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  1. The funny part is almost every problematic "ruling" has come from Nate French. He gave the counter intuitive rulings on Way of the Lion (which both redefines the word "Base" in a weird way and makes Way of the Lion OP) and his Doji Hotaru ruling was also counter intuitive and severely nerfed her card .
  2. This is true for now, but given the circumstances around the clarification I expect the FAQ when released is going to have an errata allowing Hotaru to use the Ring in defense.
  3. Interesting. Me, I think Account Siphon should have been banned a long time ago. It was the centerpiece of a ridiculous paradigm of "rich runner poor corp" which was part of why a lot of deck archetypes could not even be explored - AS made it child's play to render the corp penniless and thus unable to rez its ICE or advance its Agendas. I also think Parasite had to go away. Again this is because I think the entire notion of ICE destruction was terrible and OP in the favor of the Runner. As to Swordsman I was ecstatic to see both it and Ronin in the new Core. BTW Junebug is still there and now that Jinteki actually has Econ the days of Jinteki trap decks may return because they now can actually Rez their stuff. So...just me but I don't ever want to see cards like the ones they bounced in ANR again. They made Runner WAY too strong and made it actually unpleasant to play Corp.
  4. You're wasting your time. It actually thinks it's been proven right when so far in 10 pages not one thing it has stated has been proven right and a lot of things have been instead shown to be nonsensical.
  5. I must confess.....I'm Crane. I love the new rules and how they pertain to Crane (dueling especially) and am working up a Crane deck now that I have my Core sets. Dueling is a part of it and so are cards allowing me to draw cards which then lets me consistently dial low for card draw. Will it work? No idea yet but experimentation is the first step to good deckbuilding.
  6. No it does not. You never USE the Honor except side by side with another Clan - it does nothing by itself. It doesn't change your deckbuilding or anything.
  7. And THIS is what the entire Honor system in the game is premised on and they have been open about it for some time. Honor in the game exists only in relation to the Honor of the opposing Clan. Those honor chits do not represent your absolute "Honor score" but represent your Honor relative to the opposing Clan.
  8. Exactly. There are no "forced swings". If you think your opponent is bidding low on Honor and you cannot afford an Honor swing then bid low also - nothing is forcing you to bid high.
  9. Actually no one can "force" a 5 point Honor swing. In fact, absent cards the largest swing is 4. And the dials only come into play (at present) twice. a) Drawing conflict cards b) Dueling The Conflict Card element is very easily explained. Higher Honor bids to draw more cards represent a willingness to do shadier things to procure more resources. When the bids match both sides are being equivalently shady - when they do not one side is being shadier and so forfeits Honor to the side acting less disreputably. Dueling has been beaten to death here and there has been no logical or supportable claim made of that process being broken either. If you're so worried about big swings dial lower numbers.
  10. It is much worse than unlikely. It is actually impossible barring a phenomenally stupid Scorpion player. Why on earth would Scorpion use the three Manipulators and three Contingency Plans? Positing ridiculous situations and then claiming the system is broken is just hysterical nonsense.
  11. Yup, Shiba's example was ludicrous in the extreme especially when you realize that all of the card actions have to be done BY SCORPION.
  12. Are we certain this thread is not a comedy thread? I'm still waiting for the first logical point against the current Dueling system to be made. So far all I have read is increasingly bizarre stuff bordering on drivel. The Android Netrunner equivalent of this would be a Corp player putting multiple agendas out in completely unprotected servers. The Runner runs on those servers, steals all the agendas and wins. The Corp player then cries "WAAAHHH!!! The Game is Broken!!!"....when if they had simply protected the servers the scenario does not occur.
  13. Not sure, but to be honest Lando had no problem having the one on hand to pay to get the three.
  14. I just started trials on a Ladme deck (eLando - ePadme) and the initial results are encouraging, Lando especially with Focus results from other sources is a money machine to an almost hilarious degree - I see now why Buy-Out had to be made Villain Only :D. It mills pretty effectively and I was even thinking of adding Planned Explosion to it as it gets dice values of 10+ pretty easily. In fact, with this kind of money the Sonic Cannon could be interesting - but that would distract from its true purpose of Milling. I should add that in one test game I had the funny event occur of killing Baby Vader with Cunning by hitting him with his own Special
  15. Also the flatline threat isn’t gone it just takes some setup. And of course the changes overall benefitted Jinteki (the trap people) big time. We may see the return of Jinteki kill decks especially with Ronin and Swordsman and such in Core now.