beastman Lord. In the final battle, it matters little who you play because you die anyway.
  10. Truth be said, what Descent: RtL needs is rules to alter play in late silver and especially Gold, to prevent one-turn dungeon clears, and pointless avatar battles.
  11. Pinkymadigan, you're playtesting Seaside? Cool! See, Dominion is a game that has seen tons of playtest. Te rules are clear, the cards are clear, the interactions are... clear? At first, I thought it was possible to build an infinity combo, before I read the rule that played action cards get reshuffled only at the end of the turn. So. You might try to convince FFG to playtest more Thumbs up for Seaside!
  12. How come this does not surprise me? Almost ordered it, being the enthusiastic fool I am. Truth be said, I'm having too much fun with Dominion, Pandemic, Alhambra or Carcassone to even consider buying this Until FFG publishes revised rules for RtL and handles the games with more care, I'm going just to use my figures for RPGs and the likes. Blarg. This Xandria is not pleased.
  13. Yup, the card sucks. Lone Golem sucks at least a hundred times as hard, though
  14. Big Remy said: Stillborn said: Yah it does, I didn't understand the part about buying 2 regular cards for 1 treachery, thanks for the clarification. I guess a stat. would be to use that to get crushing blow, and use my LTs to kill off gold/silver items I don't like? Or do you only use lts to raze cities? --SB That is a very viable strategy. If you have access to Crushing Blow, every time you get an Lt into a fight with the Heroes use it. Unless they have Wind Pact, then it will never see the light of day because smart Heroes will take it out of your hand. Well, unless you present them with a tastier target. If you want to go crush-happy, all it takes is to present them with the choice of discarding Animate Weapons or one of your two Crushing Blows.
  15. For the off chance that I ever play RtL again, I have Aekold Helbras from Warhammer to represent Alric, for example. Lots of games come with useful figures; Rackham, also FFG-owned, creates great minis (Confrontation...).
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