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  1. Everybody ALWAYS says that they should run. However, when push comes to shove, I've NEVER seen someone take such bait. Most aren't willing to take a tag from NBN on the first turn. The flipside of the argument is that putting one Agenda in a remote server lessens the chances that he will run twice on the first round. But what can I say? I consider keeping both agendas on hand without looking for Ice to be the worse outcome. What would you have done with such a hand?
  2. So here I was, playing NBN and my mulligan resulted in two agendas, a ghost branch, sansan, and chum. So, what did I do? I set a remote server WITHOUT ICE by putting one agenda there and advancing it once and drawing one card. That gives me 5 cards in hand, diluting the chances of getting the other agenda from my hand. It's called a bluff. The runner is now wondering if it is an advanced ambush or an advanced agenda. He's also thinking that I have nothing worthwhile in my hand since I didn't protect HQ or R&D. Your mulligan might come out worse than your initial hand. However, the runner DOESN'T KNOW THAT. If you draw five cards and give a sinister smile, perhaps that will be enough to pull things off.
  3. Regarding the Storm Sorceress: Action: Claim this card as a Reward. (Exhaust this card to generate 2 Influence.) Destroy this card at the end of this turn. Box errata: Destroy this card at the end of this turn only if you used her ability. Which ability does it refer to? If it refers to the Action ability, then this means it cannot be accumulated on the tableau over time. If it refers to the Influence generating ability, then it can be stockpiled on the tableau over time.
  4. In combat, can you split the influence generated by one source to fuel more than one unit's When Played ability? (Such as a Storm Sorceress exhausting to generate 2 influence for 2 Darnati Warriors or Riverwatch exhausting to generate 3 influence for a Darnati Warrior and a Pegasus Rider.) Take note that, since this is in combat, it is NOT a Spend Influence Action.
  5. My box was missing some parts since March. I've written Thaad but I haven't gotten any response whether on e-mail or received any parts. Has FFG revoked its parts replacement policy?
  6. If you want rulebook references: Referring to page 21 of the rulebook, item number 5b states that "Each player totals the number of standing units he has in the battle." Since both units have no standing units, they both have zero strength. Item number 6 then states that "in the case of a tie, the defender wins." According to page 22, in the section entitled "Rounds of Combat," item number 3 states that "Starting with the attacker, each player resolves his units’ special abilities...." This means that the archers damage the fleshrippers before their ability activates.
  7. player632440


    broken said: Or logical, considering Corey's response? I am trying to figure out why you think I wouldn't ordinarily agree that it is mandatory, except for Corey's somewhat conflicting statements. I apologize, but you lost me there. Please expound on your last sentence.
  8. player632440


    Drawing is mandatory mainly to consume significant card effects. Take note that there are only 4 successes in the entire Fate deck so it actually nixes any attempts to succeed in quests. This can also affect duels if the battle happens in Spring. To assume that it affects only the Knight and the Necromancer is severely simplified.
  9. Yes, a hero can possess ("carry") an unlimited number of reward cards. Teleportation can only be played when moving units or heroes. Once a hero embarks on a quest (i.e., draws Fate cards to determine a quest's outcome), he forfeits any movement he has remaining and his Quest phase ends. A hero only has 3 possible actions: to heal, to train, or to move. If you choose movement, you may end it with a quest or a duel. You cannot move afterwards. (Rulebook page 26, first bulleted section entitled, "Move.")
  10. Now the next question would be if you can retreat more than just the excess to avoid destroying units during winter. For example, since I had only a food level of 3 and nine units in a hex, I would retreat 3 so that I would only lose three units come winter instead of retreating only one and losing five.
  11. Looking for something from the rulebook, a page, perhaps?
  12. During my first game, I attacked with 8 undead units. The necromancer was able to create 2 reanimates, giving me 10 units. I then won the battle without losing any of my units. Because a hex can only contain 8 units, what happens to the 2 additional units? Are they destroyed?
  13. I'm thinking that it only allows two at a time.
  14. Where can I read about the expansion?
  15. Thank you for your quick response. I have already notified them as per your guidance.
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