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  1. LAPD MWL Updated

    It's part of the formal name. As to changes, on the Runner side Rumor Mill moves back from Banned to Restricted, and Tapwyrm is now Restricted. On Corp, Brain Rewiring, Mother Goddess, Mumbad City Hall and Whampoa Reclamation are now Restricted. Mumbad City Hall was formerly Banned. Also, Violet Level Clearance is now banned. Most of the changes evoked an "okay" from me except the move of Rumor Mill to Restricted - to me it needed to remain banned as it is way too OP versus Corp decks relying on special ID and Agenda abilities. To me both this and Film Critic should be Banned.
  2. Another fun Runnerr ID to investigate is APEX.
  3. Thanks for the clarification - I was being very literal and did not go into the relative usefulness of the card.
  4. Old Finn

    Yes he does. Finn lets you include Red Villain weapons and vehicles in your deck - once there you can put them on any character you are playing.
  5. 1 Core to Start, or NEED Multiples?

    One core is just fine. Also, you did not "NEED" three cores to start L5R - I did just fine with one.
  6. Your thought is correct. Bad Times reduces the Runner's memory slots by 2. The Runner now if they are over the limit must get within the limit.
  7. The point made here that you can't rely purely on ICE subroutines to do your work is excellent. My Corp of choice is and has been Jinteki and some key components of my deck builds tend to be: a) ICE that the Runner feels they have to break. In the world of Jinteki this typically means subroutines that will either End the Run or apply Brain Damage (because it is permanent) or more Net Damage then the Runner can sustain. This forces the Runner to expend resources to break that ICE. In essence it is a tax. b) Agendas that themselves help the taxing. For example, Nisei Mk II is a good taxer because when scored it gives you a token that can be played anytime to End the Run. This means a wasted click at minimum for the Runner and likely also wasted credits breaking ICE because the Runner will know you're not going to use such a counter until they have broken all ICE on a run (there is a window just after the last ICE break where you can do it). Also good taxers are "self defending" agendas like Obokata Protocol and The Future Perfect. These impose an added cost to steal them either in the form of a direct hit (like Obokata Protocol and its 4 Net Damage cost to steal) or tax in the form of credits (like Future Perfect and its PSI game). Another one I like is Water Monopoly because when scored it directly increases the Runner's costs (adds 1 to cost to play a Resource). c) Server assets and upgrades like Hokusai Grid, Ben Musashi, Marcus Batty and yes - I use Chairman Hiro These again add costs to the Runner. d) Last but not least, things that let me affect the Runner on my turn. And after Rotation Jinteki has a nifty one in Ronin. Ambushes like Junebug need to be spoken of too. A big reason that Ronin is important is that it means the Runner cannot just ignore an installed card with advancements on it that does not score right away. Sure it could be an Ambush like Junebug but it can also be Ronin. So they again make the Runner spend clicks and credits he would rather be stacking up for runs that get him points. Hope that helps a little.
  8. First off I can say what not to purchase as they are no longer "legal" because of Rotation: - Original Core Set - Any Data Packs in the Spin or Genesis Cycles For recommended purchases, Terminal Directive gives Weyland nice goodies. Honor and Profit does the same for Jinteki, Chaos and Control for Haas Bioroid and Data and Destiny for NBN. As I specialize in Jinteki as Corp and when running I get esoteric and use APEX my usual approach is to scan resources like cardgamedb or and identify cards that fit my plan and where they are found. For example, yesterday I finally got my hands on the Data Pack Blood and Water. I like a lot of the cards in it but my principal objective was a Jinteki agenda named Obokata Protocol. This is a 5-3 Agenda that the Runner cannot steal unless they take 4 Net Damage. Hence it is only vulnerable if the Runner has more than 4 cards in hand or they have something deployed that either blocks Net Damage or voids the text of the Agenda.
  9. The issue I see is all your tagging ability is in ICE subroutines, which means that the only way the Runner is getting tagged is if they fail to break them and also fail to beat the Trace. To really pursue this strategy you need some less chancy ways to tag the Runner. Cards like SEA Source, News Team, Forced Connection and Ghost Branch are examples of cards that let you spray tags on the Runner that they cannot avoid by breaking subs.
  10. Which cards here are your tagging engine? You need tags to make the meteor trick work.
  11. Basically you'll need to splash NBN so you have enough tag capability. So you want packs that do that - also the Data and Destiny deluxe is nice.
  12. Errata for "die showing damage"?

    I assumed as much. If a card just says “Damage” it covers all of them. If it specifies (Ranged, Melee, Indirect) then it only handles that type. Note that a lot of the stronger defense cards (especially die removal) specify a type of damage. This is good as otherwise they would be OP.
  13. New Guy

    Revised Core is the easiest way to get started. From there you can get a feel for play and also which identities (Runner and Corp) you prefer. After that the best next steps are probably the big expansions (like Honor and Profit) as they give you the most bang for buck.
  14. Old Palpatine deck

    Without Resilient Palpy was a hard play because of his extreme vulnerability to dice mitigation.