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  1. I agree. Since looking at the Genesys rulebook I am hoping / dreaming of: Twilight Imperium Tannhauser Android Arkham Any of the above are day 1 purchases for me.
  2. Did anyone get to play or have info on the GenCon 2017 End of the World scenario? I was there, but didn't get a chance to play it (it was filled at the times I went). I'd like to see how they formatted it and such. (I did get to run the Genesys demo scenario and it was great. I'll be getting that upon release.)
  3. Pretty sure there's a 4th edition from FFG coming. All you have to do is look at their "Upcoming" page and see there's a couple of titles listed. I hope it is mostly compatible with 3rd, with a few changes to streamline the play, like in Star Wars. Making skill cards, injury/madness/corruption cards and some of the components optional. Whatever they do I hope they make a proper starter box for around $30.
  4. I always wondered the same thing- they carry the models, novels/audio dramas and their own products, but thought they could make some cash and show new customers that the fantasy/40k worlds are more than just the games. Having copies of the Space Marine videogame, the RPGs and boardgames, posters of the old Dawn of War PC games would only enhance their profile. But whatever. Still love the games and will still buy them, it just always feels like they could be doing better.
  5. This sounds like a very interesting game based on the preview. I like the artwork and the pencil drawings for the story cards. This could be a really cool family/party game. I've got way too many games, but nothing like Winter Tales and this would fill a niche.
  6. I think it's a big DUH that they are planning on more for this game. If it were truly dead and gone they would not bother leaving it on the Upcoming page as being in development. I don't know anybody at FFG, but I'm guessing the newer boxed set will be more of a red box starter for people to try out the game. Some of the stuff and cards will be streamlined and I imagine it will be compatible with 3rd ed. I also think they boxed adventures they have already made will not be reprinted. Like Descent 2nd, some of the stuff may come out again in a different form, but the 4 chaos powers boxes I don't think will be made again. So get that stuff soon, if you want it.
  7. Also, just want to add that Fury of Dracula not being available is a tragedy.
  8. In response to the OP, no it is not confirmation that it is dead. Check the product availability for Horus Heresy, Battlelore 1st edition and Fury of Dracula. Next to each is a big red box with and "x" in it that states it is not available and none are listed on the Upcoming page at all. Compared to WFRP, where there are orange boxes with "Not Yet Available" and that the core set, and a couple of other products are listed as being in queue to be reprinted. I can only guess, but FFG is not done entirely with 3rd edition. It may be they are designing a smaller, cheaper intro set and adjusting a few of the rules. I think one of the biggest speedbumps for the game was the sticker shock at the base set. I shied away awhile until a combination of coupons and gift cards made it happen. If a 4th or 3.5 come out I imagine it will be compatible or easy to adjust.
  9. I love that they did not just add a few characters and a few cards and scenarios - new gameplay options are great. The more choices, the better. Pretty much gonna buy it on the first day.
  10. As said above- FFG clearly has tried with a butt load of expansions to keep this game supported, including the print on demand spell sets. The only thing I wish they had done differently, which I have mentioned before, is a $30 "Starter Box." Having an initial buy in of $100 was a little discouraging to some, I imagine. I still do not think they are planning a WFRP 4. More likely a 3.5 which would be fully compatible with WFRP3. If it is not compatible, I know I would not buy it. I've invested too much to change.
  11. November 27th is the release date according to some sources on BGG. I'll have it soon after that.
  12. Understandable, John. Yeah, he was being snarky at the least, f-ing rude at most. Maybe he didn't have time enough to explain fully due to it being his turn in "Simpson's Monopoly." Our group, that has enjoyed Descent, Seasons, Planet Steam, Stone Age, Battlestar, Twilight Struggle and others, REALLY like this game. Enough that now 2 copies are in the group.
  13. Maybe a better question might be, what is FFGs next Flight Path game?
  14. Too bad. I still would have liked it. I imagine they will do another Flight Path game no matter what. It's too good a system and the original trilogy ships are pretty much played out. They will probably do Prequel/Clone Wars ships I imagine.
  15. I may have posted this here before, but since Attack wing uses capital ships, why not a Flight Path system game using FFG's own TI3 Universe? Plenty of races to choose from and it is really under utilized as a setting. TI3 uses just generic starships, but that gives the design staff a lot of room to be creative. Any thoughts?
  16. I'm glad they're continuing to produce these novels. Hopefully some Terrinoth and Twilight Imperium ones are in the works. Glaaki is one of my fave ancient ones. It can't get here fast enough.
  17. Maybe they figure you'll use Netrunner or Android avatars.
  18. Really not the same game at all. Descent 2 is a quest based fantasy game where heroes can "level up" over the course of the story. I like Cadwallon, too, but it is more of a family game. Much simpler, but still a lot of fun.
  19. Interesting review. Although I like and own Battlelore 1, the basic mechanisms are showing their age and the set up is tedious. I was hoping for an improvement in 2e. I'm assuming it's an open beta test so you reviewing it now would not be a violation of any kind of NDA. Based on FFGs track record on new edtitions of older games, both their own and others (including Fury of Dracula, Cosmic Encounter, Runewars, Arkham Horror and Descent) I'm inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt and look forward to more reviews and playing the game myself.
  20. FFG has already licensed the Flightpath system for capital ships in Star Trek Attack Wing- so why not also a game with capital ships and squadrons from their own sci-fi setting of Twilight Imperium. Plenty of races and ideas to mine from.
  21. Drivethrurpg.com should have most of the pdfs. I'm not sure which module you were playing unless its the one from the Tome of Adventure - "Eye for an Eye."
  22. One suggestion is to try to keep track in some way the expansions you've purchased. After a while the illustration and titles of the expansions decks kind of sound alike (at least for me). As far as advise goes, the Silver Twilight expansion will give you a new faction. But, I think you should buy whatever deck looks interesting to you.
  23. Agreed that at least a mention would not have sucked. I'm sure they'll do a post GenCon announcement for the front page. The real problem is we need more players so that the game gets more attention.
  24. Agreed. I liked it a lot. I would certainly read more of his books.
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