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    Laurence J Sinclair reacted to Yoritomo Kazuto in Skirmish   
    My wife and I actually both enjoy the new Skirmish format quite a bit, it's faster, less stopping points, easier to teach and learn, and it feels like the clans are more balanced against each other a bit (haven't played them all yet). The stronghold format was far to obtuse for my wife, she today doing it slow, boring, tedious, and having to many rules to remember. Whereas stronghold she actually enjoys and is willing to play, both because of its ease to remember and the speed of play.
    Having played O5R (Mantis Clan for life), and played at the first worlds for N5R, I'm much happier with the skirmish format. The only change I would want would be the inclusion of skirmish style strongholds, something that gives some minor bonus or effect that is in line with the clan your playing as. I'm also hopeful that this easier to hear format will be easier to teach out here in Japan, I've had practically no luck getting the stronghold format any footing here.
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    Laurence J Sinclair reacted to Mon no Oni in Skirmish   
    I'm somewhat hopeful for L5R with Skirmish. When I read the released in the design article, I agreed almost point by point with the diagnostic of the problems and it made me feel hopeful for the health of the game for the first time in months. On my area nL5R had a huge start because there was a lot of the original game looking forward to it. We sold tons of Core Sets and the first cycle. Then both sales and tournaments dried up. Now there is just a very reduced core of players, and sales are reduced to those and collectors. I am now one of the later. My experience last time I played with a friend over the weekend, was one single long, protacted game of endless micro-decisions. No "gotcha moment" in over an hour, no involvement. After some thought, I decided I wouldn't bother with the game, and decided I would only keep buying packs as they came out just for collecting purposes (I have loved the world almost since the beginning) and I wasn't at all surprised at all the following Monday back at the store, when my friend let us know he didn't want to continue buying packs and sold is collection.
    Now, we weren't playing at a competitive level. I'm sure if we were really regular players we would have better decks that got to their point faster, some of those micro-decisions woud be on auto-pilot decisions based on experience. We wouldn't have to read and reread the other player's card to remember what they did. That game wouldn't have taken over an hour, maybe just 45 minutes. Still, I can't imagine teaching that game to a new player, or playing for fun as it is, honestly. I can play 3 games of MTG on Arena in that time. Again, it's not just the time it takes, but the involvement, too. All those decisions...  there are a lot of cool mechanics and ideas, but the sheer accumulation of them takes the life of out it.
    And speaking of taking the life out of it, putting together a legal deck is another chore. When you have a customizable game where you absolutely do need to use a website to deckbuild that tells you what is legal and what is not, you have a big problem. I'm not speaking only of banned/restricted lists, but also of role-locked cards. At first, I was not too against these, but i see now this is another layer of complication (as well as another set of decisions you have to make) on an already complex game.
    Will it be enough to "save" the game, or is it too late already? Frankly, I haven't designed any decks based on the Skirmish ruleset and probably I won't bother until something exciting happens (for me, it would be the possibility to play a Shadowlands deck, for instance). However if I ever play again, it will be something like Skirmish, not the original game. Maybe somebody who has more experience playing will have more informed opinions, but I honestly think that if there is ever a second edition of the core set something like Skirmish should be the standard ruleset from then on, with the current "Stronghold" as just one more variant. That would mean no new role locked cards and phasing out those who are already in the pool. Maybe some of them are viable if reprinted without a role limitations, others less so.
    About the only thing I don't like about Skirmish is the lack of Stronhgold cards. I think they add a lot of flavor to the game, so I hope some other iteration of the Skirmish ruleset puts them back in the game.
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    Laurence J Sinclair reacted to Schmoozies in Skirmish   
    So you're upset that the story isn't ramming events down your throat faster then you can react to them.  Remember that O5R started in the clan war, the 1st Scroll had been "opened" thus the plague that Kachiko was using as a cover for her poisoning the Emperor and many of the major "events" were baked into the plans from the start.  There is nothing wrong with the pacing we've seen as they have been setting the tone for the story and putting pieces in place leading towards a rising tension.  We are way to early in the story for people to be "resolving" anything as the LCG model is built on more of a 5 year story plan not a 2 year rotation like O5R was initially built. 
    As to the novels you seem to have a far more forgiving memory of them then I must as I remember be surprised out how out of tune the Clan War ones were with what was the established canon at the time they were published.  The 4 Winds era was a little better, but only because they mostly focused on a period that the story had essentially jumped past.
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    Laurence J Sinclair reacted to phillos in Skirmish   
    I'm not gonna argue passionately either way for your other points but I really reject this statement.  They've maintained a fantastic story line while giving players a reasonably restrained way to interact with the story.  I don't want to go back to the days of reacting to insane story prize choices and flipping the continuity to fit into what ever the card game wanted to talk about at the time.  I think they've taken alot of that old continuity and smoothed it out nicely.  Also we've had many story choices which have had an appreciable effect on the direction of the story.  Would I like the story line to move a little faster?  Yeah I think they could pick up the pace, but at the same time I don't want them to go too fast since it's nice we've been allowed to see these character breath and develop over the course of the conflict.  I wonder how well the novels will sell because I think there's an opportunity to pick up the pace a bit if they can offload  more of the character building to novellas and novels for major characters.
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    Laurence J Sinclair reacted to Schmoozies in Dark Horse to publish artwork on the worlds of FFG... except L5R?   
    There is a difference between learning a language and pronouncing specific words presented in English letters.  Japanesse is "difficult" to learn because of their sentence structure and kanji.  But actual pronunciation is actually very straightforward.
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    Laurence J Sinclair reacted to Daigotsu Arashi in Dark Horse to publish artwork on the worlds of FFG... except L5R?   
    Yeah, sure....
    It's very annoying to pronounce Asako Kenji but Shub Niggurath or Nyarlathotep are easy.
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    Laurence J Sinclair reacted to FearLord in New silhouettes. Speculation game stars again! *** SOLVED!!   
    I think Kang is likely - I wouldn’t worry too much about it being ‘just’ a scenario pack - scenario packs are big enough for them to be pretty out there - of the 2 we’ve seen, we can see they can go in a variety of ways.
    The Core Set scenarios are 21, 21 and 25 cards each. Rise of Red Skull Villain decks range from 19 to 31 cards (although some of these may be campaign rewards only) and the Green Goblin Scenarios are 24 and 31 cards respectively.
    its possible in a pack of 78 cards for them to run up to 3 scenarios (Ramatut, Kang and Immortus?) while also having say 2 modules... or even a single scenario where different versions of Kang pop out or environment cards that represent different time periods - lots of cool possibilities, and I don’t think the scenario pack format needs to hold them back at all.
    I could see an argument that it’s Zemo, but personally just after the campaign pack releases with a heavy Hydra theme (and Hydra is arguably the heaviest theme we’ve seen in the encounter cards we’ve seen so far anyway) I’d like to see them explore something else.
    The last 2 I’m pretty convinced are Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, but not sure about the first 2 heroes...
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    Laurence J Sinclair reacted to Abyss in New silhouettes. Speculation game stars again! *** SOLVED!!   
    Yeah, villain pack definitely looks like it could be Kang. HE tends to have more of a pronounced crest so I think he's less likely.
    I think Quicksilver is likely for November due to the little bit of hair on the silhouette which Quicksilver usually has, and the likelihood that December is Wanda. 
    The other two honestly don't really have enough to narrow them down. 
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    Laurence J Sinclair reacted to cheapmate in New silhouettes. Speculation game stars again! *** SOLVED!!   
    Bottom two have to be Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch
    Just wondering if they will have the Mutant trait or not

    If they will do Ant-Man, please let it be Henry Pym
    I like Scott Lang (even though they changed the comic version into the Paul Rudd version), but Pym is the original
    The villain is most likely Kang, iconic Avengers villain and rumored next big bad in the movies, but might be a too big a name for a "mere" scenario pack
    High Evolutionary maybe...
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    Laurence J Sinclair reacted to KBlumhardt in New silhouettes. Speculation game stars again! *** SOLVED!!   
    I think it would be hilarious if it still was Iron Fist, just chilling on the couch in his alter ego... it'd be a double bait-and-switch on us.  🙂
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    Laurence J Sinclair reacted to Mon no Oni in New silhouettes. Speculation game stars again! *** SOLVED!!   
    For the scenario, I'm going with Kang. There is a fairly obvious sort of central ridge in the head. Also, this pose fits almost exactly (the right hand is a little lower in the silhouette):

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    Laurence J Sinclair reacted to Assussanni in New silhouettes. Speculation game stars again! *** SOLVED!!   
    Hair on November definitely looks like Quicksilver to me. I think Quicksilver + Scarlet Witch is a good shout for the last two, although December being Jean Grey and leading into an X-Men expansion would make me very happy.
    October maybe Vision? Looks like a bald head and maybe wearing a cape.
    No idea about September. The suggestion that others have made of Ant-Man would seem to fit the theme.
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    Laurence J Sinclair reacted to BigAl0213 in New silhouettes. Speculation game stars again! *** SOLVED!!   
    I really want this to be the defenders, but I am starting to think it will continue the Avengers. The guy sitting watching TV could be Scott Lang. The person on the computer could be Wasp if the other person is Scott Lang. Last two Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. No guesses for myself on the scenario but a lot of people on Facebook were guessing Kang
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    Laurence J Sinclair reacted to KBlumhardt in The Rise of Red Skull Article is up   
    Yep, it'll definitely be an interesting challenge.
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    Laurence J Sinclair reacted to HirumaShigure in The Rise of Red Skull Article is up   
    I'm going High-Evolutionary
    Scarlet Witch
    Edit: Kang makes a ton of sense too... but none of this deviates from the Avengers at all...
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    Laurence J Sinclair reacted to Derrault in The Rise of Red Skull Article is up   
    Scenario Pack August: Humanoid Male, Pauldrons, right hand clenched and partly extended, no apparent helmet, looks like a belt. Either has hair or that's a ridge.
    Kraven the Hunter or...Apocalypse?.
    Hero Pack September: Humanoid Male (martial artist)
    Shang Chi
    Hero Pack October: Humanoid (computer user, sitting)
    Hero Pack November: Humanoid Male? (Hands out, holding a hologram?, Jacket (possibly a leather/bomber jacket based on the shoulder contours))
    Beast or Wolverine
    Edit: Horn hair points (eh eh?) to a couple or three options, but I’d be inclined to go with Quicksilver because of the pose. Doesn’t really scream Logan to me, or even Beast.
    Hero Pack December: Humanoid Female (Sitting, reading, big hair, high heel boots)
    Rogue? Has big hair.
    Jean Grey? Has big hair...but not really depicted as curly.
    Kitty Pryde? Has big hair, a little bit curly maybe?
    Scarlet Witch.
    edit: the Comic art images of Scarlet witch have a fairly significant number with hair just like the silhouette, but having her release alongside Quicksilver would continue the trend of Avenger heroes.
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    Laurence J Sinclair reacted to KBlumhardt in The Rise of Red Skull Article is up   
    They addressed that in the live stream.  You resolve as much of the card as possible, so when it tells you to put the nemesis in play, you cannot, but you do the rest of the stuff on the card including putting the side-scheme in play.  Then, the end of the card says "if the nemesis did not enter play, this gains surge", so you'd have to draw another encounter card.
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    Laurence J Sinclair reacted to KBlumhardt in The Rise of Red Skull Article is up   
    She's got long curly hair, which eliminates a few heroines, but that's about it.  Since these are undoubtedly the alter-egos again, there are hundreds of possibilities.
    My best guess is that November is Pietro and December is Wanda.  September seems to be Iron Fist, but with a movie on the way, it definitely could be Shang-Chi.
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    Laurence J Sinclair reacted to Tonbo Karasu in A Lordless Life - Path of Waves Preview   
    I was about to say "Please use burakumin, as the other word is somewhat of a slur"when I realised you meant Estimated Time of Arrival.
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    Laurence J Sinclair reacted to Tonbo Karasu in FFG rpgs transitioning to EDGE Entertainment.   
    I don't mind discussing things that could be improved with the system, but I absolutely object to every thread that a couple of people post in ending up with them complaining about the system, even when that wasn't the point of it in the first place.
    As a note, the roll and keep system was invented for L5R, first edition.  If they hadn't kept it in some way, there would have been even more discontent amongst fans.  Witness what happened to John Wick's 2nd edition 7th Sea when he claimed that 'rolling all the dice and keeping them' was just an expansion of the system.  I also think that the updated system in FFG L5R RPG actually makes choosing which dice to keep meaningful, adding to the game.
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    Laurence J Sinclair reacted to BearJuden113 in The Celestial Realms - New RPG Sourcebook   
    I've always argued that were I the other great clans, the Mantis would have been destroyed to the last member after the war against Fu Leng. Holding the Empire hostage is inexcusable.
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    Laurence J Sinclair reacted to Magnus Grendel in The Celestial Realms - New RPG Sourcebook   
    Awesome that they still seem to be sticking with the sourcebook-and-adventure format, too.
    I love the idea for Wheel of Judgement, too. It's a great final adventure for a campaign, when you think about it.
    "So...severity fifteen takes you down too...I guess that's a TPK."
    "Blech. Well, any preferences for the next campaign?"
    "What do you mean? I'll see you all next week for the next session..."
    "Aren't we dead?"
    "Why should that matter?"
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    Laurence J Sinclair reacted to Hida Jitenno in The Celestial Realms - New RPG Sourcebook   
    No, there was one in 2e/d20 that was pretty much solely about the Celestial Realms.
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    Laurence J Sinclair got a reaction from Myrion in The Celestial Realms - New RPG Sourcebook   
    That map of the celestial realms image is amazing.  I want that as a playmat!
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