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  1. Heads up everyone, I'll be streaming top 16 matches tonight for the OCTGN Tourney. Follow my twitch channel at twitch.tv/staton70 to get emails on when my stream starts.
  2. Hi I'm Staton! You swear at me most of the time and tell me I drink like a girl. I always agree.
  3. There are actually 6 deluxe expansions, one for each house. The two that focus on Greyjoy and Martell are Kings of the Sea and Princes of the Sun, respectively.
  4. lol oh god. I'm so awful at this game.Thanks for all the missed plays guys. That's why I shouldn't play that Lannister deck! its too hard!
  5. woot! Thanks darknoj! message me on skype!
  6. Oh god, you're right! Thanks for catching that! How awkward! Well, that's why I always have the twitch chat open. So cockbongo can let me know!
  7. Hey everyone! So as some of you may have noticed, I've been streaming my OCTGN games lately, but I'd also like to commentate on other people's games. I actually find that much easier to do, since I don't have to focus on playing, I can just sit back and talk. Please message me or respond here letting me know if I can commentate on your game!
  8. You need OCTGN to view OCTGN games normally, but I do stream games to twitch. So you can watch games that way. shameless plug incoming! twitch.tv/staton70
  9. Let the community vote on the who they think the best players are. Problem solved!
  10. I've been calling for invite only tourney for years! You could do cool stuff like "Best Martell Player NA" and only invite top notch Martell players.
  11. ~NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I come back to thrones, hear about this amazing ChiCon clone, and then have it ripped away! I don't even know what I'm living for now.
  12. yeah I was thinking of commentating octgn matches. I hadn't ever thought of recording irl matches. Do you have octgn at all?
  13. I would love to start commentating games with you mdc! Maybe it would be more interesting with two people discussing things.
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