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  1. That map of the celestial realms image is amazing. I want that as a playmat!
  2. I'm hoping the new product will be more of a new format for the product itself; do away with the piecemeal release of cycles in six small packs and just load everything up in one bigger, cheaper overall box.
  3. Roles would be better if the cards tied to them were worded "May not be included in Seeker decks" as opposed to "Keeper only" (and vice versa), allowing some form of choice in deck construction. As it is, there is no incentive at all to not be the Keeper or Seeker that your clan is tied to; doing so gives you the bonuses from the role itself, plus unlocks new cards. Not playing the role only limits your options. If the cards were framed to be disallowed by a role rather than permitted to its opposite, there would be actual choice, as while taking the role would give the bonuses as usual, it would lock out certain card choices, which would only be available to 'vanilla' can decks.
  4. Cloud the Mind is not an event. The Scorpion won't stop the most common spell.
  5. I like how the fiction specifically mentions which side of the kimono is folded over the other - that should please certain forum-ites!
  6. The Game of Thrones WC deck was very useful for picking up a few extra copies of useful cards for making additional decks without having to spring for multiple extra core sets.
  7. Having the big tournaments distinct form major cons would cost less for someone only interested in the tournaments, but someone who wanted to go to a con and to a tournament would actually have to pay more to attend both.
  8. I do have one of those hard plastic deck boxes that FFG makes - the ones with a removable dice/counter storage compartment? - and that fit a sleeved 80+ card deck in old5r.
  9. Not the American or European Allies, but mainly Korean and Chinese people would be those most offended by Banzai. But then, any sort of samurai-based game would be offensive in their eyes anyway.
  10. I think Conquest and WHQ failing had more to do with FFG losing the licence with Games Workshop than anything else.
  11. No, it just means that the adventure they chose to use is designed for experienced characters. The problem is that they decided to use an introductory example scenario that is not geared to starting PCs.
  12. Bad example; you can't put Cloud the Mind on Ascetic Visionary as it isn't a tattoo or monk!
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