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  1. Joelist

    Knights of Ren WOTF spoilers

    Piett is interesting. While 1 is not a high value it is a common value on vehicles and non uniques for things like resources and shields. It is a nice consistency buff that is not overpowered.
  2. I like this better than Rise Again because the timing requirement is not as strict. What is interesting is that Blue Villain now has access to a lot of in deck damage healing.
  3. We need to see the rest of the new characters. But right now Dooku2/Talzin is formidable because of all the built in dice control. I also expect decks using Governor Pryce with basically any character or Upgrade/Support with a powerful Special will be likewise powerful.
  4. Destiny is very much alive and prospering. Like any game it has its cycle of activity - sometimes more sometimes less. Activity has been kicking up ever since Way of the Force spoilers started dropping. I think the reason it is attracting more interest is the dedicated player base reacted very positively to the changes made in the FAQ, a very well attended and well spoken of Worlds and to be honest the player base has gotten more into recruiting. Our store meta started tiny and now our weekly Open Gaming for Destiny is always good for a dozen or more, and our Store Championship is already sold out.
  5. Joelist

    Yourdestiny spoilers - Dooku and ship

    Actually he looks like a good partner for Mother Talzin with a "sister" deck. Talzin can get him focused in when she rolls in.
  6. Joelist

    Missing oportunity?

    This is a VERY well designed card game. The players are each playing a character and together they complete quests - the game system is the "Overlord". Also it is full co-op - everyone wins or loses together. Now while it is a card game it does not use "decks" and as such is neither an LCG or CCG. Expansions would be in the form of new quests with new creature, location, equipment, character and other such cards.
  7. Joelist

    Yourdestiny spoilers - Dooku and ship

    Dooku is ok. He is a bit like Ayala but also costs a lot more. Maybe partner him with Mother Talzin? His ship now, that is a great card at not too goofy a price. Blue Villain focus and shield generation - me likey.
  8. Joelist

    Missing oportunity?

    The point was that they are likely going to be gun shy about publishing on a license after being burned twice now. Hence the thought that the next thing we will see is them outright buying a game system and/or setting as opposed to licensing.
  9. Joelist

    Way of the Rebel

    It does have a nice on play effect (assuming you're opposing a vehicle deck) and it is Ambush too. Rolling in its die is both really powerful and really dangerous if your opponent has something like Force Throw or Boba Fett out there in a state where they can intervene. Of course, if YOU have Boba Fett paired with Pryce this card is suddenly incredibly lethal as with it Fett could with 2 specials chain out 14 direct damage.
  10. Joelist

    Way of the Rebel

    Agreed Mep. I would be REAL gun shy about deploying this puppy if Force Throw is anywhere in the neighborhood. Or if my opponent is rocking Boba Fett for that matter.
  11. Joelist

    Way of the Rebel

    Thanks! That is what I thought was the case but wanted a sanity check. It means Pryce is something new in the SWD world and indeed something powerful if she has access to a Character/Upgrade/Support rocking a die with focus sides.
  12. Joelist

    Way of the Rebel

    I posted a question to the reddit about Pryce. Depending on the answer she either chains just like Datapad or she is something new so to speak.
  13. Joelist

    Way of the Rebel

    She pairs well with Thrawn, Tarkin, Plutt, Hondo and also Baby Vader. Special chaining has come to the world of Villain. All she needs is one of her dice to hit the special and the chain is ready to fire.
  14. Joelist

    Way of the Rebel

    Pryce pairs well with Thrawn and a lot of other Villain goodies.