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  1. Use a little PVA glue plus Super glue. Always good results.
  2. Ho dear! You can perform one(1)!! and only one!!!, of the 3 actions in the first segment and one of the two in the second segment... now that make sens! hahah!
  3. Terrain type: Crest block line of sight beyond the first hex. I assume that this is for the unit that is in the lower part, no? Out of command units: It says(on page 27) that OofC units cannot move, make mêlée attacks or charge, or use Event/Reaction cards; all of their other capabilities are unaffected, including fight in mêlée, fire, and formation change. So... can they do mêlées or not? Recalling Cavalry: They can only move in their rear hexes, right? Advance after a fire combat(page 35): it says... may advance into the hex left vacant by the enemy target unit at the end of it's group's action. When exactly is this? All firing units of the same group fire, and then I decide if the succesful unit advance? Does a UGC(or CC) with the unit in question move with it or not? Advance after mêléé combat: The unit must advance. Immediately, or after all mêlées from the same group? Does a UGC(or CC) with the unit in question move with it or not? Cavalry charge: Can cavalry advance after a charge? Retreat/Rout: Is it possible to make a retreat or rout move in a unit's flank hex? Or must it be always toward the rear hexes? Thanks for the help!
  4. Hi! I just got the game and I am in my second reading of the rules and I have some difficulties with the Formation change/Wheel and Move part of the rules. Is there some one who can explain me clearly how they works? Thank you very much.
  5. That's what I was thinking. Thank you sir for the answer.
  6. I have some difficulty to understand this part of the card: "...Then, you may move one Army from a region containing a Ship to a region free for the purposes of Army movement which also contains a Ship." I am not sure about this part. My judgment tell me that you move an army to a region where there is no ennemy army(what about allies?). If I can move an army in a region where i have already some units, can I use all the units to do this part: "You may then move or attack with that army."? Can someone help me on this dark subject? Thanks.
  7. I played a game using only my number 2 rule since I was thinking that my no 1 could be too generous. I was playing Aquilonia and it was an easy win but mainly due to some bad decisions from my opponent. Nobody try to crown Conan since it was a risky option but even if my opponent would have crowned Conan, he will have lost the game. Both of us like the fact that it was more hard to crown Conan.
  8. Since Aquilonia has a slight advantage and its easier to crown Conan in a 2 players game, I would like to know if you guys uses some house rules to make things more balanced. For my part I was thinking about the following: 1) Turan start with Conan or get to choose his artefact for the first age. 2) To make it harder to crown Conan, one player need to have at least 10 points in all Adventure Tokens and the category he chooses must be 3 points higher than the opponent. What do you think? Any better suggestions? I will try those house rules and let you know what happen. Thanks.
  9. Yes, but he has a role to play in the AGE CHANGE PHASE...
  10. ok, thank you, sir. I was not sure about this one.
  11. Is it possible to have both a tower and a fort in the same province(i think yes)? If yes, then it is possible to have a tower an a city in the same province, right? If so, how do you count the "Each players receives an amount of gold equal to the combined ratings of all provinces where he has towers or cities" during the FINAL SCORING? (ex: Tower and citie in ZAMORA(4)= 4 gold or 8 gold)? Thanks for the insight.
  12. Does the first player token only change hands in an AGE CHANGE PHASE? Thanks.
  13. Yes, but on some cards it is written: YOU MAY(like Nomad Horde), so I am not obliged... but what is for cards like Gold from the Sultan? (Move 3 emissaries, then place 1 raider token in 3 different provinces containing one of your emissaries). There is no YOU MAY in the text, only do this and do that.
  14. Do i have to complete everything possible that the card says to do or, can I decide to just do some parts of the card? Exemple: a card says: move there, do this and that. Can I decide to do just one or two part of what the card ask? Thanks again.
  15. ok, thanks. Just as I thought. So, with the use of the card Gold from the Sultan, one can pratically cover all the board! hahah!
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