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  1. Today's 1.3 update isn't showing any new contnet. The new campaign does not appear under "expansions" and trying to purchase the new GOO resuts in "Unable to connect to store."
  2. Petroni said: The game has become too easy. ... Still "too easy" for you, bro? Have you met my friend Cthulhu yet?
  3. teriyakidonut said: "Sorry, about the problems. Unfortunately, there isn't anything that can be done to retrieve them at this point. The scores are not stored on an external server and can not be recovered." Utterly lame. One day, FFG will grow up and act like a real company. Or maybe just use server-side storage. Or — *gasp!* — GameCenter.
  4. Kastagir said: Avoid this game in its current state. What incredibly bad advice. It's difficult, yes, but the new content alone makes it a no-brainer purchase for any fan of the game. And the difficulty itself is only found in certain areas: the Yig campaign is laughably easy, and Azathoth is still very winnable. It's really only the two-parter that ramps up the difficulty level. I've also yet to encounter a single bug in 20-plus games. Not one. So it's pretty irresponsible of you to throw out "avoid!" as a piece of advice just because it's a tough game in places. I could just as easily say "Play better!"
  5. Trust me, it's not "too easy" any longer ...
  6. The basic Azathoth campaign has gotten harder; zero doubt about it. I've gone from roughly a 50-percent win ratio to nine straight losses. I've never seen "Doom +3" come up so much." It's sort of ridiculous. FFG will deny they've tweaked it, of course. But it was assuredly tweaked.
  7. Me, I just press "play." Of course, I've got a real device. iOS, FTW.
  8. Elder Sign. Playable in less than 13 hours and with a rulebook smaller than an encyclopedia.
  9. Because it's not 1997 any more.
  10. Much agreement. I don't think anyone expects to see TI:3 or Arkham for iOS, but FFG has an extensive catalogue of smaller titles that would make great digital games.
  11. Delobius said: Find some new people to play with. That's just retarded. +1,000. You need new friends. The example you provided is truly one of the stupidest things I've ever heard of. And please tell those idiots I said so.
  12. Sly said: Finally...the core set is "at the printer"!!! It also says "Expected Winter '10," so I'm not too convinced there's anything but guesswork going on concerning this game.
  13. Titeman said: I would much prefer the rules over expansion pack news right now... +1,000. It seems odd in the extreme to even think about expansion packs before there's any real evidence that the core set actually exists.
  14. thefoehammer said: I am seeing on one of the distributors sites that I use to track upcoming releases a release date of April 15th. Link?
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