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  1. Yes, Carolina Table Top Games. Great shop. Stocks a bunch of X-wing. And sells Beer. X-wing + Beer = a good time.
  2. If you guys run this again let me know. Id happy to come north, or meet you guys south at CTTG.
  3. Imperial ARC-170 of course. They are even Canon!
  4. So i used to play a lot of Turr Phenir as a cheap 28 point jouster till he was out mettaed. Then I played a lot of Inquisitor. I have a lot of squadron + Ace lists, where I try and find that sweet spot of 28 point ace. I like to have something with a high PS, and hopefully 3 attack and 3 defense. For Example: Turr Phennir (28) TIE Interceptor (25), Veteran Instincts (1), Autothrusters (2) PS9 - 3 attack, 3 defense + Autothrusters, And can move after shooting. At PS9 he ALMOST allways moves last, shoots first, and then gets to move again. The Inquisitor (28) TIE Advanced Prototype (25), Veteran Instincts (1), TIE/v1 (1), Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) PS 10 - 3 Attack (2+allways at short range), 3 defense. Plus Target Lock and evade every round means, 3 attack + rerolls, and 3 defense + evade every round. “Duchess” (28) TIE Striker (23), Veteran Instincts (1), Adaptive Ailerons (0), Engine Upgrade (4) PS 10 - 3 attack, 2 defense, Hull 4. So I was not a fan of the Tie Striker. The ship looks like a fat bumblee. But I got one anyway to keep FFG alive. And I was looking at the sheer manuverability of it. With Dutchess, if flying as a close range knife fighter, you can be so dang flexibile in your movement. At PS10 you almost always move last.. You then choose to pre-move using adaptive alerons or not, Then make your move, Then decide to boost or not. You can literally fly circles around anyone. However in a meta where TLT have returned. I dont know if she would survive. Thoughts?
  5. So I cant figure out if the top Arc is flying in FRONT of the middle ship, or has collided with it. The perspective is off.
  6. Imperial ARCs are cannon, that was never up for dispute. Well, it could be but it would not make them any less cannon. My thought would be it would be an easy way for Fantasy Flight to reuse an existing mold and give Imperials a non-arc dodging small ship that would be fun to play.
  7. First off, that isn't Kenner. This isn't the 1970s-80s. That is Hasbro. Second off, yes The Empire used them, but I always love when people cite the toy as a source. Do we really want this Scout Y-Wing? Surely it's canon. Right? Surely. Thank you for the correction for the name of the Toy publisher, and then your general making fun of the post. That has added a great deal to the conversation about the Arc-170 as an imperial ship. I look forward to further evidence you continue to be aptly denominated. Please do not disappoint.
  8. I for one, am not looking forward to opening the side doors... IN SPACE! Ive seen that happen in a lot of movies, and it never works out well. Even with space suits. This is why most ships dont have space suited crew popping the top hatch of their YT-1300 and hanging out and shooting their rifles. Seems a bit Space-Redneck to me.
  9. Fun.. .it adds fun. Perhaps not fun for the hyper-competitive tournament crowd. But as I am not willing (nor possibly able) to compete at that level, I think it would just be fun.
  10. I know right? Rebels are gettin illicit slots. Lets get some love for the Imperial Astromechs!
  11. They are cannon, Shadow squadron took a ton of them after the Empire took over and retrofitted them for imperial use: Heck, Kenner even made a toy out of it. So Fantasy Flight, if we are gonna go full on Swingers and start doing some swapping, its only fair if both sides get a chance to fly their neighbors ship. If only one side gets to do it, then its cheating. You wouldnt want to be involved with that would you Fantasy Flight?
  12. There are many ways to play X wing. There are those who play hyper-competitive tournament style and like it. This is not for me. Casual X wing is amazingly fun. I suggest you look for another group of people to play. As an ex-wargamer myself, I was amazed at HOW MANY people play X-wing. In my local market its easily 5 times as many X-wing players as Wargamers. Where a Warhammer or Warmarchine tournament may have 20 people, an Xwing tournament has 100. Find new players. Have a good time.
  13. Yea, so the Elite lets guess is 29 points, (4) (1) (6) (6), focus, target lock, Coordinate. With System, Crew, Crew, Tech, Tech. You could Recon Specialist it to get Double Focus, for 32 points. Thats not a bad attack/defense profile
  14. There are only 3 Tech right now, Sensor Cluster, Weapons Guidance, and Com Relay. Not a lot of choice there.
  15. And the Upgrade Icons, Elite (Title?) crew crew tech tech?