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  1. I see this is on the reprint list, is it really getting a reprint? I thought it was a GW property.
  2. Tonight we had an interesting situation come up. I was playing the vampires and one of my star players had the passing skill as his downed skill. The player became downed while carrying the ball and the rules are a little ambiguous. It could play out a number of ways. 1. The player becomes downed and loses the ball, the ball goes to mid field. The downed players downed passing skill comes into effect and moves the ball from mid-field to himself. This was my argument. 2. The player becomes downed, his passing ability kicks in but he already has the ball and therefore nothing happens. He then loses the ball and the ball moves to mid-field. This was the opposing players argument. It all depends on the timing and the rules a are a little ambigous on that point.
  3. Cool Stuff Inc says the game releases from distributors on the 16th! Wooo Hooo!!
  4. Played my first game tonight, it was great despite losing. The game came down to the wire, in fact, it came down to (my alliance) trying to get the Sol special winning condition but this caused some questions about the winning condition from the opposing alliance. The rule book states: The Sol player wins the game if he fulfills both of the following conditions: • No player has won the game by controlling strongholds (alone or as part of an alliance) by the end of round 8. • The Sol (or no player, not even an ally) controls the Imperial Palace and the Mecatol Power South. This can be interpreted in two ways depending on how you read it. In either interpretation is is clear that the Sol player wins if no one occupies both positions and he does not occupy either position. In other words, both places are devoid of units. It is also clear that if either place has enemy or ally units in it the Sol player does not win. However, what if the Sol player occupies one area but not the other. It would appear according to the rules "controls the Imperial Palace AND the Mecatol Power South" that the Sol player would have to occupy both areas or none at all to fulfill the winning conditions but this does not make sense to me. Any opinions or official rulings?
  5. To put some context on it: it is winter (I believe) of the first year, the event is "Power for the Pious" which reads something like "Perform an influence bid. The lowest bidder chooses 1 area belonging to each other player and places a dragon rune in an area he or she controls" I am obviously going to lose this bid. I have two influence tokens and so does Tim,he is no idiot and will bid two and he holds the tie breaker. I play the "Intrigue and Subterfuge" tactics card which is played before an influence bid and reads "A player of your choice may not participate in the bid", I originally chose Tim as the target. This can now be interpreted in a number of ways: 1. Tims bid is now 0 and he will lose the influence bid unless someone else bids 0 and he wins the tie. 2. Tim does not participate in the bid at all and therefore cannot "lose" the bid. The event card text still affects him (because it targets all other players) and he will receive a dragon rune from the loser of the actual bid. 3. Tim does not participate in the bid at all and therefore cannot "lose" the bid. The event card text does not affect him since he did not participate in the bid and he will NOT receive a dragon rune from the loser of the bid. We chose option two which would mean I would STILL lose the influence bid, so I changed the target of the card to me since it said to target ANY player. The results were that I did not participate in the bid and therefore could not lose the bid. The loser of the actual bid (Tim) had to place a dragon rune in my area (along with the other two players) as the side effect of losing the bid.
  6. Haynams said: With the impending release of what I hope to be the penultimate W40K experience, I want to ask folks how they got involved in W40K to begin with? Space Hulk! Still the single best WH40K experience in my mind. I used to play SH back in my Army days (very early 90's), and bought two copies of the third edition within seconds of it going on sale on the GW website. I have to admit though, I am not a WH40K player. I absolutely love the world and follow most of the fiction, I even buy game books for the background and story information but I dont actually play 40K.
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