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  1. It is available already ? hm, i must have missed something
  2. Just as some wishful thinking: perhaps they switched the attack bonuses to +10 on standard (melee or ranged), +20 on semi auto, and +0 on full auto, dont think it would happen though
  3. Naked Khorne berserker on a killing spree , sounds fun poor crew, he will be quite literally up to his ellbows in their blood in no time
  4. +10 Modifier on standard attacks is mentioned on Babaroth sheet, where does this come from ? Rule changes incoming ?
  5. I think the OPs idea is the best way to solve the issue. Semi auto and full auto are comparable for the first two hits this way, close to each other for the first three hits as well. So semi is the way to go, to conserve amunition and land up to three hits, whereas full auto has the potential to cause some real pain, but it is rather easy to use it fully.
  6. Extraction is easily scalable, just run some trial combats utilizing your current team size, to get the feel how many hordes/elites you have to add/substract.
  7. After some additional consideration i will do Carcharodons next week, Star Phantoms some time later, as it would be nice, to have a ranged combat oriented chapter.
  8. After going through Imperial Armour X i picked Carcharadons and Star Phantoms as the most probale candidates for the next pdf, i will decide between those two shortly
  9. I dont have the Imperial Armour X book yet, besides the chapters in question must be really to my liking to put some effort into a new pdf
  10. ak-73 said: Hammers of Dorn FTW. No more 'Girlyman is my spiritual liege.' Anyway I got a new iteration of the Crimson Fists coming up, a post-RoB version. Alex But .....but...i love Girlyman *cries*
  11. 2m long monomolecular edged sword is nothing ? You should in theory be able to slice a car in two with such enormous leverage and combined sharpness/durability without even being an astartes.
  12. Alex calm down and let the fanboys froth Everything has been already said, educated readers can make their own opinion, those who cant do simple math in this particular case are at their own loss. FFG is not going to react to the thread, anyway, and this argument is being pushed around longer than necessary.
  13. Right now i am considering giving the chaplain a choice between two different abilities: First is "Oath Keeper: In a preparational Rite before a mission, the chaplain is able to bestow purity seals upon his battle brothers, letting each bearer of a seal swear a personal oath, to uphold during a mission, once per session the bearer of a purity seal may trigger the seals oath like triggering a demeanor, this works only if the bearer of the seal is in solo mode" , second ability is "Spiritual Guide: the ministrations and spiritual guidance of the Chaplain means, that any Space Marine in a kill team that includes the Chaplain reduces all Insanity Points he suffers by 2 (to a minimum of 1), as long as he confesses his spiritual turmoil to the chaplain or recieves inspirational reassurance from him"
  14. I will look into all the suggestions guys, and thanks for the discussion, just a bit busy now to finalise everything
  15. Blood Pact said: Why do people keep ignoring the obvious reason, even though it's been stated twice buy myself and MILLANDSON!? If I only own DH/RT/DW, and an expansion for playing Chaos/Eldar/whatever comes out for one of the game lines I don't own, I have to go out and buy two books! You all seem to be taking it for granted that not everyone buys in to every game line. And that an expansion book for Rogue Trader doesn't help someone who only plays Dark Heresy and only has Dark Heresy books, or vice versa. Suddenly you need to go out and buy the core book and expansion in question, or you just don't buy it at all. The only way for it to work perfectly would be if they made similar expansion books for the other lines (so a "how to play Chaos" book for DH, RT, and DW). Now THAT is something that would be an unsound business decision. Because bringing out a consolidated core rulebook for the 40K RPG would be a good decision, pricing it around 25$ and bringing further expansions as expansions to the general rules at about 30-35$ this way you still pay the price of a full core book of the current hairsplitting system, but have the freedom of choice what to add to your gaming library,maiking further additions more cost effective without having to pay for the same redundant 150-200 pages again and again and again.
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