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  1. Nice work! I'd love to see an assembled pdf of this stuff. Again, nice job! Sabot
  2. I think a sort of high/druidic magic would be appropriate.....
  3. Does anyone know if FFG is planning to release the unpainted minis? If not, does anyone know where they can be purchased? Looking to do some repainting, and I really don't want to buy a whole new boxed set. Sabot
  4. sabot2

    Xombie horror..

    I would say that they're slightly smaller scale than the TH figures. Further, there is only 1 pose. BUT: There are 100 in a bag. So it all works out in the end. Sabot
  5. The word addiction comes to mind.
  6. sabot2

    Xombie horror..

    You sir, are a genius. Indeed, a genius. Those stats are perfect, and useful indeed. Thanks.
  7. ..a la The Bunker: So it's christmas, and my mother in law was here, and she got me a bag o' zombies from an unnamed, rival company to our somewhat beloved FFG. And then I got an idea. The characters are in the map, and everyone is being attacked by zombies. Hundreds of them, dredged up by the latent magicks that are suffusing the area. Each zombie has one hit, stats TBD, and no special abilities. But they have numbers. So, not only does the Reich have to deal with the Union, but both have to deal with a bit of an infestation of the shambling dead. Any suggestions as to stats, or am I just whacked out of my head. Sabot
  8. Nice use of pre-existing mini's for furthering the cause... NICE WORK, I look forward to seeing more. Sabot
  9. Miah999 said: I wanted to repost this, since It recived good response. It's a little wide so here's the direct link. http://i47.photobucket.com/albums/f195/miah999_album/chart.jpg Some of those ranges are maximum _ranges_ not maximum _effective_ ranges. Max effective is the range at which you can effectively engage a point (precision) or area target. The Max effective ranges listed are WAY off. Marksmen and snipers can use weapons like the 7.62 or the 12.7 (.50 cal) at ranges exceeding 1000m, but few other can shoot with any degree of accuracy past 300-450. As for the larger caliber weapons, unless they are purpose built sniper weapons, most are vehicle mounted. BTW RPG-17's self destruct at about 700m. Good graphic, but check the figures. Sabot.
  10. A sincere pleasure to meet you as well, sir. Sabot
  11. I am a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army. I am a teacher right now, I teach young Sergeants to be tank commanders. My two best friends are in Iraq and Afganistan respectively...I would love to get them some game time in...What charity are you with anyway? As for me I have two tours in Iraq, totalling 27 months of combat time. Nice to be back stateside. Sabot
  12. 'preciate that info, fast too. Thanks again... Sabot
  13. ...is it possible to order them? I went to the Take on You website, but they say something about no foreign orders. Will they ship here to the states? Thanks. Sabot
  14. Uh, as for people here, there are those of us who just got here. Any military players?? Sabot
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