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  1. Is there any chance we can get an alternate art hero identity card for Hawkeye featuring his classic costume?
  2. I recently got the Netrunner core set. Is this weekly league still active?
  3. Has there been any suggestion or hint of a future product featuring Y-wing repaints, new pilots and upgrades? I'm a big fan of the Y-wing, ever since I saw one survive the Battle of Yavin in the summer of '77, and I would definitely buy another Rebel Aces type box with two repainted Y-wings and more options.
  4. I apologize if this has been asked an answered. I went back five pages on the board and didn't see any threads. Does Fantasy Flight Games have any plans to release a product for X-Wing Miniatures that focuses on scenarios / missions? I like dogfighting in vast empty space as much as anyone, but I also enjoy Missions with specific objectives and win conditions other than eliminate your opponent. Ideally, such a product would include several scenarios, with scenario-specific rules, and perhaps a few sheets of new tokens and obstacles for the scenarios. There might even be a section devoted to linking certain scenarios into a Campaign Play with rules for repairing and upgrading ships, and advancing pilot skills over the course of a campaign. Had I the time and an innate sense of rules-balance I might create such thing myself. Since I don't, and since I would buy such an official product from Fantasy Flight Games, I wonder if they have any intention of producing such a product.
  5. I own both the Fantasy Flight edition of Fury of Dracula and the Nexus edition of Letters from Whitechapel. I enjoy both and would play either one again and again. As others have said, LfW strips away all of the random elements that are in FoD. LfW is a pure battle of wits and as such is more tense. Any slip up by Jack and the game is over with no second chances or lucky draw of an Evasion card. LfW offers a few variant rules (the "letters") to address balance issues but none of these, to my recollection, introduce any random elements. My gaming group has yet to play with these variants. Both games drip with theme and come with boards that could be framed as art. Both games feature a blood thirsty fiend who moves in secret. Beyond that, luck plays a part in FoD's gameplay while there is only strategy and wits in LfW. If you hate luck in your games get LfW. If you enjoy random surprises either throwing a wrench in your strategy or saving you after a miscue, then stick with FoD. If you're like me and you enjoy both types of games depending on your mood or fellow gamers' preferences, get both of these games!
  6. I don't know the likelihood of seeing an upgrade kit (has Fantasy Flight ever offered such a product?) but just in case, I'll add my voice to those who desire one. I own the original Nexus edition of this game but would buy an upgade kit that included the improved tokens and screen.
  7. With the emphasis on scenarios, I was thinking a comparison to Mansions of Madness is more apt except that this is set in the fantasy genre as opposed to Lovecraftian horror. I wouldn't be surprised to see Print on Demand scenarios and eventual boxed expansions with new boards / areas of the kingdom, much like we've seen for Mansions of Madness.
  8. Book One: Dance of the Damned offered an Arkham Horror promo card. Book Two: The Lies of Solace offered an Elder Sign promo card. What hope do I have that Book Three will offer some sort of Mansions of Madness promo?
  9. Hmm. I know I'm getting AGoT 2nd edition for Christmas but won't know until then whether my board has a warping problem. I hope the offer of replacement boards is still good after Christmas.
  10. I love this game as well, and I've only played it with one or two other players besides myself. I'm anxious to play with more participants. I imagine a six-player game would be filled with twists and turns as people meddle with battles they're not truly committed to. Great fun!
  11. It's an easily portable two-player game with a great theme, serious strategy, and impressive production values for the price. I highly recommend it. It was my gateway to Fantasy Flight's Silver Line of games and it holds up extremely well. It is easy to learn, but the more you and your opponent play the game, the better gaming experience will be.
  12. HMS Hajj said: The new Deluxe Set will be released in the US with an English rule book. It is currently expected to arrive in Italy in July, and ship out to the rest of the world from there. Look for it in the States around August (maybe in time for my B-day!) The box cover, list of planes and pilots and the card for Frank Luke can all be seen at the Wings of War Aerodrome: http://www.wingsofwar.org/forums/showthread.php?t=1412 Has there been any recent news on this product? I recently purchased all of Set 4 and that only heightened my anticipation for the Revised Wings of War World War I Deluxe Set. Is Fantasy Flight Games going to distribute this product in the United States or do I need to seek an overseas service to get the United Kingdom edition?
  13. I looked through this forum and the Supplies forum before posting. Has anyone done the math on how many of which packs of Fantasy Flight Supply card sleeves it would take to protect all the different cards that come in the box of Marvel Heroes?
  14. I own this game but have yet to play it. I hope to when friends are in town over the holidays.
  15. We keep getting closer to Christmas and no news. Somebobody has to know something! Is Set 3 on its way? Is the Balloon Busters box far behind?
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