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  1. others have worked on something like this already search the site to see what they have come up with
  2. I am reading the novel Shogun. The main character is a pilot, one who knows the secrets of how to navigate across the ocean (vital knowledge given the inability to tell latitude). The men who crew the ships have no ability to control where they go. Without a pilot they are hopelessly lost. Each pilot keeps a diary called a "rutter" in which they record their travels and navigation notes. These are secret. Countries share information internally but keep it secret from others. And even internally much of the information is secret and known only to a few. It has a very strong 40k flavor with the navigators and all of the secrecy. It also has a lot on the conflicts within the christian church - and even within the catholic church. It is undoubtedly the most 40k-ish flavor I've read in a non-40k book. Even moreso than most 40k books - which seems odd, but this novel is attempting to describe and explain the world, not just tell a story in it.
  3. a thin but oxygen rich atmosphere is trapped in the tunnels. Wurm Tunnels Within the ice, trace radiation feeds the growth of pink algae. The giant Excava Wurms, tunnels through the ice and feeds on the pink algae. The tunnels start at 5-15 meters in diameter (the diameter of the wurm that made it), however the ice refreezes slowly and refills the tunnels. So the web of tunnels under the ice is constantly changing. They fill in at a rate of 1 meter every 3-5 days (that is 0.5 meters on each side). So a typical tunnel which starts at 10 meters in diameter will refill in 40 days. Steam from the inner sea filters into the tunnels through cracks in the ice. This creates a breathable atmosphere, it is thin but rich in oxygen. Tunnels are often foggy if there is a significant steam vent. Excava Wurms Excava Wurms are a xenos species of animal that lives in Twisix. The wurms average ten meters in diameter and forty meters in length, the larger wurms are fifteen meters in diameter and sixty meters in length. It is theorized that even larger wurms exist near the core of the comet. The wurms tunnel by spitting a radioactive slime onto the ice and then swallowing the melted ice and the algae it contains. The wurms have no limbs and propel themselves by undulating through the tunnels they create. The wurms sense the algae through smell and tunnel along its concentratios. Wurm tunnels therefore can travel in any direction and can be vertical as often as they are horizontal. Wurms tunnel approximately five kilometers per hour. They do not sleep, so a wurm tunnels one-hundred twenty kilometers in a day. They have a trail tunnel of four-thousand kilometers in length before the end is frozen closed. Dragon Pearls Excava Wurms leave castings behind them of the dirt and rock they have swallowed. In rare cases the castings contain round, white, radioactive gems called Dragon Pearls. These vary from fist size to head size, with smaller pearls being the most common. Dragon Pearls are extremely valuable and sought after by the jaded nobility. The gems are displayed in leaded crystal containers which glow in sparkling patterns where the radiation hits it the crystal. Radioactive Interference Electronic searches (including auspex) and broadcast communication (including vox casting) requires a hard tech use test (-30) within Twisix due to the radioactive material scattered through the ice.
  4. This is the history. I am working on the other details. I am creating the location, and hopefully a scenario for it. History of Twisix Note: This history of Twisix is accurate although incomplete. Much of this information is unknown to the Imperium, and any known information is secret, forbidden, lost, or all three. Information which can be found in the Imperium is more often inaccurate legends than the truth. Pre-History The comet Twisix was formed with the Shlafshrei solar system billions of years ago. It is a massive comet, the size of a small moon. The rock in Twisix is radioactive and its heat melted the ice around it, so the heavy pieces gradually sank through the ice to the core. There a solid radioactive mass remains, surrounded by a sea of boiling water. The steam forces its way into cracks in the ice, creating underground steam vents and geysers. Icequakes shake and crack the comet, but in the frigid dark of space the steam refreezes and the cracks refill with ice. In the inner sea, or in the slush surrounding chunks of radioactive ore, life developed in the form of bacteria. The bacteria spread slowly through the ice, carried by steam eruptions and spread through slow but inexorable growth. Although existing in absolute darkness, a billion years later would light would shine upon it the bacteria was revealed as red in color, like a bloody stain in the ice. Xenos At some time an unknown Xenos race discovered the comet. They bio-engineered a species that could tunnel beneath the ice and feed on the bacteria, the excava wurms. Why they did this is as much a mystery as who they were. To keep the species from mutating due to the radiation, they built in a mutagen which repaired the species genes continuously. The species was successful in surviving whether or not it ever achieved the xenos’ goal. Human History Humanity discovered the comet in the expedition of rogue trader Jasta Aubenhelm, who was exploring and trading in the Calixis Sector in the decades leading up to the Angevin Crusade. In his reports to the, he simply noted a large comet containing radioactive ore in the Shlafshrei system and named it Twisix. In the aftermath of the crusade, Rogue trader Jukan Remor knew of the comet from Jasta’s report and decided to attempt to mine the radioactive ore, figuring it would be cheaper to drill ore out of ice than a rocky planet. Imperial guard units were demobilized and settled on planets as feudal warriors to tie the worlds to the Imperium and provide a loyal militia. Remor hired as many retiring hellbore tunneler crews as he could, twenty-three, and requisitioned their hellbores as well. He established an outpost on the surface of Twisix, inhabited by the service crews and camp followers of the hellbore units. The tunnelers drilled into the ice. They discovered that the radiation prevented communication with units within the ice. The extreme cold and inexplicable presence of steam vents caused tunnels to refill with ice within weeks. Seven tunnelers were lost. The ore near the surface is widely scattered and could not be mined on a profitable scale. The tunnelers probed ever deeper. Tunnelling several kilometers into the ice, they discovered the tunnels of the excava wurms. The radioactive crystals, dubbed “dragon pearls” by Jukan as a marketing measure, were discovered and attempts to mine ore were abandoned in the quest to find more crystals. Jukan expanded his operations. The re-icing of tunnels was prevented with hotboxes – iron boxes containing radioactive ore. The camp followers were moved into the tunnels and rewarded for each dragon pearl found. The hellbores were scattered around the comet to increase the area being prospected. After months of operations, Jukan left the comet in the command of a trusted underling. Jukan himself headed out into the Halo Stars and disappeared from history. For years the prospecting was good and the colonies within the ice grew as additional prospectors and pleasure girls were imported. A fungus was found which would grow in the irradiated tunnels, and a breed of goat that would eat the fungus. The population of the colony became self-sustaining and the food nearly so – if you were willing to eat goat or fungus. It did not take long for mutations to being to appear. The hellbore crews quarantined themselves inside their vehicles to avoid the radiation and became their own mini-colonies. Strangely the mutations tended to take a few specific forms. The mutants swelled in size, grew tails, and became more flexible. They became smaller imitations of the excava wurms – the xenos mutagen to keep the wurms’ genes free of mutation controlled the direction of the human mutations. The wurms came less often near the surface, perhaps avoiding the heated tunnels. And so dragon pearls became harder to find. Two hellbores descended into the depths to explore, neither was heard from again. With the decline in the pearl trade, the trade ships came less often. Six centuries ago, the regular trade of dragon pearls ended and they became a legend to most of the galaxy. Men searched the lower ice tunnels searching for pearls. Many disappeared. Over time on Twisix, legends grew of mutant cities in the deep tunnels. Mutant humans in the form of the wurms, with cities littered with dragon pearls. It was said that the mutants were cannibals, and only the most desperate or daring ventured below. Four centuries ago, one of the few dragon pearl smugglers decided that the secret comet was a perfect base for pirates. He organized a small fleet which raided the shipping between Dreah and Siren’s Den. They traded the stolen foodstuffs to the inhabitants of Twisix at astronomical prices for the dragon pearls. The pirate raids were investigated by Inquisitor Vanist McCann who tracked them to Twisix. He did not land, and simply bombed the comet from space, destroying the remains of the surface outposts. Over time the ice healed. Fifty years later another pirate fleet operated out of Twisix. Again it preyed on the shipping between Dreah and Siren’s Den. Again Inquisitor Vanist tracked it down. A force of guardsmen landed and guncutters were sent down into a hellbore tunnel. Communication was lost immediately. An imperial force was sent into the comet but did not return. Vanist had the comet bombed from space for two weeks. It had no effect on the tunnels below and again the ice re-healed when he left. When the underworld found out about the failed Imperial raid on Twisix, it became a haven for those hiding from the law. The existence and particularly the location of the comet remained a secret, but those with enough money and desperation found there way there. Piracy continued but on a smaller scale. Smuggling became more common as wealthy outlaws could afford to pay for luxurious goods to be brought in. A century ago the pirate fleet came to Inquisitor Vanist’s notice once again. He had been mind wiped since the last raid, and repeated the same actions. Another imperial force disappeared into the comet and weeks of bombardment shattered the uninhabited surface. Current Officially there has been no word of Twisix for a century. Dragon pearls are legends even to the rich, and the truth of the legends is known only to a handful of the wealthiest. Criminals speak of Twisix as a lost paradise for outlaws. Its real existence is known only to some smugglers and pirates, and few of them know where it is. Bounty hunters speak of it as a paradise for their ilk, where there are endless rich bounties. On Twisix itself, life has settled into a gloomy and violent existence. The strong prey on the weak, and the mutants in the dark prey on them all. They are each dependent on each other, and dependent upon the radiation which keeps their tunnels clear, and grows their food, while it corrupts their bodies and souls. A refuge for heretics, a forgotten outpost of xenos, Twisix is a dark and secret ulcer within the Imperium.
  5. I assume there is transporter crew, hellbore crew, and maintenance/support crew The hellbore is big enough that there might be maintenance crew/engineering in it while it operates
  6. yes - a tunneller hellbore I am working on a "world" - Twisix, Comet Mutatis. It is a massive comet (still in the comet cluster of an uninhabitted solar system) with radioactive ore mixed in. An attempt was made to mine the comet using hellbore a thousand years ago. The transports no longer exist, but some of the hellbore still exist and are being used to tunnel through the ice. Each hellbore is like its own little ship with a small colony living in the transport bay and a select crew actually manning the hellbore.
  7. there are even happy planets in the imperium. planets with a functional middle class, good government, peace. Probably millions of them given the size of the Imperium. but no one writes novels about them. And they are just as likely to be destroyed by an ork invasion or chaos incursion. But keep in mind that the Imperium that you read about is mostly sci-ci. And that's mostly one culture. Japan has a different culture than the U.S. - but businessmen wear suits, they have glass and steel high-rises, etc. It is not like comparing wild west U.S. with shogunate Japan.
  8. not troops it can carry (I think that is 150), but actual crew for it?
  9. an old part of 40K was that the Emperor was dying. Not right away, but he would eventually die. And as he is the only thing allowing warp travel, with his death the Imperium dies. It was initially just the standard British falling empire stuff. But at some point there was the idea that the Emperor had heirs. When alive he had kids and his descendents still existed. That they could be used to keep him alive, or create a new Emperor or something.
  10. its not bad, but it misses the most basic element: humanity is threatened by warp beings and other races that would exterminate it. Tyranids and orks being the most obvious xenos threats. Without the imperium and its navy and armies, all human worlds would fall to the tyranids, orks or others. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but certainly over the next 10,000 years. The forces of the imperium are necessary for human survival. The only way interstellar travel and communication is possible is through the warp. Therefore in order to maintain the imperium which is necessary to protect humans from xenos, warp travel is required. Warp travel exposes humans to daemons and corruption. No warp travel means humanity is doomed by xenos. Warp travel mans humanity is threatened by chaos. Therefore the human race is locked in an eternal war against xenos and malleus. There is no choice but to have an Imperium and an Inquisition. It is wrong to say that they are evil - they are ruthless because they are desparate.
  11. from DH and the literature, ignoring Chaos Marines, 40k just seems to lack decent villains. descriptions start off interesting - brilliant guy trained in an academy of evil, or corrupted priest with a mysterious background, or highly talented, rich and degenerate noble. But then they boil down to - seems to randomly cause trouble. Is psychotic and evil. Has no known goals. Just likes to be mean to people. Are there any villains out there that aren't just psychotic? WIth a goal of bringing a loved one back to life, getting revenge on one particular person, or some other simple (but possibly megamaniacal) goal?
  12. imperial guard do not start as snipers. In Gaunt's Ghosts they are regular guard, then the best shots are chosen as snipers - and the elite are chosen as scouts. assassins start as assassins - which can mean sniper. so if you want to play a guardsman who becomes a sniper you go through the ranks and earn it. if you want to start as a sniper from your early training - the guard doesn't do that.
  13. Cagreth said: dugfromthearth said: One question which you may not know - the degree of accuracy is based on the system. If the recorder is isolated - locked in a dungeon and keeping track of days by X's on a wall - would they list the accuracy differently because they are out of contact? It would all depend. A check number could be given retrospectively if the first thing the person recording does is determine the official date when they leave the dungeon. I think that would only apply if that person has an accurate way of determing the time though. If there is no accurate way to measure time, or the person making the recordings dies while locked up, the date would need a check number of 9 when officially recorded by someone else. At least that's my take on it anyway. okay so if they find the notes from someone locked in isolation (or in a mine, etc) the notes should have the date recorded with a 9 indicating they are just guessing - I'll go with that.
  14. zouvais (spelling) - north african fighters whose style was copied by armies around the western world in the 19th century my friend is playing an assassin from a feral world - he is a cowboy with very fancy pistols there is a soviet looking Imperial Guard unit already - can't think of the name
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