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  1. There is a really cool sidequest in Witcher 3 that involves Leshen - kind of woodland spirits/monsters. Here is a link to a Youtube playthrough video of that quest (spoilers for Witcher 3, obviously): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPJX7dwDxIc I think that quest could be used as a WFRP encounter pretty much as is. Involves cool monsters and a choice to be made by the Taal PC.
  2. Loved this: "Well from there it’s a long trek through jungle with a story no one will believe about how they saved the world." Very warhammery ending. Do you already have thoughts what the next campaign will be about, or where it'll take place?
  3. In addition to Mordheim and Total War there is also Vermintide. Although set during the End Times it is still in the old setting too. BTW, Total War just released this trailer I am curious to see how GW is going to handle the old setting. Do they continue licensing it out or what. If it is open for license someone could make a excellent CRPG set in the Old World.
  4. Thanks for the credit, you can just use Sami Uusitalo A few final comments: I love the cover In Setting in brief: in the last sentence I believe it should be "features" Regarding Daily Empire, I'm sure doc cthulhu will feature this playset on that site if you'll just ask him. Romance #4 I believe it is Morrslieb's and in Needs #3 burgomeister's The Chaos focused Insta-Setup is really good.
  5. Looks great! Some thoughts below. Relationships Family: Maybe add one for family members from two different social classes (Noble & secret peasant child etc.) Chaos: Love these. About #5 - do you mean one is power behind the throne and the other sits on the throne? Romance: #1, #2, #5 and #6 are very similar. Maybe change one of them? Secret lovers perhaps? Crime: Very good. Maybe #3 and #5 are a bit similar. Add Smugglers perhaps? Community: There are quite a few careers in WFRP that have to do with death and cemetaries. Maybe something along the lines of "You both "operate/work" at the same Garden of Morr". Or - You both work with the (un)dead. Needs To get out: I love these, especially #2, #5 and #6. To get what you want: #2 I would change Chaos to Ruinous Powers as it is more thematic to the Need. To kill: Some ideas - To kill... ...someone - again. To kill... in a ritual to summon a daemon. To kill... in a duel to restore your honor (or in a honorable duel). Also, #4 can be a bit dangerous as I could see a player just go on a killing spree to please the Blood God in a way that is destructive to the game. Maybe try Khaine? To get the truth: Love these. #4 - yay for Skaven. Locations The decent part of town: #5 I would maybe name the hero to make it more flavorful. And maybe not one of the real heroes, but a Warhammery "hero" with a weird name - like One-handed Heinrich or whatever. If I remember correctly I think there are good ones in the Tome of Salvation. The Business part of town: Maybe the Citywatch feels a bit different to the others in this category. It is a good location though. Objects Perilous: #1 - maybe give a couple examples of mutations to spur the imagination (tentacle, bird feet etc.). Same for insanity. Maybe give the disease a name, or a few examples? Magical: #4 book (or tome) is good, could also be "the real name of a Daemon" Information: #4 is very good Valuable: #5 is very good Maybe needs an entry for a small but vicious dog.
  6. Sure. Here is a dropbox link to the playset: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29503787/Fiasco%20%23superheroes.pdf
  7. This is a great idea. I love Fiasco, and just recently wrote my first playset. To clarify, are you thinking of going with a generic Warhammer/old World playset, or have you thought about concentrating on some theme/place etc.?
  8. Thanks for the exhaustive answer!
  9. @Jackdays Which End Times books would you say are worth buying RPG-wise?
  10. a dented ear trumpet a rusty cathayan sword tsuba a pair of bone dice a rusty mouse trap very small cage with a small (or dead) bird grimy and torn prayer ribbon a Kislevite matryoshka doll
  11. With the coming Mordheim: City of the Damned there should be quite a bit of interest for this as the Cult of the Possessed is one of the playable factions in that game. There might be something in the End Times books as well. Doc, maybe you should post a link at that game's forums?
  12. You are most welcome. Sure, you can place it before the Storm of Chaos. However, I feel you still need a conflict of some sort (between two provinces for example) to justify the building of Land Ships and the Saltpeter Men rising to power. But you don't necessarily need to place it after the Storm of Chaos.
  13. Ceodryn, I believe you mean Fear the Worst. Here: http://www.warpstone.org/downloads/hogshead_goodies.htm
  14. Valvorik pretty much summed it up. Also, you might find this article useful. I think it has some very thoughtful ideas about the whole railroading thing. https://medium.com/gameplaywright-presents/sword-fighting-on-a-roller-coaster-railroading-for-the-best-in-rpg-play-547333c80359
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