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  1. Give epopel a chance to reply instead of comaplaining. I jstu used my tiem this mornign before work to write a reply. Sometimes epople think half a day before replying.
  2. 1) dunno look it up in the book 2) I would say it depends on the task and the nature of the roll. Lets say it is a tech use roll and the person trying to repair a dataslate has 31 in tech use. In order to suceed he must roll 31. But he rolls 43 and therefor he fails after sweating for an hour. He tries again and rolls 86. This is a fail by more than 5 steps so he breaks some importent compenent. A person trying to crawl up a house with no aid, might never succed. Lets say he got 32 in agility and as climbing is a basic ability he has 16 in it. But the cimbing test is -20 difficulty. he would only succed on 01. It would break the system to let him keep rolling until he rolls a 01. If the GM cannot control teh pestering player who wnats to rolls again and again just give him damage each time he falls down. A driving test would only be done once as you cannot turn back time and reroll. a knowlegde roll to remember something should not be rerolled. If you fail a blather check against a person you cannot just reroll it what is done is done, but you can try another person. But if you are interogating a prisoner and have all the time you wish you can just try again if your players can be a bit inventive and try something else. So it all comes down to what they are performing and time. Does the effect show immidietly. what are the effects of a failed roll, Do they know they have failed. Do the players roll for very simple things like throwing a stone on a window, they usely can try again. 3) Scrap the rules. We are playing roleplaying game not rolling game. Make the campaign cool for the players and let them investigate themself dont take all the fun away by doing 2 months of investigation with a simple dice roll. Just do what you and you players find cool.
  3. HMM, are you on holiday now ? I keep reading it. It is great I jsut cant stop.
  4. MeTa2


    I made another image of her. Trying to make a nice face and dressing her as she is at the campaign start. The other picture is before th campaign starts. http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/555/spike3x.jpg
  5. MeTa2


    I decidedto do a little magic in paint
  6. MeTa2


    This is Spike my newest character. Comments are welcome. It is made by Water Soluble Colour Crayons and fotographed instead of scanning it in. http://img87.imageshack.us/img87/1728/spike.jpg
  7. Chester my concern come from the other thread. And I do nto nessesarely wnat to make them more exclusive or special it is hypertetic question in order to understand th rules and the world better. But yes as Alasseo and you said it the organisation taht makes it special, but I jsut was not quite sure.
  8. This discussion started in another thread. But I decided to make a thread of its own in order not to ruin that debate. http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=70&efcid=3&efidt=141088 The fluff says its about maintaining starships and tittans and how to use it. Now if we will try to apply this to the rules I am not sure what defines techpriest. if it only techpriest who are alowed to have some secrets about technologi what is it then. Now techuse is commen lore for hives and some classes has t. So it cannot be this skill although some in the other debate mentioned that. Personally I would say trade technomate as it is maintaining machines aka waiting for them to break and then fixing them. Commen lore tech is a commen lore and other classes has it also. There is offcause all the implants but that alone does not make them unreplaceble. So what is it which gives them the final touch ? Is it just a combination of all their skills talents and implants ?
  9. Then what skill defines being fully iniated. It cannot jsut be the implants. THere msut be some secret knowlegde.
  10. I would support a career path also. The reason is when the worker joins the inquisition he leaves his old life behind and kinda leaves that career path. he might stil have contact to it giving him easy acces to learn other skill/talents. Looking over the one LuciusT made it in the right direction. But are some of the trades not specific for techpriest as it secret knowlegde they guard like the trade technomat ? (btw trade any is mentioned twice)
  11. Well seems like it might fit pritty well depending on job and work time,, being within 2 hours of each other.
  12. Well I talked to Eilonthyr last night and he is from Europe like me. But what about you ?
  13. Well I could also be GM some off the time, I jsut do not want to carry al lofthe load. But if we are a few who takes turn I think it would work out.
  14. Well my character only meet her inquisitor 3 times during game play and that is betwin missions.The first times it has been under 5 minutes but last time we actualyl sat down and had a meal with him. So our GM runs him very much in the background, he espects us to sovle all problems ourself and does not ask futher questions to the reports we send to him. In my background story I meet him 1-2 times. As my character is currently the longest survivor the others only meet him once.
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