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  1. Joelist

    Will there be new investigators?

    Of course he is! Granted he would be a bit out of place but he would be an interesting character. Without his goggles he would be handicapped in daytime and he is always best at night, can't be equipped with firearms but with a blade would have an off the charts combat ability.
  2. Joelist

    Will there be new investigators?

    We need Richard Riddick as an investigator.
  3. Joelist

    Card Game Meets Elder?

    The basic way a skill test is resolved comes from Eldritch, but a lot of other stuff looks completely new.
  4. Joelist

    Modular gameboard?

    Not me. I just noted they seem to be one space of movement and open out into two spaces each way.
  5. Joelist

    Well, I'm back ...

    The Mythos tokens are to me an improvement - they allow for a wider range of possible results and effects. Also the scenarios seem to have a mechanic akin to Fallout's plot deck which can morph according to on board events. If so, the scenarios will have a lot of variation and in effect each scenario is really several scenarios.
  6. Joelist

    Modular gameboard?

    Sorry it is just your opinion. Unless you think that your opinions are facts...
  7. Joelist

    Modular gameboard?

    I disagree. For modular boards hexagons are used a lot because they allow more combinations than squares do. Also the connections do not look amateurish at all for is the art recycled.
  8. Joelist


    The issue isn't Cassian or Yoda. It is more Cassian AND Yoda - as a team they are almost assured to lopping off 3-4 cards per turn from your deck BEFORE any other Mill type cards. Now they can be countered by mitigating their dice to prevent resolution but that depends on having the Event and the ability to play it.
  9. Joelist

    Luke3 with Aturu Strike

    I think this is funny it is still being debated. Old Man Luke's ability is clear and to be honest so is the wording on Ataru Strike. Per Old Man Luke's ability his character dice that show shields when Resolved can be treated as Melee. Ataru Strike specifies you are Resolving the die, so per his ability it can be said to be either Shields or Melee. You say it is Melee and voila - Ataru Strike works. Also, this is why Old Man Luke's dice can use dice with +Melee sides, and why Old Man Luke cannot play Synchronicity. It is all 100% consistent.
  10. You need to get into the spirit of this....EVERY Clan that is disadvantaged or does not yet have their Clan Pack feels they are way overdue
  11. Joelist

    Luke3 with Aturu Strike

    Exactly. And this is what I stated upthread.
  12. Joelist

    Luke3 with Aturu Strike

    Exactly. I'm not sure what is confusing anyone here. The card specifically says "resolve" before it says "showing", so once you execute "resolve" Luke's die per his ability is showing Melee. This is also why (as I noted) he cannot play Synchronicity and is also why he cannot employ cards like Guard, why cards that mitigate Melee dice do not work on him and even why his dice can be used with a Melee "plus" die side.
  13. Joelist

    Luke3 with Aturu Strike

    I think DemanKnight has it right here. Ataru Strike has no condition for playing. It’s text reads “Resolve one of your Blue character dice showing melee damage, increasing its value by the number of shields on that character." So, the Event causes the Resolve action to activate for one die. Luke’s shield dice in the Resolve action are treated as if Melee and his dice are Blue, so he can avail himself of the benefit of the Event. This is also why Luke cannot use Synchonicity. Synchronicity specifically has a condition for playing - play only if you have dice showing both Melee and Shields. Luke’s dice only turn into Melee when Resolve is going on so they are just Shields.
  14. The funny part is Scorpion is very strong right now (as evidenced by their domination of Toshi Ranbo) but they always cry about their supposedly weak cards. Meanwhile other clans who have been struggling just put their heads down and try (and wonder when they will get their LONG overdue Clan Packs).
  15. Joelist

    Luke3 with Aturu Strike

    Ataru Strike is different than those cards. It is specifically tied to Resolve - which per Luke's card is when his shield sides can be said to be Melee.