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  1. Guys I am currently setting up a game and have 13 players that I intend to split into two Kill Teams, that will be doing joint operations. I have spots for possibly 3 more players if you want to join. Just add me as a friend and I will send you the link.
  2. I am running an online game at the moment. I have 13 players so far that I am splitting into two kill teams, if you want to join you can. Just add me as a friend and I will message you the site.
  3. Nah sorry mate it is forum driven, if you want to play then send me a friend request and I will send you the link
  4. Hey people, I am setting up a Deathwatch game online and am looking for players, I have two already and may have a couple more, if your interested let me know and I will post the web address for people to register.
  5. Got mine this afternoon!! #255 and in perfect condition too.
  6. If all else fails just add me as a friend and you should be able to message me that way. I don't like posting my email online for everybody to see, so that may be your best bet.
  7. Sorry for the late reply, I live in Australia and work shift work so I am all over the place, was thinking of doing an online message board game, where you post at least a couple times a week. Like I said I almost had a Dark Heresy game up and running but it fell through at the last minute. If your inertested just say so and message me privatly and I will go about setting it up. Want at least 4 players, 6 would be better and no more then 8.
  8. I tried ages ago to get a Dark Heresy game up and running online, but it fell through due to lack of commitment with other players. If you can find enough people who want to play online and are dedicated to it, I won't mind either joining in or running it myself.
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