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  1. I have played a lot of astromechs. Lots of fun using action to role-play intentions and personality instead of voice (other than beeps and boops). Beware of ladders. (Save up for a jet pack.) I have weapons and tools be onboard systems inside the astromech. Armor is just attached plating. Use stun grenades. No damage to the droid. Great for innocuously rolling up to a group of Imps and using it at point blank range. That is R5-C1 (Rascal)'s favorite tactic.
  2. To echo others, our regular gaming group used Discord for our first online gaming session this past weekend. The D1-C3 bot works well for dice rolls and keeping track of the Destiny pool. (It can be used for much more, but this is all we needed.) We have a voice channel for chatting plus a an actual play text channel for dice rolls, images, NPC names, and other in-game information. It works pretty slick. Since Star Wars/Genesys uses abstract range, it works very well for theater of the mind. If we wanted more tactical play with maps, minis, etc., I would consider using Roll20. In the past, I have used Google Hangouts for another RPG, and it works well. We rolled physical dice for everything, and I kept track of all the pertinent information on a Google Spreadsheet that was shared with the group. I shared my screen to display images and other material. It also works well enough. Finally, when I was playing in a live-play RPG podcast, we used Skype for voice and a Slack channel for dice rolls and information sharing. This also works for theater of the mind play.
  3. For me, I'd really like a Genesys sourcebook for Star Wars. One book that combines the best of the three core books: species, careers, gear, vehicles, and Force powers. Convert the talents to have ranks; the book would have the core book talents and a chart for talents found in other books. The idea is that a Genesys player can play anything using this book, with the black universal books being ideal supplements. From a business standpoint, it would be easier to keep in print one core book than three. Then they can focus on printing era and regional supplements instead of the 18 career books. Newer material going forward would be more universal instead of catering to the three branches. Finally, everything would need to be compatible. Thus both old an new books could be used with either rules set (i.e. Star Wars and Genesys). That is my wish list for new material. I understand others would rather not go this route. Both lines could be supported. The only major addition would be the Genesys Star Wars book. (I am already running a hybrid of Star Wars and Genesys. The house rules work, but an official book would be nice.)
  4. Something that I didn't see much in the way of explanation in the SotB book was the legality of carrying, or even openly carrying, firearms and other weapons in New Angeles. Earth Station has a backscatter arch looking for weapons. And there are rules and talents concerning Restricted (R) weapons. But nothing really touches on the general legality and attitude towards weapons in public. (I didn't see anything in The Worlds of Android either.) Can PCs, who generally don't have their own private transportation, just load up their gear and get on the metro without hassle? If they can't, will a taxi take them to their mission while toting all sorts of weapons? How do others handle this in their games?
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  6. If we do start in Onyx, when all of Rokugan has literally gone to hell, and all of the clans now have to retake the whole Empire, my wish is that the vanguard of the invasion of Rokugan is a Tortoise Clan fleet, armed to the gills with gaijin cannons and tanegashima ashigaru, and Kasuga Masaji making some off-hand comment similar to "Okay, we tried it your way. Now it's our turn." The thing that bugged me about the whole Spider Clan is that they, and Daigotsu, acknowledged that Fu-Leng was their kami. Fu-Leng... enemy of the Empire. When faced with a choice (accept the Spider Clan's help against the destroyers and acknowledge them as a clan OR fight an unwinnable battle and let the Empire die an honorable death), Rokugan chose to side with the Shadowlands. That choice never ends well. To me, it signaled the end of Rokugan. If the Empire chose to side with Fu-Leng, after a millennia of tradition and two Days of Thunder demonstrating why such a choice is a Bad Idea (TM), why should Rokugan keep any of its traditions or prohibitions? Thus a fleet of ships armed with cannons, tanegashima , and all sorts of gaijin advancements makes perfect sense to me. OR Start all over and let a new generation of players make decisions in a Rokugan with a clean slate, with a story team able to do whatever without being tied to 20 years of writing and tournament decisions. Restart the calendar to 1118 or so, pre-Clan War. There are so many decisions just in that first story arc. Do the Scorpion even have a coup? Or does another clan attempt a coup? Perhaps the Crab with bad advice from Kuni Yori? Or the Lion, frustrated with the Scorpion and Crane dominating the courts? Or the Three-Man/Yoritomo Alliance, who are tired of centuries of being overlooked by the Great Clans? Or does Yogo Junzo open the First Black Scroll before a coup even occurs? Or did Soshi Bantaro do it? Maybe Junzo is a good guy this time? With the Scorpion present as an official Clan during the Clan War and Second Day of Thunder, there are some new possibilities to consider. There are a lot of possibilities and much more room for creative writing if we just wipe the slate clean and start over. However, regardless of FFG's choice, I will still by the heck out of this on initial release and give it a go. If the mechanics are solid and the story is compelling, I will be a customer for a long time to come.
  7. For one's own Clan, Family, School lore, heraldry, etc., I could just see making a skilled (Insight+Intelligence)k(Intelligence) test if they don't have the requisite skill. I would assume that every samurai is taught about his own Clan, Family, and School at a very basic level.
  8. I like keeping it timeline neutral, but certain schools are more prevalent in certain time frames. Ex. 3E & 4E don't have the Shinjo bushi school in the core book, which was more prevalent than the Moto school prior to the return of Shinjo and the rise of the Moto family during the Lying Darkness timeline. I, too, tend to run games during the 1st Ed timeline (i.e. 1118 Topaz Championship forward), as it is the timeline with which I am the most familiar. It also lets the characters make history during the eventual Clan War. The players get to mold history by making story decisions, a la CCG tournament winners. (Ex. The Scorpion Clan Coup is successful. How does your clan react? Stay with the canon history, or something else?)
  9. I am putting this here only because I do not believe there is sufficient interest in a separate 3E thread. Because 4E physical rulebooks are very difficult to obtain without paying a premium, we are still using 3Er. I really like this rules set well enough. The only thing we have house-ruled thus far is to use the 4E dueling rules. I get that the 3Er rules try to simulate the tension of a duel (while giving the rules a feel similar to dueling in the CCG), but they are cumbersome.
  10. One can't go wrong with anything in the Criterion Collection. So many good ones. I really like Three Outlaw Samurai. It is a decent morality tale. Yojimbo/Sanjuro have to be my favorites. I wish my budget allowed me to own more, but they are pricey. I do like The Last Samurai and 47 Ronin. 13 Assassins is also very good.
  11. Lots of discussion on the LCG and RPG. What other products do people want to see? I would love a board game for the classic Scorpion Clan Coup-Clan War-Second Day of Thunder era. I am looking for a wargame/area control a la Ikusa/Samurai Swords/Shogun. It could be expandable with new eras of conflict, new units, etc. I saw a thread about a Decent/IA style game. That could be interesting, though with 7-9 clans (depending on era) plus Shadowlands, etc., how do you decide on the protagonists and the antagonists? There is this thread that covers some other thoughts. I like the idea of a GoT-style board game for L5R. Other ideas?
  12. I really hope FFG does do an RPG for L5R. That is what is most important to me. As far as rules, I would be okay with most any direction. Roll-and-keep is a very elegant system. I loved 3E®. I did not get a chance to play 4E (and probably won't since rulebooks are out of sight, both in availability and price). Comparing the two, I favor the skills list from 3E while appreciating the redesigned families and schools from 4E. I'd be happy if they reprinted 4E or developed 5E. I really like the Star Wars RPG rules & dice from FFG. I have been playing the RPG since Edge of the Empire Beta, and I really love the entirety of the system. I feel that the same or similar system (perhaps borrowing some ideas from Warhammer) with rebranded dice could be used for L5R. Jedi (jidai ?) are basically space samurai/shugenja/sohei. Whatever they choose, I just hope FFG creates/continues an L5R RPG.
  13. If we could only get Hobbie in a Y-Wing... I used Hobbie's pilot ability in Heroes of the Aturi Cluster with a Y-Wing & Targeting Astromech. Suddenly your ordnance hog and/or TLT platform becomes amazing. Add Vectored Thrusters to taste.
  14. I recently acquired MoM2 and Recurring Nightmares. I love the look and feel of the game, I am disappointed with the miniatures. Many have misshapen pegs that don't fit snugly into the stands. The larger figures, especially the star spawn, seem to have been mushed during transport. I plan to use a hobby knife and some hot/cold water to try to make things better. The bases themselves seem to have quality control issues. The chits barely fit into some bases, while keep sliding out of other bases. Reading threads here and over on BoardGameGeek, these seem to be common issues. I will either just play with the chits sans figures or glue the figures onto other, more manageable stands. The former solution wastes some of the price tag for the game (i.e. no minis), while the latter requires me to spend more to make better use of the figures. It is sad that a game with such a hefty price tag comes with subpar minis and stands. I am used to (spoiled by) other FFG minis games like Imperial Assault, Descent, and X-Wing. Hopefully the money went to making sure the app is excellent.
  15. I am actually thinking of dropping Predator on my Y-Wing. After listening to Shuttle Tydirium, I think I might swap it out for Stay On Target. This would trigger Targeting Astromech, which would trigger my Hobbie pilot talent. I'd be getting a Target Lock plus Focus on almost every attack. No real need for Predator.
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