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  1. Bazleebub

    Imperial Advisor

    New episode up!
  2. Imperial Advisor has been producing content about the LCG since FFG gave us the first few details in May 2017. Since then we've reviewed cards, covered events, interviewed developers and writers, wrote about strategy, and generally had fun talking about the game. Our articles appear on the Imperial Advisor website, our videos appear on YouTube, and you can find our podcast on SoundCloud or iTunes. We record every second Thursday on Twitch TV at 19:00 GMT or 14:00 EST where you can ask us questions live. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates. ________________________________________ Episode 42, our review of the cards so far previewed for Children of the Empire is up on YouTube and the pods. Our most recent articles are for brand new players Why you should be playing L5R Purchase guide for new players Simple Decisions for Beginners - Baz
  3. My wife used to play the old version of the game casually and was happy to play the new game but wasn't willing to go far down the rabbit hole. When it comes to decks, she prefers if I prepare a list of potential decks she could try. When she chooses one, I assemble the deck and she will start to tweak it as we play to get it to a place where she is happy. There is a pretty steep learning curve for the game and if you're heavily invested and your wife is not, at some point you're going to be consistently beating her. That isn't going to be fun for her, so be ready to switch to non-competitive decks for yourself. If she loves the setting she will stick with the game a lot longer. See if she is interested in the short stories. There is an official compilation on drivethrufiction for free https://www.drivethrufiction.com/product/239460/Legend-of-the-Five-Rings-First-Scroll--Fiction-from-the-Core-Set
  4. Bazleebub

    How do we become a judge?

    If you're in the US and planning on judging your best bet is to contact Cascade Games who run events for FFG.
  5. Well that is a real shame, having the stories available in epub format was really handy. I don't know why FFG shoot themselves in the foot like this. It would be fine if they kept the fiction anthology up to date, but that hasn't changed in over half a year. When players step in to help out they get a slap on the wrist. Very disappointing.
  6. It would be great to get an updated version of this!
  7. Bazleebub

    New Hatamoto rules

    On the plus side, if there are only going to be around 12 new Hatamoto each year then FFG might bother updating their Hall of Honor. I mean seriously, 'Hatamotos last updated on November 17th, 2017'.
  8. Bazleebub

    third role question.

    Support of the Phoenix and Support of the Scorpion can be played by any clan. Only the Seeker and Keeper roles are limited to specific clans.
  9. Bazleebub

    Worlds coverage?

    Generally the facebook group and discord channel are the best places to get the up to date info. Imperial Advisor will definitely have a summary of anything that appears and I'll continue to update it throughout the weekend. Please do drop comments if we've missed anything.
  10. Bazleebub

    What is the point of this game being "unique"?

    I know this was supposed to be a horrible scenario, but tease it out a little. When you buy the pack you get a team at 100pts. Those pilots all have unique Star Wars names and a unique combination of ships and upgrades that no other team will have. The composition has been designed by an AI that makes sure that the upgrades make sense and there are combinations with in the team. Each squadron comes with it's own unique call sign (painted on all the ships!) and QR code. The QR code is used to track their performance in competitive games. Success means the team get medals! But might also result in injury or infamy penalising them in future games. It certainly wouldn't be the game of X-Wing we have now, and it certainly wouldn't be for everyone. What a game though!
  11. My thoughts went directly to the Emperor myself. In the old lore Doji Satsume was a close friend of Hantei as they both trained together in the Kakita Duelling Academy. From the 'A Tiger Stalks His Prey' story Hantei attempts to draw out similar frank opinions from Toturi as seem to have been drawn from Satsume. This theory may fall short with the correspondent's upset reaction when Satsume suggests he has solution. Am I deep into crazy pill territory when I suggest the 'Tiger Stalking his Prey' may be Hantei himself as Master Tiger head of the Kolat! :O
  12. I have to admit I wasn't even aware of it until recently. Was this something mainly at US events?
  13. Discussion on this topic is good. Both sides are valid, you can have a great game with either approach. If we weigh the pros and cons, we can try assess which, on balance, is better for right now. By my recollection, although there were some opposed, the majority of players liked the idea of the roles when they originally came out. Role locked cards in the Core and Imperial cycle were pretty tight and generated some really interesting decisions at Worlds. The Elemental cycle appears to have a different design approach, we have a lot more locked cards and more are element + clan which limits them even more. Current opinion appears to have shifted, largely due to recently released cards. Brad and Tyler have to plan the game a year in advance, the idea that they're completely blind to this aspect of design is silly. Based on this, I fully expecting the Elemental series of events, which we should hear about this week, to have unlocked roles. I also expect a change in the system to be announced at Worlds. This won't be because the players complained, although I'm sure some will claim it is. If we come out of Worlds with nothing changed, then we can break out the pitchforks, but this is way too early.
  14. Just a reminder for new players who have yet to find us. We have a growing list of articles covering a wide range of topics on the game. We cover all the major tournaments. We have early reviews for each card pack. Roughly every second Monday we do a show on Twitch which gets upload to YouTube. If you prefer, you can listen to us as a Podcast on Soundcloud or iTunes. Although we haven't updated here in a while, we've just finished our 32nd show and are still going strong. For updates, keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.