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  1. Should have complaint earlier :-) Just receved this in my mailbox: You would only draw a new AI card if there are No wretches in play or if all COGs are in cover. In all other cases, you will resolve as much as possible from the card and not draw a new one. I hope this answers your question! -Corey Konieczka VP of R&D Fantasy Flight Games
  2. Terah said: I think I understood you. I think you misunderstood me. Probably goes both ways But I have to agree I didn't express my statement very well (not native English speaker). To be clear: I was thinking like "You" only triggers when "You" is the "active player", not when someone else is the active player. (this is different than replacing "you" with "active player") Terah said: To be clear - I was explaining that "you" on Dom's special does not mean "the active player". Not just about Teamwork, but in general. Here's what Dom's Special would mean if 'you' did mean 'the active player' (literal text substitution): "Move up to 1 additional area when the active player resolves an Order card..." It doesn't mean this, but if it did Dom could use it on Marcus' turn... or maybe Marcus could use Dom's ability on Marcus' turn? Madness is ensuing. Even worse. Cole's, Baird's and Marcus' Specials also use "you" (Marcus actually uses "your"). If "you" on COG Special Abilities means "the active player" then they all become very weird, almost impossible to understand. I agree with you that's not what it should be! Terah said: Steve-O: My problem is not that there was doubt, but that the FAQ ruled in a way contrary to Dom's card. Either I invent new rules to be consistent with the FAQ or play by the components as written. It really sucks if I have to tell a new player their card text is wrong. That's very true... The FAQ really made an exception there. I still don't know why, It's not so a "broken" combo - imho - to let Dom move twice in that situation.
  3. Terah said: Thanks for responding, at least I'm not the only one confused. But I don't think the rules on AI card intereptation help here. Primarily because they are rules about one part, not all parts. Secondly, really that's not the intent because look what happens if you DO use this substitution. If "active player" is substituted for "you" on Dom's Special ability suddenly he can move in any and all COG's Order steps. That is not wat I ment: I said IF "you" means "active player" (not the other way around) like in the case of the AI card mentioned in the rules. If the one player plays teamwork in his turn, he still IS the active player, even if he lets Dom play an order card. Dom's ability says "you", and since he isn't the active player, there is no issue. The only exception is the "Active-Reloaded and Advanced" combo but it is FAQ-ed he can only play one
  4. Yes odd they didn't address this in the FAQ too. There is something in the rules that says: "If the AI card uses the word “you,” it refers to the active player." (3. Locust Activation Step p10) Agreed not exactely the same but if "you" means "active player", teamwork is a non issue. "Active-Reloaded and Advanced" would then be an exception but it is FAQ'ed. Any way I would go for: II. Or maybe it really is... "Move up to 1 additional area in your Order Phase." Edit: or even better: Move up to 1 additional area when you resolve one or more Order cards in your Order Phase.
  5. Unfortunately not, but I agree that would make things easier to understand. 3. Otherwise Ability: If the restricted ability cannot be resolved, the player instead resolves this ability. The otherwise ability sometimes list criteria under which this card is discarded without effect and a new card is drawn. (p.11) Really, the thing is just they make an extra - new - 'condition' in the Otherwise Ability. There isn't something wrong in the wording of the card because the extra criteria addresses also both 'else' cases. This 'for each' card is special/unique in the way that it matters which Wretch you choose first. I (OP) just want confirmation if that is intentional or not.
  6. Well I think there is no mistake on the card it just creates an odd situation. Normally all 'for each' cards have normal 'yes/no' conditions and then an extra condition if there are no locust of that type in play. This particular card has a first condition and then in the 'otherwise' it has a new different condition. The extra text addresses correctly the 'else' for both conditions: no locust of that type OR all locust of that type in cover. It's just the for each lets you choose a locust so if you take one that doesn't fit both conditions and thus have to pick a new AI card. I don't know if there is something wrong, I just wanted to point out the consequences if you don't pay attention; it could be that you activate some wretch and then have to pick a new AI, potentially have to activate the same wretch. I think it would be better that you check the bottom extra text first and then continue with the first condition presented on the card but the manual states it belongs to the 'otherwise' part of the card.
  7. Basicly how does this card work? - 'for each' means for every model on the board, do things individually. - manual says you can choose which model first. First condition: - COG =< 4 health within 3 movement otherwise condition: - move 2 areas to nearest COG not in cover. - if no wretches OR all COG's in cover, draw new AI card. Situation is this: 1 Wretch is within the first condition. 1 wretch is not within the first condition AND not within the 'otherwise' condition. The card states in that situation: draw a new AI card. Can you choose that model to go first and then draw a new AI card and thus can't continue with the other Wretch?
  8. Do you put the unique troll's on the discard pile when defeated or do you put them "out of play" because they where not in the deck to begin with? That question can be asked in general I guess: Do unique encounter cards go out of play when defeated?
  9. Hello, Non-native English speaker, so how to read Eowyn's action? "This effect may be triggered by each player once each round": does this mean that you can do this action once and one of the players pays the cost or every player may pay the cost once so cumulating the willpower? This may have been answerd but searching "Eowyn" gives lots of hits on the forum :-) Thx!
  10. Why does Brother Adron have a range of 2?
  11. Yes it's an attack and like Bleached Lizard said, it's for not to make an evade checks when casting those spells. But I'm not sure that "attack" = "combat" and injuries and darkness effect attributes when in combat.
  12. It says "... -2 to all attribute tests during combat while he is in the room". Ok true combat is resolved with combat cards and spells with spell cards but adding the word "cards" would have made it clearer i guess. So you think casting an offensive spell at a monster does not necessarily means combat, like mentioned in darkness? In addition things like (I think) broken arm: -2 during combat, also does not apply to casting spells?
  13. Does spells casting suffer -2 in darkness? Is there is a difference between "attack spells" and "spells" in that case?
  14. Is it posible to exceed the starting number of skill points by using the microscope?
  15. So if a marine gets attacked from both sides you resolve first left than right side correct? What hapens if the marine is killed by the left side? Do you first shift and attack with the right side the new marine in that place or do you do both attacks first, and than shift?
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