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  1. DiggityDug

    New Y-Wing incoming?

    You don’t have to wait on the BTL-B! in fact, I’ve already got one!
  2. DiggityDug

    If a ships Dial hasnt changed..

    Why? Why would they be good for one and not the other?
  3. DiggityDug

    If a ships Dial hasnt changed..

    Those new dials look super easy for "thumbing". Make sure you tell your opponents "All dials are placed on the table and then remain there till flipped"
  4. DiggityDug

    If a ships Dial hasnt changed..

    Wouldn't the old dial still be usable? even in tournaments? I say let 1.0 dials that have the correct moves on them, still should be allowed in organized play. And with all the cards and upgrades and such being available online via the squad builder, which is going to be MORE UP TO DATE than any published cards... Perhaps the days of "you must buy 4 of a ship you don't want to get the card you need" is over.
  5. DiggityDug

    Convert your entire collection with 3 or less conversion kits.

    So the bases are a square, with the arcs from the middle to the corner. I don't know what kind of shenanigans could happen there, other than someone photoshoping fake arcs onto a base. But if there are any dirty cheaters like that out there they are already doing it and they will be quickly called out. ** I remember a certain someone in a very important tournament that was caught "thumbing" his dial on tournament video.** I think dials and bases would be near impossible to "cheat" with. Also I have been to exactly zero tournaments. Its possible I don't like the pressure. Its also possible im not that good. Its highly probable im ok with myself. So here is an idea... photocopy your stuff. Glue it down.. play casual, and if and only if you go to a tournament, then you can cash up. I think those people who are big into tournaments, are probably NOT the ones that are upset about having to spend money. I sold my Palpatine card on ebay for $70 when it was hot. Now its not worth diddly poo.
  6. DiggityDug

    Convert your entire collection with 3 or less conversion kits.

    How can it not be tournament legal? Your gluing them to Fantasy Flight bases that were legitimately purchased. Also how many tournament organizers are going to say "Um can you take apart your dials so I can check to see if they are photocopied?" if your really worried for tournaments buy some dial covers.
  7. DiggityDug

    Convert your entire collection with 3 or less conversion kits.

    Thats why I am going to buy one conversion kit, to get the bases. But after that, its 100% photocopy and glue for me!
  8. DiggityDug

    Convert your entire collection with 3 or less conversion kits.

    I already purchased ALL THESE THINGS from Fantasy Flight.. Im just reusing the THINGS I ALREADY PURCHASED. I just asked my Stack of cardboard dials, cards, upgrades, and pilots, and they don't have a great deal of sympathy.
  9. DiggityDug

    Convert your entire collection with 3 or less conversion kits.

    Now its even quite possible that Fantasy Flight could release a .pdf conversion kit people could print at home on a color printer and use it themselves. Of course, its always possible that some industrial person on the internet could make a .pdf on their own.
  10. DiggityDug

    Convert your entire collection with 3 or less conversion kits.

    I mean what are people going to do with their STACKS OF OLD Dials? Play poker? This way you have more money, help the environment, and don't run around flailing your arms like Kermit the Frog. I think some people just like to be panicked.
  11. Here are the easy steps for you all to follow. Buy one conversion kit for each faction you play. Take the ship dials and counters for the ships you need more of and put them in a ziplock bag. Go to your local copy shop / kinkos / office depot. Put them face down on the color copier tray. Hit "Copy" While you are there pick up a glue stick Take your copies home, cut them out like a kindergartner, and glue them to the top of the dials/ship counters you already have..... Play The Game. Thats it.... You have already bought all this cardboard. Your buying the conversion Kits. It would take you like one afternoon to do it. I mean its so dang obvious I dont understand why people are freaking out about it. Ok, possibly there could be a few cards you need duplicates of for tournaments and then you can decide to buy a second kit. but for the vast majority of players its just this simple.
  12. 1) Take your conversion kit to Kinkos or office max. 2) Place all dials and or ship chits on the color copier 3) Copy 4) Cut and glue to your old dials and ship chits 5) Go home wiser, with a lot more money in your pocket.
  13. DiggityDug

    $350 to convert $700

    Buy one kit, Scan it it on your scanner. Print it out on your color printer and cut and glue the new stats to your old cardboard. The whole thing should run you $150 for the printer/scanner combo at office max if you dont have one. There is no way that I am going to pay for each of my ships to convert. I already paid for all this once. Also remember that the conversion kit is $50 retail, im sure Miniature Market will have it for $35-40.
  14. Cause here is what I am going to do. The Dials have to be the same physical size, because they are selling the same dial covers. Same with the base inserts. 1) Take your dials you need extra of out of the conversion kit. 2) Place face down on your color scanner/printer 3) Scan and print 4) Cut them out 5) Glue to your old 1.0 dials or to your old 1.0 base inserts. Badabing badaboom... You now have enough dials for all your old figures. I really down any Tournament organizers are going to make me take apart my dials. Im pretty sure I could make enough to convert all my fleet with one conversion kit per faction. I purchased the old ships. I will purchase the conversion kits. I have no moral problem with this at all.