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  1. It doesn't, since captured cards aren't in play. Cards only affect in-play cards unless specifically stated otherwise.
  2. Your friend is wrong. An engagement cannot end until all participating units are focused.
  3. Oh good call, I forgot that When Revealed passives were special. Thanks for clearing that up.
  4. The simple answer is that it's considered to be 0. Check FAQ 3.34 for confirmation.
  5. Since Hodor can't be declared as an attacker, not much. Although there are specific effects that affect characters with Stealth that wouldn't be able to affect Hodor.
  6. Definitely. I think a textless 3/2 is worth playing; anything else is just gravy
  7. It's the latter. You can score a Beale for 2 advancement, but to get an extra agenda point you still need 5. The reason is because Beale says "for every 2 counters above 3", not "for every 2 counters above its advancement requirement" or something similar.
  8. Yeah, I don't think you do. The confusion stems from how Caissa programs move OFF of something like Djinn or Scheherazade. Their texts say things like "If not already hosted" when they should probably say "If not already hosted on a piece of ice" so that they can move around as intended.
  9. There are no non-neutral Shadows cards that do not say "House X only." The only way to include a House X card that does not match your house in your deck is if your Agenda allows it. The City of Shadows agenda specifically allows it.
  10. Seems to me like the First Player would decide the order of passive resolution. But wouldn't both passives get resolved before Responses to those passives could be played? It seems to me that Call of the 3 Eyed Crow would get discarded before it could be played in any event.
  11. The game supports up to 4 players. Just...run with 4 decks. You might need some other means to keep track of threat for two of the players, but that's easy enough.
  12. I would say that recurring credits are NOT in your credit pool, as you cannot spend them like normal credits.
  13. You decide whether to jack out before the corp decides whether to rez.
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