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  1. These are totally not the pics we're looking for...
  2. I really like this idea but would carry it even farther where your small squad cards are double sided with one background blue and the other orange and you flip them to the non-active side like the sliders.
  3. Top 2 Denver Regional (13 people, 4 rounds with cut to top 4): Luke, Gideon, Chewbacca, Mak, Elite Rebel Troopers vs Luke, Gideon, Mak, Jyn, Elite Rebel Saboteurs x2, Rebel Saboteurs I don't know who won it though.
  4. I almost want to see this thread stickied... might need to rephrase to "let's keep FFGEvan lonely."
  5. This isn't quite right... In Armada, there actually isn't a term for the person who owns the lowest point fleet. The lowest point side (or coin toss winner) gets to determine who has initiative/first player but they are never considered to have initiative until after the decision is made. It does make for some confusing terminology though. While awkward, the player with the lowest fleet total wins the ability to determine initiative but saying they "won" or "got" initiative will be misleading.
  6. Imps were second player I know this point is lost in the actual "issue" but you said you had initiative which means you were first player. I see now that you mention the opponent chose the objective which is what the person with initiative would do. Minor point but still confusing in the OP.
  7. Am I missing something? The Imperial player had initiative and sat in his deployment zone and let the Rebels come to him? Sounds like the Rebels played it completely wrong. They were second player and should have just sat there waiting for you. You burn 3 turns sitting there and then move out, Rebels run away, you lose because nothing was killed and Second player wins in the tie game. Had you been second player, maybe there would be more to this but as is, the Rebel player just played wrong.
  8. I think this might get more responses in the general forum.
  9. I can't make Conclave but I typically go to Genghis Con in February. I usually skip TactiCon due to timing.
  10. It will have no effect. Luke treats the ship like it has no shields. Redirecting to another zone with no shields won't do anything.
  11. I just got into Armada. I used to play Xwing at Total Escape Games in Broomfield. It'd be nice to see if this game takes off around here. Xwing has a pretty solid following.
  12. Tournament rules dictate that all the models need to be from FFG and this game or it is not legal.
  13. Is it the camera lighting or does the Death Star mat's star field not match the same black that is in the Star field mat?
  14. Thanks all! To answer a few questions, I didn't have to hot water my TIEs but I haven't checked all of them to see if I'll need to do that to some yet. Painting the stands is pretty cool but I tend to prefer clear. I've seen some pretty cool painted stands in Xwing though. To my shame I did not do the ion engines I've always been confused as to where they are and what color. Checking out this image shows basically nothing: This blurry shot looks bluish-white: Maybe I'll go with that.
  15. Did an Xwing and TIE Fighter paint up to see how I wanted to paint the rest of the squadrons. Cleaned the minis using just water and an old tooth brush. Let dry. Then used cheap craft acrylic paints and painted them up. When paint was dry, I used an exacto knife to scrape off the sloppier lines and clean up the look. I washed the Xwing in GW's Devlan Mud and then sealed with a matte sealer.
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