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  1. Hello all, With the new distribution methods and such, I was curious and intrigued by the amount of starter sets on the market now. For home/casual fun play is it possible to just pick up starter sets and have fun? (Playing with friends/wife/kids) If so, what quantity of each starter set would be advisable? It would appear at least 2 of the two player starters is advisable? Beyond that, do I need the older Rey/Ren starters? Should I buy two copies of Luke/Boba too? Sincere thanks for your help, Jonathan
  2. I cannot wait for this game, Id love to see previews of the other bits.
  3. I have not played the WWI version as I dont have munch interest in that era but the WWII one is a surefire hit in our household. I recently taught it to my parents and they agreed its their fave game to play with my fiancee and I. We reguarly do all out scrap fights (no teams, free for all) so with 4 people its a great fun to have 4 different minds working. If your interested in WWII definintely pick it up, I cant wait for the expansion!
  4. Just got done making the British ones last night, figured I would show them here as well. U.S. and German ones will be done this weekend. Best, Jonathan www.boardgamegeek.com/image/449434 www.boardgamegeek.com/image/449436 www.boardgamegeek.com/image/449437 www.boardgamegeek.com/image/449439
  5. Brummbar said: Ghengisgarber said: A priest is more than a super mortar. It can move and fire like a tank. It fires a 75MM gun which can fire direct, or a 75 high explosive that can fire indirect like artillary ( same as a German Wespe). It also mounts a 50 cal MG. There was some discussion about the amount of time to move and set up artillary. Well the priest and wespe are the answer The Priest fired a 105mm Howitzer (as did the Wespe). QFT
  6. I like the idea of a Priest and Stuart, Id rather have the Stuart than the Jeep, if they make the Stuart it would be more worth it to have the Stuart with more armor, just about the same speed, and of course would be better against light vehicles than a .50 cal. I agree that the jeep would be redundant, US Halftracks already mount a .50 cal and can tow things along with transporting infantry. Owell cant wait to see what their going to bring out next! I'll be happy with either Ost or Pacific (for some reason Ive developed a sudden interest in the Pacific Theater. Good ideas so far guys! I
  7. Armies of Skull and bone warriors sound GREAT! Cant wait to see whats in store for this game!
  8. As an aside, I forgot to mention that the size of the vehicle really doesnt matter in this game. It may have mattered historically but if its in an open hex it can be shot. And also with all the great Russian tank varients out there I would hate to see the plastic wasted on lend lease vehicles. If scenarios call for Lend Lease Vehicles there are plenty of Shermans to go around. I would rather a good handful of different Russian vehicle types .
  9. Some good points but the Lee/Grant would be pretty useless, it would be an afterthought to the Desert Expansion (since they didnt see much service in Western Europe). But one could put it in when they go to the Russian side of things as they used them in force on Mainland Europe for a time. Then again neither the Brits or the Russians particularly cared for them. I thought they did pretty good with the British Choices for Days of the Fox. Might as well have a jeep like I said itd be the same as the Bren Carrier in terms of fighting and moving infantry about since it was an armored personnel carrier.
  10. I had thought of that but Im not too sure I would like them staring down the guns of a Kingtiger or regular Tiger or any German tank for that matter. Then again I guess it would be the U.S. equivialent to the Bren Carrier. I think that Amtracs will be making an appearence when they release a Pacific Expansion, their amphibeous capability would come in handy. When I asked this question on BGG someone made mention of Stuart Tanks for some light ones, this would be good with an advantage against infantry etc. But not really sure they are necessary, Shermans are light enough as it is.
  11. Caps lock, its your friend. I can however also vouch for Armchair General, A+ mag if your interested in Military History.
  12. Ok awhile back when FFG released the Normandy Expansion there were some complaints about how the U.S. didnt get very many new vehicles. Im curious as to what those who were complaining would like to see? Statistically speaking the Germans had very many different AFV's fighting where as the U.S. had very few different tanks. Many of these U.S. tanks had abunch of different variations but I would find that hard to be translated to the scale of this game. So like I said, those who want to see more U.S. vehicles which ones? Now on the British end of things, I wouldnt mind seeing a Sherman Firefly mini .
  13. They send you an email if you won. And then they send you your prizes!
  14. Just wanted to thank the FFG crew for another job well done! My December raffle prizes came in the mail today! They actually looked at my profile and saw what I owned ! My prizes were: The original prototype Macubis from DOOM And the original playtest prototype gameboards from Tide of Iron: Normandy Expansion Along with a letter of authtenticity from Jeremy! Big thanks to the FFG guys and gals again! These items are going in a display case and frame!
  15. As a side note while the text may hurt your eyes the way it is its been proven that dark background with light text over is easier on your eyes than light background with dark text over.
  16. Thanks for the info Brian, I knew FFG wasnt letting us down .
  17. ColtsFan76 said: Luftwaffe Flak said: Just an update, I emailed Jeremy a few days ago but have received no response yet. I emailed him Tuesday and he responded Wednesday. He said they were backed up but that is no excuse. All of them will be shipped soon. This is excellent news! Im glad to hear this, with their customer service I figured something had to be wrong for them to not have gotten these out with no heads up or anything.
  18. Just an update, I emailed Jeremy a few days ago but have received no response yet.
  19. ColtsFan76 said: Luftwaffe Flak said: Just curious about when these items actually ship? Ive been checking my mailbox daily since I got told I had won by Jeremy . I am in the same boat. But I felt weird about asking. Thanks for breaking the ice. No problemo, when Im promised something I dont mind inquiring about when its going to be fulfilled .
  20. Just curious about when these items actually ship? Ive been checking my mailbox daily since I got told I had won by Jeremy .
  21. Ive won a raffle as well, I got an email . Im so excited, Im hoping Im in the Silver Line Game Tier and that I get Red November .
  22. This smiley represents the time I wasted reading the same complaint over and over even though people offered suggestions to fix it but those were ignored to waves of WTF's and Waahbulances. On a more serious note, the fact that you ask why tank traps dont have any attacks against tanks kinda throws your whole argument as being valid. As someone else pointed out, you may have alot of experience wargaming but it appears the the actual tools and mechanics of war your abit shaky on. Which is fine (we all cant know everything, I know I dont) but it truely does throw a monkey wrench in the argument.
  23. Goodness you guys are right, the player aid that was included in my trade copy has the wrong stuff!
  24. My apologies the above is incorrect, only the PzIV due to its side skirts has the Thick Armor special ability. My fault!
  25. kaufschtick said: I think that if they go Russain next, we'd be very nearly guaranteed in seeing a Japanese expansion. If you believe what they put in the first rule book for the base game, then its been guaranteed since '06 when TOI first came out, the rule book says that it will be expanded to the Eastern and Pacific Theatre's of battle.
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