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  1. The real question is whether they use the comic or MCU version of a character when they have appeared in both. So far it seems to be a little of both. Captain Marvel is definitely more the MCU version and Iron Man seems to have elements of both. Spider Man seems more comics (which given how bad a lot of his films have been is probably for the best) while Black Panther again leans a bit more to his MCU persona. Of course in these cases the comic and MCU characters are still essentially the same character. How about when the MCU and comic characters diverge more radically? For example Star Lord. The MCU Star Lord is a lot different than his comic version as are all of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Doctor Strange is also pretty different as his MCU persona is more science based and also has a personality sort of like what Tony Stark would be like if he had Mystic Arts skills and access to an Infinity Stone.
  2. Believe it or not many moons ago I actually saw the one comic he appeared in (New Guardians #2) at a local comic store which sadly (like most comic stores) has since closed. Once I understood who and more importantly what he was I just started laughing. I should have bought it as IIRC it is something of a collectors item now.
  3. They could do a surprise DC crossover and give us Snowflame...
  4. I understand they may be tempted to "curve grade" certain villains and heroes but that carries its own risks. For example Dormammu is stronger than Thanos (without the Gauntlet) by a good deal in the MCU and it would laugh at heroes like Spider Man and Black Panther and indeed Iron Man and Captain Marvel. The reason Doctor Strange was able to negotiate was he controlled the Time Stone and had Dormammu trapped for eternity in a Time Loop. Perhaps they will have an "epic" expansion where you get heroes like Thor and Strange (and the Ancient One) and Villains like Dormammu and Thanos and Kaecilius, They could also include special character cards for other heroes that you swap into their decks to put them on the right power level.
  5. That's the thing though. If they don't make them Infinity Stones in the game they will confuse anyone coming into the game from purely the MCU - and given the very anemic sales of Marvel comics of late that may not be a good idea.
  6. I can kinda see why they went with the original five they did. She-Hulk is a comics only character so far, so it shows the link to the comics and not just the MCU. Black Panther was also a good choice as the Alter Ego / Ego switch works well with him when they have him having to actually rule Wakanda (that his film was good helps too). Spidey and Iron Man make sense as well. The only one I am pretty "meh" about is Captain Marvel and that is more because I can think of better includes than her (Black Widow would have been fascinating and so would Scarlet Witch) but this one I think may have been dictated by Disney - interestingly she seems down powered in the game versus her movie. What will be interesting will be how they handle characters like Thor, Vision and of course Doctor Strange. Not only do they not truly have alter egos but they are at a whole different power level than the characters in the Core. Not to mention the villains to come (Thanos, Kaecilius, Loki, Dormammu) will likewise be at a whole different power level. Strange in particular may require new rules and so will Infinity Stones (one of which Strange uses regularly).
  7. I fully expect to see expansions to AH3; and it is (at least to me) stronger in some aspects than AH2. For one thing, the codex element makes it more story driven. Another is the mechanics are a bit cleaner but not to the point where the game is dumbed down. With the modular boards, the perfect first expansion would add boards for the dreamlands and other worlds.
  8. Magnaguard is rotating out VERY shortly. It was printed before they really started having keywords mean things.
  9. Just remember that absent a Neutral character Theed is little different than other Battlefields that grant a resource for claiming.
  10. Crane Clan Pack at last! The cards spoiled so far look pretty cool.
  11. It’s fine here in Chicago. We have a number of game stores and each runs its own group so the true strength of the local meta is not apparent until a regional occurs, and the most recent one a bit over a week ago was totally mobbed.
  12. I also am a play tester. And the WORST time to playtest card games is when they are close to rotation because the card pool is typically huge, which makes trying to cover all permutations almost impossible when you have to release product in realistic timeframes. This is why I have always lobbied for more aggressive rotations. 1160 is WAY too big a card pool. Before WotC pulled the rug out from under Netrunner (right after Michael Boggs had successfully led a superb drive to fix and revive the meta) I also lobbied in that game (and playtested) for more aggressive rotation. I would have had rotation start with the release of the sixth set - at that time the first set rotates out. When set seven comes out then set two rotates out and so on. Thus the meta would always be the five newest sets.
  13. I don't agree about Vader's Fist or that there is a play testing problem. Note all the problem decks are newer cards interfacing with old cards from the prior regime. Add up the total size of the card pool right now and it is 1160 cards. Trying to playlets out every permutation there is just unfeasible.
  14. We already know when Rotation hits - it is when this new Convergence set releases.
  15. Alas two of those are rotating out.
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