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  1. I would like to take a moment to say, that as a child of the 80s. I thought quicksand was going to be a much bigger problem than it is. I mean, the Six Million Dollar man got stuck in quick sand, so did the Duke brothers, so did Batman and Robin, Gilligans Island, Scooby Do, and The Fall Guy. It was ALL OVER TV in my youth. When we walked through the woods as kids. WE LOOKED OUT FOR QUICKSAND! Turns out it doesn't even exist. There is no such thing as quicksand. Its usually just a bog, or watery sand that is a few inches deep. So disappointed.
  2. [Editors Note: Hey guys, OP here. I would like to take a moment to say. I was wrong. Yep! Was completely wrong. There is a difference in scale, and its actually quite noticeable. I thought that instead of just deleting my thread and pretending the below never happened, I would instead own up to my own incorrectness. Please stand by as I expect the Internet will probably implode.] Geeze guys, Everyine is flipping out about scale and people are saying "these figures are out of scale from imperial assault! Its a slap in the face! Im boycotting the game! for the record THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF THIS," The only scale comparison between Legion and Imperial Assault is a mockup made from screenshots based off the painting video. And in that comparison the scales are pretty darn close! The varriation appears to be due to base thickness. still we just dont know... so everyine take deep breaths and chill...
  3. Disappointed with Mini Size

    HR and Mrs Diggitydug would both have a problem with that. I mean how do you even start that conversation? "Excuse me, but would you be interested in a good flocking?"
  4. Disappointed with Mini Size

    Well looking at the pictures in the other thread they look to be really really close in scale. Any variation could easily be explained by not all humans being exactly 6" tall. I mean just looking around my office right now i see a lot of my co workers that are apparently out of scale.
  5. Quick & dirty scale mockup

    With this comparison, with the bases changed to the same size i think you will hardly notice any difference in scale and should be able to mix the two together.
  6. Disappointed with Mini Size

    Is this all conjecture or are there pictures of the two side by side? If there are pictures please post a link to them. I know someone said 34mm as a scale, but 34 is not a standard mini scale. 32mm is. Some imperial assault figures are 28mm some are closer to can mix them together fairly well.
  7. Terrain

    No one knows yet. It would seem smart to reuse all those imperial assault moulds though
  8. Spoiler Warning: New Tie Fighter from Last Jedi

    @Captain Lackwit I had not caught the connection between falcon type design elements and of course Ben Solo having spent presumably part of his life in the Falcon before his dad lost it. i am however not a fan of Ben's Patricide. I know it was something done to prove Kyle Ren's evil to the viewer (and get Harrison ford out of the rest of the movies) but some times I feel it was forced in the film.
  9. Spoiler Warning: New Tie Fighter from Last Jedi

    I just don't know how they would make it that different. I'm starting to wonder if we have gotten to the end of the life cycle of variations with 3 red dice, three green dice, and a dial. what could be different stat wise?
  10. Spoiler Warning: New Tie Fighter from Last Jedi

    By letting Sabine fly it?
  11. So this was just released about two hours ago. Apparently Hot Wheels put up pre orders for a Last Jedi pack that has the following photo in it: Here is the reference I found it on: https://makingstarwars.net/2017/05/kylo-rens-starfighter-from-star-wars-the-last-jedi/ Looks **** close to a Tie Avenger to me! My money says were getting one of these in X-wing. Diggity
  12. Mission: Punish them! A Tie Punisher mission

    Yes, Carolina Table Top Games. Great shop. Stocks a bunch of X-wing. And sells Beer. X-wing + Beer = a good time.
  13. Mission: Punish them! A Tie Punisher mission

    If you guys run this again let me know. Id happy to come north, or meet you guys south at CTTG.
  14. Imperial ARC-170 of course. They are even Canon!