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  1. Wave 3 and 4 are really close in my mind, but 3 has the edge with those B-Wings.
  2. Your shield numbers on the cards are nearly invisible. I get what you were going for with the color coding, but it doesn't work for that shade of pale blue.
  3. Bloodstripe Interceptor, hands down. But if the B-wing wasn't in a soulless vertical pose, that one would be right up there too.
  4. One thing the designer suggested about your first point is to have collective group XP that gets evenly split among everyone. This also cuts down on people angling to get the killshot away from the person who did most of the work.
  5. I'm still a big fan of the low-PS combo of Targeting Astromech, Hobbie, and Stay On Target.
  6. Soontir wants to move last, while Whisper wants to shoot first, so they work at cross purposes here. Maybe run Turr Fennir instead of Fel here, or swap Whisper for a different ace.
  7. Also because of the shape of the Jumpmaster.
  8. And K-wing, and T65, and (for the most part) the B-wing.
  9. I find myself kind of disliking Tabletop Simulator on principle, because it feels like giving someone else money for a game that Fantasy Flight put the work into.
  10. Load him up on Whisper with Palp support and go to town.
  11. Save that for the Scum campaign.
  12. I mean, it's the same deal as a Y-wing then.
  13. I just use the various bags that come in all these different ship boxes.
  14. The way Warhammer's been counting races, Bretonnia and the Empire are completely separate. But yeah, Skaven vs. Lizardmen would make one awesome expansion.
  15. Although I can see an investigator fighting a monster with the Red Sign, loosing, and still keeping the Sign cast while the next man kills the monster.
  16. To that guy who was in Kenosha: I'm up in Milwaukee, so if you want to meet and play, we can just designate a gamestore somewhere on that continuum.
  17. Is the Red Sign of Shudde M'ell like this too? I can't decide if a player not in combat can cast it at someone else's monster or not.
  18. It looks awesome, is all I can say right now. And real pretty to boot.
  19. Good to see my 38-point epic game get some recognition. Man, that one was fun.
  20. One thing you have to remember in the Warhammer metaphysic is that belief shapes reality. If millions of people believe in the power of a Machine Spirit, the Machine Spirit will have some of that power. Orks have a greater belief and an easier time shaping it, hence why Red Unz observably Go Faster. At least, that's how I run it.
  21. But you can do it with the "Lucky" power. The way I see it, that's almost the way that was meant to be played.
  22. Hang on. When you're using fire selectors, I'd have to rule that it takes time to select the fire. So when you fired your first shots, you'd have to drop one, pull the switch to the next clip, and then fire. You would have one round to fire two shots, half an action to chamber a new round, and then another half for one shot. While you're getting chopped by Orcs. And if you're facing less Orcs than you have usable shots in your tiny clips, that's a GM fail for not properly scaling an encounter.
  23. Roll 2 d10's and read the two numbers like it's really one number. Like if one die shows 3 and the other 7, the result of the roll would be 37. You can use different dice for the 10s and the 1s, but I just read left to right.
  24. Only the quarters are sanity, and instead of giving you change back, they're eaten by the gatekeeper! I smell a new fan-made expansion here...
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