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  1. Episode 55 is now live! Baz and Justin look at the recent Gencon winning deck and talk about its impact on the game.
  2. Part 1 of 2! We also cover the pack in a write up which can be found here. Feel free to get in touch on Facebook or Twitter! We're always happy to chat.
  3. Re: The Ring Images Originally posted on reddit by u/mproud I doubt anyone is going to have any issue with it, just wanted to credit him as he was the original source that I failed to credit when using in the article on Imperial Advisor.
  4. Hold your horses on that one. I never published what you're talking about. At the end of December 2017 I did publish an article that started with the following That's a totally different beast and was the exact opposite of 'heavily based on Kotei data'. That you're quoting the results of later tournaments as an indication of how good Scorpion were is pretty much a case against your point. Indeed, prior and during the Scorpion dominance period, Scorpion's qualification rates into the swiss were consistently high.
  5. So you're saying the top qualifying player being paired against bottom qualifying player is, over 50% of the time, a bad thing for the top qualifying player.
  6. We review the new card pack here. If you prefer videos, we wildly over-react in our last week episode Our next live stream will be on Thursday (June 20th) after the FFG Live stream covering the Inheritance Cycle. So hopefully we'll get some spicy hot takes. Tune in on twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/imperialadvisor
  7. In the most recent episode, Fro suggested that going undefeated should give some advantage like a bye in the top cut. This bewilders me a little, as I'm sure Fro already knows that players are placed in the cut based on their ranking in the swiss. This means the top players are paired against the weakest players and if there are going to be byes they get assigned in rank order to the top players, surely this is enough of an advantage?
  8. Is there a risk of the same issue happening again? It was never confirmed what the actual issue was, so we've no idea if it has been resolved of if it could impact other areas.
  9. That's not an issue specific to taking notes though, right now there are no guidelines on what constitutes stalling in any form. Allowing note taking doesn't facilitate stalling anymore than any other activity already in the game. Indeed, spending time trying to memorise or recall an opponent's hand, repeatedly reviewing a discard pile, or similar activities currently can be used to waste time and could be avoided with note taking.
  10. That was a pretty big success last year, so I'd be surprised if they weren't doing something similar again this year. Last year was the Scorpion Winter court, so the attendance promo was Backhanded Compliment, one of the top prizes was the Scorpion Stronghold in the new frame, and the top 4 and Shogun got Scorpion themed playmats. I especially dislike the playmats as in my experience players will play with playmats matching their clan. A neutral Shogun playmat would be much better!
  11. Aren't the promos clan theme based on whichever team wins the most points somehow? That would mean even FFG don't know what the promos are going to be as they'll only be able to work it out post-Gencon. Personally, I'd be happy if they did away with that altogether and either started rotating clans or better yet had the promos story themed based on whatever was currently going on. Oh and make worlds prizes available on prize walls later in the year. It's pretty weird having everyone at Kotei contributing points all across the world but the results are locked into the players who get the invite.
  12. Hey Matt. Could you explain a little about your role and what we can look forward to? In relation to the event itself: Are we going to see a stream for the weekend? (last years was very well received) Can we have Lotus Pavilion for the tournament tracking? Will this be the last chance to use Koku from the Kunshu (the current) season? If so, will there be anything special players who already have all the promo cards can spend their prize wall Koku on? Hatamoto of this year get an invite to worlds, but the Hall of Honor was never updated, will we see even a list of names before Worlds? Are there plans for talks/panels at Winter Court? If so will they be streamed? Would FFG be so kind as to post top cut decklists? Will non-LCG L5R like Battle for Rokugan be part of the weekend? Will the multiplayer format feature? Is there anything from last year that didn't work as well as intended? Was anything a surprise success? What lessons were learnt that is being put in action this year? Will there be anything for the players not at worlds to get involved, either online as votes or in our local stores as events? More as I think of them! I won't be hurt if you ignore any or all of the above 😉
  13. In this episode Barry, Eoin, and Justin look over the results from the Paris Kotei and discuss the meta and decks that did well from that event.
  14. This week Barry, Eoin, and Justin talk about some of the new cards, decks they've been working on, the meta, and the differences between the US and EU environments!
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