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  1. nice, i'll have one painted just in case then! thanks!
  2. I havent played with the app since before i got Heart of the Empire, and as I prepare to embark on the New release, i was curious if the Clawdite Assasins are available for the A.I to deplo, and how do they work. Cause it will mean i'll have to paint a bunch real quick. tnx. GS
  3. You've made me re consider the mini, i was not very impressed with other pics, but yours looks amazing. thanks for sharing!
  4. those are great looking minis! the daqan are amazing!
  5. tnx mate, that is just GW agrellan earth, it is applied directly to the bases. for best effects, i've painted my bases in a reddish brown (vallejo 72.042 parasite skin) as the agrellan cravks and allows the bottom of the base to be seen. Agrellan earth is super easy to apply, kinda like cake frosting, and the results are quite impressive. it can take flock and tufts super easily too.
  6. heres progress so far: switched tu Imgur too
  7. posted my finished Daqan shields and army with Fallout Hobbies Decals in this thread:
  8. went with the Fallout hobbies fleur de lys design, had to cut some of them to fit the elongated shields, but the results are quite ok.
  9. here we have some pics of the finished Daqan:
  10. found a couple more options i thought i could share: http://www.fallouthobbies.com/decals/ Not only do they have a nice selection, they also make customs on request...perhaps if we sumbit enough requests they'll design the official one! https://www.magistermilitum.com/scale/28mm/he7-mailed-fist.html These are more classic designs, theres a lot of choice, and you can pick the colour!
  11. I used Games Worshop's Agrellan Earth on all my trays and minis, and it looks great . Just paint the base in an aceptable colour, as the cracks will allow the color to seep through, i found no need for dry brushing as is.
  12. try fighting piranha graphics for interesting designs from the Battletech universe, a lot of those work fine for Runewars!
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