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  1. Fine, sell them seperately... but how can Tobin be sold out ALREADY???!???! I would think most Descent players would want all of them, and that FFG would have manufactured an equal number of each of them... just weird
  2. Between the official announcement and the product page, we have the names of 4 aliens (2 old and 2 new). Can anyone who has played the old editions enlighten me on the powers of these aliens as they are currently? Also... new aliens... speculate. Old: Sniveler Fungus New: Magician Locust From product description page: consumes planets in one gulp
  3. Force1


    On top of that, the game is now in their sale list for $10, which probably means an overstock of the game. Not a good sign for an expansion.
  4. Just finished reading the preview article and I have to say, Thumbs up to KW. It looks like another great game.
  5. Force1


    I have read that they have twaked the other 2 remaining armies from X-Bugs and designed 2 new armies. Can we get some information from Fantasy Flight on any possible release plans???
  6. Camel placement is definately harder with 5 players, since the other players can often cut off 1 or 2 of your colors without even really intending to.
  7. The other post has a pretty thorough explanation of the differences between Descent and Drakon. Ive only played Cave Troll once and never played Heroquest, so I cant really accurately tell you the differences between Drakon and those games.
  8. I actully own and enjoy both this game and Descent. However, the above poster is completely on the mark when he says that the two games are not even remotely similar. Drakon is a strategy game with a layer of fantasy (even if it does use some of the same figures as Descent) and Descent is an all out fantasy dungeon crawl. That said, I really like both games.
  9. I haven't played a lot of 5-6 player games, but i think it is one of my favorite games when it comes to being able to scale up and down to the players I have available, due to the modular board setup. Obviously as the other posters have said, the strategies can shift some with different players, but unlike LOTS of other games I can mention, it is still quite enjoyable with anywhere from 2-6, whereas I have a lot of games that I simply wont play if I cant get a full group.
  10. I would like to know more about a game coming out mid-December as I try to get my X-mas game orders in by the end of November at least, and I wont buy this game, however intriguing it may appear, without a better idea of what it is.
  11. I think this is a great game, since is is something my 5-year old can actually have a chance at beating me at while still allowing me to have a challenge (sometimes ). However, i agree with the previous posters and really want to see the planned expansion, which they have supposedly developed 4 new armies for.
  12. If you want to add complexity to the game slowly, your best bet is to get the expansions in release order. Personally, I like the dungeons in Alter of Despair the best simply because they tend to change up the rules a lot, such as one dungeon that has the heroes protecting a level from swarms of monsters versus the standard exploration types.
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