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  1. If anyone was still curious on a Quickbeam ruling now that the pack is out, I sent the question in to FFG, just to be sure:
  2. Oh they wouldn't publicly address it if that was the case. They'd just leave it as is and pretend like nothing is wrong lol. Kind of like how "BORN Aloft" just *is*.
  3. "None" errata? or "none" possibility? Cause even I wouldn't put any money behind much possibility. I just know that FFG never fails to surprise me when it comes to any type of rulings anymore lol.
  4. I like to stick within the rules. There's still the possibility that FFG will see this mistake, conclude that it doesn't break anything in the game too badly, and just leave it be as opposed to issuing another errata. In which case I'd grab up 2x more of the pack.
  5. Mostly this, but FFG also gave us "BORN Aloft" and messed up the 'A Elbereth Gilthoniel' hymn on a card title (and I think there was another one I'm forgetting?), so I wasn't *completely* ready to rule out them making a non-unique hero and just sticking with the name Quickbeam for some reason.
  6. If I've learned anything in 24 years of playing card games, it's that no card game rule is set in stone. FFG could easily make a non-unique hero. It'd be kind of fun even. I personally think this Quickbeam thing was just a mistake, but then again maybe it's not. If it was deliberate you'd also think they'd give us the full 3x copies. That's why I was asking. But if it was deliberate, and for some reason there was only 1x Quickbeam included, I would totally buy 2x more of the pack. I like having the official cards, for my personal enjoyment.
  7. For someone who has gotten this pack; I'm assuming you just get 1x copy of the Quickbeam hero? And has anyone sent in a question yet on if this Quickbeam is supposed to be non-unique or not? I would probably buy 3x of this pack to get 3x Quickbeams just for fun, but I'm not doing that until I know for sure whether they're just gonna errata/fix him though.
  8. You would actually need more than just 1x of each battlefield if your goal is to always make it so people can walk away. For example, the other day I played a couple multiplayer games with Grievous, who stole some weapons from my opponents who were then eliminated.
  9. I'm sure this will be the case. After all, the core set is called "Awakenings" but has the full saga included, not just The Force Awakens stuff.
  10. Oh god this is gonna have me OCD-ing out and checking all of my dice to make sure they are correct.
  11. If you reroll my dice, I'm gonna reroll your face.
  12. I've already had trouble with my opponents rolling their dice and bumping the dice in my dice pool. Using dice to track even more stuff just seems like a bad idea.
  13. The "thick acrylic card" there is two: a Rey one and a Kylo one Other items you are missing: -the make-your-own Destiny promo card (2016 FFG HQ preview event) -commemorative BB-8 t-shirt (2016 FFG HQ preview event) -Rey "art print" (2016 SW Destiny Launch Party) -Rey deck box (2016 SW Destiny Launch Party)
  14. Hi all, I won't be able to make the Preview Event tomorrow (I live in Pennsylvania and JUST drove the 15 hours to Minnesota last weekend for Worlds. I WOULD have chosen this preview event over Worlds if FFG had let us know, but as it was they didn't announce this until after Worlds registration, vacation time submitted, travel/hotel, etc, etc was all arranged). SO, If anyone is going to this and doesn't care a ton about the prize things let me know. Or maybe you care about the prize stuff but would rather have some money towards actual booster packs. I'm willing to make an offer on the following: -The commemorative Destiny t-shirt, size Large. -The double-sided promo card featuring Kylo Ren/Rey. -Any other cool Destiny memorabilia that wasn't mentioned in the article that may be exclusive to this event. IM me with an offer and we can make a deal! Thank you and MTFBWY for anyone who will help!
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