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  1. Actually, as I understand it, "Jinteki" means "Human" in Japanese, but in the sense of being a kind of an adjective. In that regard, it seems appropriate since they're a genetic engineering company and basically make clones.
  2. Hey, everyone. I know some people on these forums have complained about the apparent lack of communication from FFG about Kingdom Hearts. Though I have not lately posted to the forums as some of our more vocal associates have, I was concerned about this, too. I did email Jaffer Batica, and he replied a couple days later. The only information he was really able to give me was that he is "not at liberty to say anything at the moment except that we will be making a full and detailed announcement in January regarding the future of the Kingdom Hearts TCG." I understand that the folks at FFG do have certain restrictions on what they can and cannot say about upcoming products. It is encouraging to me that we now have a definite light at the end of the proverbial tunnel regarding our game. View this news as you wish; I'm sure there will be plenty more speculation as to what the announcement will be. But I for one will look forward to January and remain optimistic about the potential for this game to shine! Best Holiday wishes to everyone! - Oathkeeper
  3. This has been bothering me for a while. There is a major error in one of your rulings, I believe. The above states that: Q: How do doubling worlds work? A: The damage multiplier works as thus: The first “Fire” is doubled to 8 damage, the second “Fire” damage tripled to 12, and the third quadrupled to 16. This is incorrect. The worlds that double magic simply double all magic damage from each card played, regardless of how many you play. Playing 3 fire magic cards would simply double each one to 8 damage apiece. There is no special effect for playing multiple magic cards. The phrase "For each additional doubling effect used, the multiplier increases by one" refers to the interaction between (for example) the world and Sora (Wisdom Form). The world says to double damage, and Wisdom form does as well. This means that you are now using two "Doubling effects," therefore instead of the damage being double doubled (Quadrupled), it would be tripled. Thus, a Wisdom form Sora playing a "Fire" magic card on Wonderland Level 2 would deal (4 x 3) = 12 damage with that card, not (4 x 2 x 2) = 16 damage. If there is an official ruling to the contrary that I am not aware of, I would appreciate clarity on this. I do believe, however, this was the ruling from Jaffer and Rob several sets ago.
  4. Fate said: ?: Can any Peter Pan card negate the effects of the Cave of Wonder Guardian? Or is it the same situation like Behemoth? No, he can't. Peter shuts off abilities of Dark/Heartless cards during the battle. The guardian is a Dark/Villain. CoW Guardians are good.
  5. Hi, everyone. Oathkeeper here. My wife and I decided to do a Podcast about Kingdom Hearts, and just thought some of you might be interested in listening in. We talk about all things KH, and mention the card game frequently, so feel free to send in any opinions you'd like to voice on the internet air waves. Our main site is podcast.khgeorgia.com and you can check us out each week for a new episode. We're also available on iTunes; it's called Kingdom Hearts: The Cast That Never Was. This week, we have a downloadable spoiler list of the new cards, so if you're looking for a printable version, check out our site and the show notes for the list and our flickr page for images of all the cards. Thanks, everybody. - Oathkeeper A.K.A. Xethik [at] khgeorgia.com
  6. I actually emailed Jaffer a couple questions last week and here's what I got as a couple responses. One is relevant to your list there, Dawn. (> = my question, Jaffer's responses follow) --- > What happens if both players hit 0 hp simultaneously? (Now possible with Event 1) The active player (the player who plays the event) goes to 0 first and loses. > Does Kingdom Key take off HP in addition to the -1 normally taken from the challenge? Yes. The other effect is a bonus. > Do "Rings" add +4 to all Fire effect magic cards, or just to the specific "Fire" Magic Card? (Fire L2) Just Level 2 Fire. (If it said "fire effect" I would have said otherwise) > Are any of the older set characters going to be changed to have Home World Icons? > (If not, Hundred Acre Wood really doesn't have much effect at the moment) No. We thought it would be easier if we just consider printed Home World icons. Therefore, yes, OAW doesn't do much at the moment. > Is Peter Pan really supposed to be a magic/friend? He was a summon in Kingdom Hearts 2, so I guess it makes sense. He's probably supposed to be a Friend and the Set IV version has a typo, however, I think it doesn't really break the game if he is a Magic/Friend and can therefore just pop into play during a Challenge. > From Set 3: Can Fairy Godmother's ability be used during the Challenge Phase? If so, can it be used on your opponent's turn if they challenge you? I would say yes.
  7. Hey, everyone... Well, I got the new set and Just wanted to check and see if this was a fluke or not... I just opened my box, and EVERY SINGLE PACK had a super rare. We got the whole set, and I mean the ENTIRE SET in one box. Each pack had a different super rare, so we got all 24, we also never doubled up on a rare, so got all 24 of those, and wound up with the entire set of commons and uncommons as well. Did we get some super lucky lottery box? Has this happened with anyone else? I'm just curious if this was done on purpose or if the printers messed up. I'm going to buy more cards anyway because I'll need multiples of some, obviously, but I'm just wondering if this set is the deal of the century. By the way, the cards are BEAUTIFUL, especially the foils.
  8. I still wonder why everyone is already dimissing everything as uncompetitive when we've only seen 2% of the set. 1st turn Phil messing with your magic? Who says there isn't a card that blanks another card's text? Dark and Nobody decks are being put down; we haven't even seen a single dark or nobody card from this set. Maybe they'll get the keys they've been missing to make them top tier. If I remember some Japanese cards correctly, there may even be a couple ways to play two worlds a turn. (Timeless River was INSIDE Disney Castle in KH2, I believe this translated into the card game). Alot of us here on the forums are just theorizing some possible strategies. Sure, alot of them will not be viable. Some of them will. Aggro, World Racer, Balance, Control; these are what we know right now. Techniques, Forms, who knows what else?; these are things to come. With 98% of the set left to reveal, I'm sure we'll see some old strategies improve and some new ones emerge. All I'm asking is for everyone to remain respectful, and keep the discussion a discussion, not an argument. ------- Fate, I'm with you about Axel. His Fire magic will be sweet.
  9. WayToTheDawn said: dutpotd said: Hmmm, the game will definately be shaken up with the release of this set (and of course, everyone I know is just ecstatic that they are continuing to release sets well into KH2 characters ^^). I'm not too sure if Xaldin and his 4 equipment cards will be practical... BUT, can you imagine, two challenges and magic (Stopga - hope a nobody or whatever gets 6 magic) = some serious challenge damage. - dut Why you continue to consider Stopga a viable card I will never know....just cause you can lucksack into it on a regular basis, doesn't mean it's good, lol. Anyways, Xaldin's spear...Is better than its Japanese counterpart. In Japan, you had to remove a Spear to challenge again...being able to just do it makes this a much more viable option. Competitive? No, still not competitive....much like Dark Decks, plenty of people will think it is though. lol. As for the questions so far: Auron's Support would change depending on how many friends are in the Discard, otherwise it would say "X is equal to the number of friend cards in your discard pile when this card comes into play." And of course you can't change your player midgame, that'd be like cheating....unless they make a special rule in the new set....*sigh* I really hope they don't Stopga is better than a lot of folks realize, and rather easy to get with Donald L4. Don't say the spear and Xaldin aren't competitive just yet. Wait until we see the whole set and the new meta that develops. People might surprise you. The smart money says you're exactly right on Auron. I don't think they're referring to changing their player Mid-Game, but rather at the start of each new game or tournament round. Since you have several in your deck, you could theoretically choose a different player card to start the next game. You're not making any changes to your deck, so I would guess that would be a legal play.
  10. Hey, everyone. Oathkeeper here. It's been a while since I've posted up on the Forums. Good to see people's voices again. Spear says "When four or more of these are equipped, you can challenge twice in one turn." I love this possibility. Two particular tourney formats jump to mind: Curse of the Heartless and Coliseum. Change the field to "dark" and challenge away 4 HP in the same turn? Very nice. Partner up with Riku in Coliseum, and use a couple Soul Eaters to sap away 6 in one turn? Nasty. And here's my favorite thought. I hope I'm correct about this. Even though the spears have to go on Xaldin, Xaldin doesn't necessarily have to be your PLAYER for that effect to work, does he? Muhaha. Granted, if he's in your friend area and starts collecting spears, he'll be the target of friend removal quicker than you can say Simba; but I like the potential of the combo with other XIII members. Keep 'em coming, Jaffer and Rob. This set is gonna shake things up!
  11. Greetings, Keybearers! For all of you who are in or around the Metro-Atlanta area, allow me to invite you to join a Kingdom Hearts League! We will be meeting at Dr. No's Comics and Games in Marietta on Sundays. Our new league will be starting December 6th (subject to change based on player input). We will be offering prizes at the end of each league Session (about 6 weeks or so). Prizes will include promo cards, as well as other goodies! Feel free to post any questions you have here, and I will do my best to answer them! - Oathkeeper
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