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  1. I give my Operators the Finesse Aptitude, so that they can develop Agility cheap.
  2. Kasatka said: Easy house rule for this: Swift attack does 1/2 WS bonus hits automatically so just roll damage Lightning attack does full Ws bonus hits automatically so just roll damage Interesting… But, do you allow them to 'roll twice' for the damage for each hit?
  3. Droma said: Well I found an answer to at least one of my original questions. Specialist equipment is NOT part of the standard regimental standard kit and ammo for and replacements for specialist equipment must be aquired through logistics. Page 161 under Logistics, fourth paragraph. "For game purposes, any equipment—whether acquired through legitimate or underhanded means—apart from the standard kit falls under the umbrella of the Logistics system. This includes gear issued to specialists as well as equipment specific to a mission…" Edit: After doing some thinking I believe that ammo for specialist weapons should be included in mission assignment gear. This should ensure it's available the majority of the time. Oh, GOOD SPOT ! Although… I personally completely and ferociously disagree with specialists having to use the logistics system to replace what for them should be standard equipment. So… While you have found the paragraph that proves the game's writers intended otherwise, I'll still be counting the specialists' equipment as standard issue and allowing them to replace/replenish it as normal. 'Cause I'm a nice GM
  4. I don't play the wargame, or have any 40K products outside of the RPGs, so talking about Codexes and things like that means nothing to me. I quite like this wiki, and I use it for reference and reading about stuff: http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Warhammer_40k_Wiki The entry they have for the Leman Russ tank… http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Leman_Russ_Tank ..says that it carries 40 shots for its main weapon. So, in the lack of any other authority stating otherwise, I'll be increasing this to 48 and ruling that in my game of Only War the Leman Russ carries 4 of those 12 shot 'clips' (rather than rounding down to 38 for 3 'clips'). While you have shots remaining in the loaded clip, you can fire once per round (RoF: S/-/-), but once it's empty you need 3 rounds to load the next 'clip' (Rld: 3 Full).
  5. Lord Steel said: Well I may be mis understanding what you mean by Kit but if you are talking about stuff like "1 Uniform (field), 1 set of Poor weather gear. etc" I think the reason they left much of the details on such things out is that they are pretty unimportant … pretty self explanitory … simply did not merit page space due to being unimportant/self explanitory. The same items, or very similar items, can be found on Pages182-183 of the Inquisitor's Handbook. Are you seriously suggesting that the items which make up an Infantryman's basic gear are worthy of descriptions and weights in a game about the Inquisition, but are somehow less important in a game that is actually about the Imperial Guard? Seriously?
  6. If the book does Universal Standard Kit "well"… Can you tell me where to find descriptions and weights for those items? I can't find it… And they wouldn't list the basic equipment in character generation and then NOT have those items in the Armoury… Would they? Surely that would qualify as a HUGE GAPING HOLE in the book.
  7. A friend entering the Kill Zone absolutely definitely WOULD be subject to the effect of the Suppressing Fire. You cannot target Suppressing Fire ‘at an ork’, you target it at an area “which is any general area, such as a corridor or tree line, that encompasses a 45-degree arc in the direction the active character is facing”, into which you unleash “a devastating hail of firepower”. Once you roll to see if you score any hits “the GM assigns the hit to a random target within the kill zone” Suppressing Fire, by its very nature and as it’s described in the rules is not precise, it’s not careful, and it’s definitely not able to distinguish friend from foe.
  8. It doesn’t specifically say it because the book has huge gaping holes.
  9. Yep, it functions just like any other weapon. You get 12 shots (Clip: 12), you can fire one per round (RoF: S/-/-) and when you’ve used them all it takes 3 rounds to reload a new ‘clip’ of 12 (Rld: 3Full). The matter of how many such ‘clips’ your tank can carry is… well… em… well… I honestly can’t think of a polite way to say it. It’s a stupid oversight in the design and writing of the game. I’ll leave it at that rather than go into a full-blown rant. A related point of interest: Page 193 says of the Artillery ammunition (which are to be used for all Vehicle-class cannons): “Individual rounds weigh at least twenty kilograms and often substantially more than that.” So, that clip of 12 weighs at least 240kg. The crew of the Leman Russ includes 1 Loader: that poor guy has to load that 240kg(min) clip all by himself. No wonder it takes him 15 seconds ROFL.
  10. This is one of those frustrating issues that just won’t seem to go away. In fact, rather than making it go away, FFG seems to be clinging quite tenaciously to it, and in fact exerting a conscious effort to make it worse and even more confusing. Back when there was only Dark Heresy and I was trying to help Ross Watson iron out some of the game’s (considerable) problems, we discussed Overcharge Packs, and I suggested it should be listed as an Ammunition option rather than a Weapon Upgrade. In fact, Page 9 of the DH Errata says quite clearly “The Overcharge Pack on page 142 should be listed as Ammo, not a Weapon Upgrade.” Rather than keeping things simple, Only War has backtracked and confused things again. In fact, they made it even worse by adding the variable settings to the lasguns. Then they thought it would be an even better idea to rename Hellguns as Hot-Shot Lasguns while keeping the Hot-Shot Charge Pack in the ammunition section. Just to confuse you even more. Because you weren't yet confused enough. Is it just me or does this stink of a rushed effort and lack of proper playtesting? Anyway, to answer the original question… NO, you may not combine the Overcharge Pack, Overcharge Mode, Overload Mode, Hot-Shot Charge Pack, or anything else with the same name that I’ve forgotten about because I’ve become too confused by all the things with the same (or slightly different) name that do the same or slightly different things. This of course has no grounding in the RAW, but is simply my own interpretation and ruling on the matter. Feel free to combine all these lasgun options if you want; if you do, please drop me a mail to explain how you manage to do it in a way that is consistent and sensible. Personally, I think, now that the lasguns have variable settings, the Overcharge Pack should simply be removed, never mind renamed as Ammunition rather than a Weapon Upgrade. The Hot-Shot Charge Pack… I would add to its description that it can only be used in a lasgun that is being used in its normal setting, not Overcharge Mode or Overload Mode. That’s what I would have suggested had I been a playtester for this game.
  11. I’m not even getting into this one. The whole issue of Mechanicus Implants, Talents and Cybernetics is a very good example of how mixed up, confused, convoluted and generally disorganized the whole 40K RPG family has become. Every time they bring out a new game, a new book, an errata, or whatever, you have to rethink and reorganise your whole campaign.
  12. My ruling on this one would be that the automatic Weapon Skill check to hit a Helpless target would apply only to a standard attack. If you want to use a Talent to do something fancy like get multiple hits, you will roll against your WS as normal.
  13. Ryath, Your good news to Storm Troopers is wrong. The hot-shot lasgun does not use the standard charge pack that the M36 uses. Page 176: “Hot-shot weapons use a 10 kg backpack power source rather than a standard plug-in pack” The fact that this backpack power source is missing from the Armoury chapter, or more specifically that it varies quite drastically from the version of the Backpack Power Pack that is listed there (Page 192), is just one example of the HUGE GAPING HOLES in this book/game (which clearly wasn’t playtested very thoroughly).
  14. Page 68 lists the Guardsman’s ‘Universal Standard Kit’, to which should be added the equipment from your regiment’s Doctrines and your Speciality’s Specialist Equipment (they don’t give ammunition for Specialist Equipment weapons, so I give my players 4 clips/charge-packs). If your Doctrine gives a weapon that is listed as ‘(Main Weapon)’ then this replaces the laspistol on the Universal Standard Kit list. Likewise, if your Doctrine lists better armour than the Flak Vest that is on the Universal list, it replaces the Flak Vest. What you now have is your Guardsman’s standard equipment list… Page 68: “These items form the core of a character’s initial equipment list, are easy to replace, repair, or otherwise replenish, and are universally essential to possess.” Concerning the replacement/replenishment of items on this list, it says on Page 164: “Ultimately, the standard kit should be viewed as a resource rather than a liability. Any time that a soldier is able to access a fortified military encampment, that character can fully resupply his kit from the regiment’s stores. Of course, this is subject to Game Master discretion. If a character goes through three lasguns a day for several days, there are likely to be some inquiries from his commanding officer, the base quartermaster, and the local Tech-Priests. While a reasonable explanation might resolve the issue, the consequences could be severe if one is unavailable.” You should never have to make a Logistics test to replace items from your standard equipment list, or to replenish the ammunition for the weapons you have on that list.
  15. Each different product of the 40K setting has different requirements. Battlegame, board games, computer games, novels...It is quite simply impossible to have a standard representation of a Space Marine that fits every product. The way Space Marines (and every other aspect of the setting) are represented and used in each product is simply based on a core concept that gets elaborated and shaped to fit the needs of that product. There hasn't been an official 40K RPG before, so it has never been necessary to consider how Astartes will work as the subjects of one. The way they are presented for the tabletop battlegame is obviously no good. The way they are presented for board games is even less so. The way they are presented in novels are shaped by the plot requirements and preferences of each individual author. No present model of a Space Marine perfectly fits the needs of an RPG. The writers of Deathwatch are those who get to decide how to fit the core concept of the Astartes into an RPG, how to elaborate upon that concept and shape it into something that is adequate for the game, provides roleplaying options, and maintains as much as possible of what people are expecting Astartes to 'be'. It is a very dificult task, but I for one, having playtested the game, believe wholeheartedly that they have pulled it off with magnificent success. The Marines in this game are hugely playable, and also conform to every preconception I had about them. Well done FFG I say. And I think when you guys see the finished product you will agree.
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