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  1. Of course you are correct. His ability only applies to target locks.... That really means you can collet the stress tokens by shooting at the prisoner every round...
  2. Hi, I just wondered... What happens when a pilot is already stressed and is now forced to attack e.g. captain kagi. The problem is, that captain kagi has a rebel captive onboard. Is the rebel pilot forced to take an additional stress token. Or is this attack not allowed, which means he cannot attack at all due to captaon kagis ability? Thanks for the help.
  3. hi, simple question, i didn't find an explicit rule for the following situation: a hero got a e.g. "caught in a web" which counts as a CONDITION attachment. later in a combat situation the player of this hero draws the shadow card "forest spider". this means he has to discard an attachment he controls. is it correct that this condition attachment isn't under control of the player so that he can't discard this card? is there another way of hetting rid of these condition attachment? thank you…
  4. I also think, that melee weapons are quite weak. but there is also a second advantage that they have (additional to the free melee attack): side 17 of the rulebook says: ... the only exeptions to this is hand to hand attacks... they can attack targets on the other side of a door, regardless of line of sight ( but must be adjacent)...
  5. avec said: 4. Cylon Leaders receive a Super Crisis Cards, while Sympathetic Cylons don't as far as i know, the only chance for a cylon leader to get a super crisis card, is to use the resurrection ship location after he was executed/decided to end infiltration. but the same applies to the sympathetic cylon...
  6. KlausFritsch said: Obvious tactical solutions are boring. i agree. but i think thats sometimes just the problem. you have to use a certain setup to have a chance. of course you can play it twice, but some more options also for the defender would be better, or not?
  7. @latro: the problem is that the attacker has normally more units to place and play with. so loosing one or two of these units isn't nice but won't break your neck. the defender often has only the minimum of units you need to defeat the enemy. loosing one or two units as the defender CAN break your neck. so you can place your units after the attacker did. ok, i agree, this is an advantage. but sometimes you underestimate a situation that MAY appear in the future of this scenario. so you now maybe would have the problem that you cannot react anymore because of the wrong (or not perfect) setup. thats sometimes a little bit frustrating. both played well and chose good strategies but the defender lost because of a mistake he made just before the real game started.... just my opinion
  8. Hi, I didn't played the fotb scenarios yet. but what i found out is, that in most scenarios, the defending fraction has a really big problem, when placing his starting units in a not nearly perfect way. i had this problem several times. i placed them in a way i thought it was fine. but when my friend started to play i saw that it wasn't the best wayfrom that point on it was nearly impossible to react an his actions in an effectiv way. maybe this could be changed in future scenarios, to give the defending fraction more opportunities to react -and like said before, give the non-german fraction more opportunities to fight the very powerful german tanks. i had this problem also before fotb. sometimes its just too difficult to even harm them.
  9. page 16 of the core rules: "In order of initiative, each player draws one Strategy card from any one of the Strategy card decks in his HQ area" so there is no may -> no choice, I think!
  10. as stated in the original rules, you have to use always the longer range when combinding fire. so in this case is just bad luck, when one unit is close and one is not. I would think, it is the same mechanic when use he-ammo....
  11. hi, i was just wondering if cylon leaders which end their infiltration also automatically get a super crisis card or not. i didn't find a precise information until now...
  12. another idea: what about a CAG-card- like admiral or präsident card, in addition to the other ideas i mentioned. could work like...when cag is piloting a viper/raptor and moves up to 2 unmanned vipers/raptors can follow him. the cag would be - of course- the highest rank with a piloting skill (helo, apollo, starbuck, boomer, kat) in addition to the previos reply: pilots who fly in a raptor maybe cannot attack raiders/heavy raiders, but hey can attack basestars and they (because they coordinate the attack/fight) influence the fight between vipers and raiders/heavy raiders in the same space area. for example the difficulty of the test for fighting against raiders/heavy raiders could be easier (or 2 raiders at a time) and the test for fightiing against vipers could be harder....
  13. Some interesting ideas here, so I will put some other here too: I think, that getting too close to the plot-line of the series is nice for fans, but hard for game designers. so i think, you should not press the whole game into the plott-line. better see the plot-line like a base for the game. but the most interesting part of the game is, from my point of view, that every game we played ended up in another situation. this effect would be minimized when getting too close to the plot line......my opinion. so what would I add: of course, there are some characters, crisis cards, quorum cards, super crisis cards, skill cards or destination cards which could be added. but what about some new mechanics. like I postet before, the only problem, when playing a revealed cylon, is, sometimes it is a bit ......boring. You can act only once per round, so it makes 4-6 at maximum actions for you, hmmm. sabotage skill checks is also an option, but also limited, you don't have a lot of skill cards and you can't play a lot of them at once. the treachery skill cards (with the reckless ability) was a nice idea, but also limited useful. Bringing new treachery cards would solve that problem, because this doesn't mean that you have or can play more of them. so we need another type of cards. let's call them CYLON FLEET and HUMAN FLEET cards. they work similar to the human quorum cards. maybe every cylon can draw one card at the beginning of his turn for free. so, e.g., the cylon fleet cards contains possibilities of affecting the space fight or to push the cylons, which means, that you can (in a limited way) move CERTAIN raiders or heavy raiders or launch some or attack with a basestar.... or can draw one or two additional skill cards. maybe some of these cards can be played as a reaction to the human actions or in the cylon movement phase, so that the cylons have several ways of acting and can INFLUENCE the game. Means that they can concentrate on certain win situations like destroing galactica or occupy it. The human fleet cards offers, eg., possibilities of sabotating the human fleet, like conquer civil ships, destroy locations, infiltration, sabotage jump prep track or in certain ways skill checks (make it impossible to play investigative committee or more difficult). of course you also have to pay attention not to loose the balance of the game, but i think, it's possible. On the other hand, the humans can also have a new card deck as a counterpart to the new cylon decks: the MILITARY DECK. like the civilian version - the quorum deck - the admiral (maybe also the xo - second in line of command) has access to this deck. this deck will have cards like, e.g., start vipers as a reaction to cylon fleet activity, try to free occupied civilian ships, attack occupation forces and so on... another new mechanism could be the mentioned conquering of civilian ships with heavy raiders. works the same like with galactica. so you, as a cylon, can now choose, where the heavy raiders go to, hangar bay or next civilian ship. when it is activated an in the same space area like a civilian ship, you can capture it immediatley. the next time, the galactica jumps, every occupied civ ship will get lost. but this also means, that you should can choose, as the admiral, to jump or wait, as soon as you reached auto jump. like it works on new caprica, when galactica came back. also humans should be able to free these ships. on one hand with the military cards on the other hand with....eg raptors. from now on, raptors can also participate in star fights. they can try to free civ ships and, eg, can attack basestars in the same space areas with their missiles. what do you think..... and sorry for my bad english
  14. rowanalpha said: Our biggest problem with executions is that killing the human makes the player auto-loyal, even though they're austentably becoming a new character. Our solution has been the following changes: well, how often you execute people in a session? we only used that location one time, just because its expensive (1 skill check and that player restarts with no skill cards) and you will lose one moral in the case of a human. and especially when playing with new caprica, we found out, that moral (and population) couldn't be high enough for the humans (in the endgame) rowanalpha said: Pre-sleeper After a human character who has been executed chooses their new character, they shuffle one of their You are not a Cylon cards into the Loyalty deck and draw a new card (Baltar draws 2) now you are really playing with the balance of the game......... with this rule, the chance of having two cylons in the pre-sleeper-phase is higher.... rowanalpha said: Post Sleeper Make a Post-Sleeper loyalty deck of 1 You are a Cylon and 1 You are not a Cylon card. After a human character who has been executed chooses their new character, they shuffle one of their You are not a Cylon cards into the Loyalty deck and draw a new card (2 each for Baltar or Sharon) do mean, that you now can have up to 3 cylons?!? (in a six player game) in that case, it would be really impossible to win as a human.... in our games it was hard enough to play as a human (i think that only about a quarter of all games has been won by humans) rowanalpha said: This way, the new character is not automatically trustworthy, thus the power of the execution is ramped back, especailly if the Airlock check and that turn's crisis are also Reckless. from my point of view, the game is hard enough for the humans..... maybe your cylons should strike harder
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