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  1. I'm a lumberjack but that's okay, I sleep all night and I work all day!!!
  2. I'm not going to lay it on FFG completely - I saw the word "action" and my hindbrain acted like it was the keyword. That said it is worded strangely in that it uses both the action and activate keywords but it itself is not an "action" in the sense that the keyword is not bolded.
  3. Thanks. I went back and read the RRG on Ongoing Abilities. The part that threw me off was where it says "may take an action". And then of course activation is an action too - just as Mep said. Add in it saying "force you to activate this character" and the confusion source is apparent. I "think" I get why they stipulated that the owning player is doing the activation as with cards like Fast Hands dice could also be immediately resolved here. In fact, Fast Hands on Jar Jar is interesting. If I am understanding things right (and being on meds right now I'm not sure) the Fast Hands would resolve after JarJar's card ability.
  4. That is what I described does - your action is "you must activate Jar Jar". His card specifically states the player may use an action to force Jar Jar activation. He then activates Jar Jar (his action that you forced) and the reroll effect resolves. Then it is back to you for an action (like activating your own character).
  5. Jar-Jar is actually pretty simple to resolve: Player A action - says Player B must activate Jar Jar Player B rolls out Jar Jar. After that both players must reroll any dice not matching a symbol on Jar Jar's dice. Back to Player A for next action Jar Jar is going to troll the daylights out of aggro decks.
  6. To me it is way too soon to declare cards either broken or useless. Players simply have not had them long enough yet to get the needed experience both with the card itself and also potential combos with other cards. For those who do not have the shared experience, we saw this exact same thing in the Android Netrunner meta early on - cards come out and are immediately proclaimed either broken or garbage while after some time elapses the verdict changes to “useful in deck design ‘x’” for almost every case.
  7. 4 Jawa's and 1 Battle Droid!
  8. Yoda is interesting. Together with Force Meditation Blue Hero Mill is now a thing (Ladme does Yellow Hero Mill well). The interesting next step is who to partner Yoda with. The new Luke is a possibility with a Plot card to round it out. So is Ashoka. I'm sure there are others.
  9. Actually FFGs article states that all three formats will have Organized Play support. And your anecdotal experience is not that of everyone - indeed our Destiny events have been drawing well since Awakenings.
  10. Lest we forget Destiny is selling VERY well (I think it was Q2 this year where it moved past Pokemon into the #2 sales slot in CCGs). And event attendance has been high. So there are players. The bigger challenge is going to be keeping people spending money while keeping the game affordable. If people are able to sit tight the spending stops and the game no longer is a profit engine. If it is too much money to play competitively then players are scared off. And this is why FFG is trying to in effect please both worlds with the three different competition strata. The Infinite format works for anyone who has cards. The Trilogy format is for those entering Destiny or those who prefer building from the smallest pool while Standard appeals more to those who may not want the biggest pool but also want to get a little more life out of their cards. Time will tell how this approach works. I have to admit I am tempted to focus on Trilogy play once it is active simply because I like working with smaller card pools.
  11. I think the intent is new players compete in Trilogy because they can do so for the smallest investment. Once they have the necessary sets they compete in Standard. If you just keep buying what comes out you'll always be good for all three eventually.
  12. I was in at the beginning, left for various reasons but the new Core, Rotation and MWL 2.0 brought me back.
  13. Finn-Lando would abuse the crap out of this card , especially when they have Cunning in play.
  14. Naw, it would be a card like: Jawa-zeds Support cost 0 Cannot be removed from play or discarded by an opponent’s card effect. Before your last Jawa is defeated remove this Support from play to return all Jawa characters to play undamaged. Hehehehe.......
  15. Nice cards. I'm a touch torn on the Falcon - I like the die sides on the old one better but this one is less expensive and the card ability is better.