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  1. Pulled from the AH wiki, his Hero ability states: Mythos: Before a mythos card is drawn, Tommy may cause one or more monsters that are adjacent to his location to move to his location, regardless of their normal movement. Can Tommy use this ability to move less than every adjacent monster? For example, to pull only one Dark Young out of two that are on a location? For some reason this use of the ability never occurred to me. I always assumed he pulled every single adjacent monster
  2. I believe he means to include the shudde mell tokens in the pile with the rift tokens for random selection. So that way you may need to visit some base set locations as well and people aren't necessarily confined to Kingsport for rift duty.
  3. Where are these? Sorry if it's posted somewhere blatent; I'm not exicted about digging through the Custom Content sub-forum.
  4. Any Phase: Exhaust this card to gain any Common Item or Unique Item you currently have the opportunity to purchase without paying for it. Someone could probably argue that you don't have the opportunity to purchase an item if you don't have the money for it, but that seems silly. "Hmm, I can totally steal that motorcycle, but I can't steal that tommy gun because I don't have enough money...". That said, it's only one of 22 Exhibit Items. If it shows up at the beginning of the game, sure, you'll probably get a good number of free items. I don't think the number of games where you can get the mask AND get more than one really good item AND not have had a better use for your time is significant.
  5. Dark Pharaoh is now in stores and it looks like MH isn't far behind!
  6. I'll confirm that the game is out in places, as I also have my copy. Another thing that was changed were the draw X monsters from the cup and put them on locations mythos cards. Originally, I think there was one for the asylum streets with 3 maniacs and one with 2 ghosts in the Miskatonic streets. Now, those cards have been changed to headline events that make everyone in the streets make a Fight (-1) or Will (-1) check respectively, or take stamina/sanity damage. People who have 2+ successes get an Exhibit Item. Also, the clothing drive was slightly revamped, and has the 'Mummy' stats directly printed on the card. The dual color gate encounters are still in there as well. The benifit/detriments were slightly revamped. PI lets you un-delay another investigator rather than ignore the barred mechanic, which doesn't exist anymore. Harried now moves a monster to your location every turn on a failed skill check and goes away when you kill a monster with toughness 2 or higher. Visions gives another Investigator +1 Focus. Local Guide gives -1 Focus and goes away when you get $10. Tainted only makes you roll twice for curses and goes away when you are blessed. Wanted makes you spend $1 or lower your speed completely every turn before adjustments and goes away when you make a seal. Psychic and annointed are the same. The allies have all been reworked and give less bonuses than before. Most of them have been changed from a +2/+2 on various combat checks to +1/+1 on the regular skill checks. Some have just had one of the +2s removed. The Messenger has totally been reworked. You'll have to find out him for yourself...
  7. So is kleptomania really bypass-able by using duke to shuffle things around? Or just dropping the item and having someone else pick it up? It seems silly, but I guess the madness isn't being absolutely greedy; you just need to steal things, you don't have to care about holding onto them forever.
  8. Just played this story this evening, and out of the 4 games I've played sofar, I liked this one the least by far. For anyone that doesn't want it spoiled for them, don't read. This story is so boring. There isn't even a monster on the board until 6 turns into the game. Until this point, all the keeper can do is place darkness and move you around. And then when you deal with the first monster, there isn't another monster until 9 turns later? Really? And then at that point you find out that you could've won by just sitting in the entrance the entire game until the objective is revealed and then moving a space? I much prefer making the investigators actually escape with a clue or something. I haven't played the other two objectives for this map, but the pacing for the first 2/3 of the game makes me never want to play this story again. The keeper in our game just sat on their threat because there wasn't really any point in spending it all. I think she had 21 threat at the end, and still won because we couldn't get out. With 2 or more investigators, you can limit one of them to only progressing 2 spaces a turn which, if they're near the other end of the map when the objective is revealed, makes escape nigh-impossible, even more so combined with mythos and trauma cards that impede movement. Also, a semi-lucky guess by an experience Gloria player can ruin the entire story. If they reveal Clue #1 and they've played it before, they know exactly what the objective is, without actually revealing it. That all said, I absolutely loved the first three stories I played in and don't regret purchasing the game in the slightest. Agree/Disagree?
  9. This was after the objective had been revealed, and my goal was to kill an investigator; so I wasn't really worried about whether it was worth my time or not, I was more concerned with if it was allowed. But yeah, spending that much trauma in one turn to draw a bunch of cards that don't get used was painful.
  10. I know Keeper actions can be used as long as you can pay for it, but I was curious about this one as it prevents cultists from attacking later. I just finished Story 2 with objective 1C because I summoned 6 cultists and then used Dark Ritual 3 times (drawing 18) in one turn to mill through the injury deck for 'No Way Out' and killed an insane investigator. Seems harsh, is it legitimate?
  11. If a monster is stunned, it cannot be moved and it cannot attack investigators. But investigators still have to evade when moving out of the space? We had a hell of a time last night where we had stunned two monsters that were sharing spaces with everyone, but everyone got hit by both of them on the way out, which was devastating. And evasion damage is different than combat defense damage in regards to the warding statue, which limits max damage to 1 while defending? And if an investigator is stunned, they still get an action? I thought the wording was pretty unambiguous, but someone else asked that on here and got the response that stunned only reduces the number of movement actions you get from 2 to 1 rather than having a single movement be the only thing an investigator can do.
  12. You can't station armies or scouts in your own cities. You can only move armies (or scouts in the case of russia) onto opposing cities.
  13. Before Lurker came out, I was able to fit all the cards in Base+CotDP+DH+KiY+KH+BGotW+IH into a single arkham box. Then I put the boards, investigators/AO cards, and tokens in another AH box. Then I had a bag for all the monster tokens, which i also used to carry around the investigator stands and gate tokens. But then Lurker and the minis came out.... So now I have a craft suitcase of sorts that can store all the minis and all of the cards, and I still use the other AH box for the rest of it.
  14. In a similiar vein, we had an investigator that was LiTaS turn into a Deep One due to the mythos card and an unlucky Innsmouth Look draw. That was entertaining.
  15. Her ability also becomes more valuable the larger the game is. Using Marie's ability in a two-investigator game is equivalent to getting two successes in combat. Not terribly difficult. In an 8-player game, that's 8 successes in one shot; significantly more impressive. Of course, using her ability during a larger game gives 8 more 'investigator turns' so you have to figure out which is more valuable. Generally I save her ability for the end of the game when it may or may not be getting too close for comfort. Her ability isn't going to sway the game in your favor if you use it early and then everything goes horribly wrong afterwards, so why not? If you need to get someone out of a gate but depending on what cards are drawn the final battle may or may not happen, I'd use it. If you need to get a gate closed but there's no one in there, I'd save it. Short of a miraculous combination of card-drawing, the final battle would happen anyway.
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