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  1. Im pretty sure that you need to take "the Gift" advantage to use magic at all, sort of like you need to take one of the psychic advantages in order to use psychic powers. It seems to be the settings way of demonstrating the relative rareity of magic in the world, so of course you could change it depending on what kind of game you wanted to run (you could make that advantage give some other benifit such as more innate magic for example)
  2. Just to chime in here, I would say that the game itself is fairly easy to play (about on par with WHFRP), the rules flow nicely and pretty much do what they say they do. However making that first character is actually quite difficult, partly due to all the options you have and partly due to trying to figure out just how the rules work in practice. Its all too easy to make horribly unbalacnaced characters or to inadvertantly break the generation rules (somthing my group did several times during our first session) Once you get past this part though the rules work quite well in my experence. And once you get your first character down its pretty easy to see how the creation system works.
  3. Well aside from the experience point penalty its mostly a social penalty. Non humans are by their nature outcasts from society at large and are often hunted or persecuted. Depending on the type of game that you're playing this could be a big disadvantage forcing non-human players to constantly be hiding their nature, or it could be fairly meaningless it sort of falls to the GM to decide how he wants to play the situation.
  4. I try to stick with the color scheme on the back of the cards however several of my figs have deviated from that quite a bit due to my own lack of paints and some differences in interpertations with what the art actually depics (as well as what I actually have the skill to paint)
  5. The rules are very different (especially how powers work which is very detailed in the RPG) but the core mechanic (the d10 roll) is just a simplified version of the RPG's core mechanic (d100), the result is that basic combat plays out very similarly in both the rpg and mini games (roll attack vs roll defense, do damage equal to difference minus armor) the resistance rules are also very similar as well.
  6. Not exactly real detailed here but just a berief overview of the sheet Ok first sheet has all your stats, skills and combat usefull info (initiative, lifepoints, attacks and defense rating) All of the stats follow a similar format, they have a base rating which represents the number of base points you have in a stat or skill (ie the number you get from spending development points) a bonus which is the bonus for the attribute the skill is linked to (ie dextarity for your attack stat or intelligence for your memorize skill) a class bonus which is whatever bonus your chosen class gives (found in the third chapeter) and a special bonus (abriviated SPE) which is any other bonus gained from any other source (like from moduals or martial arts or magic or the like) On the second sheet you have your resistances, advantages/disadvantages (2nd step after generating attributes), and all of your supernatural talents (that confusing looking tree is your magic path rating) Third sheet is equipment and money (self explainitory) 4th sheet is additional info, free access spells, summoning info, elan (divine favor), the damage table relates to the to hit table in the combat section and is just there to have easy access to the ammount of damage done at each degree of success.
  7. Well if your two opponents are focusing on you exclusively theres not much way to win anyway....however a usefull tactic in this game is beeing willing to pull out of difficult to defend areas and look for an easy oppertunity to counterattack, which given the way armys are structured, should soon present itself. If a resuply or muster card has just come up you can even ceed valuable territory to an enemy advance and gamble on getting it back later. Also depending on your stratagy you don't have to rule the waves but do make sure that your navy is never completly destroyed, if you can't at least contest the waves you'll be at a big disadvantage
  8. The card game is indeed great, a fun way to kill some time. It plays best with about 4 players I think since then you can be pretty cutthroat with each other and it moves at a good pace. I think I prefer the RPG then the mini game then that card game but thats more of a function of my groups priorities over all
  9. Ok you've got light, dark and neutral (which ca be comboed with either) as your most basic factions. Normally your team must be alignment coherent (ie no light and dark on the same side) however each model also belongs to an organization. If you build your team as an org you can break the alignment coherency rules so long as all models belong to the organization. I belive there are also supposed to be bonuses available to each organization which will be in the full rulebook (whenever it is released). So far the organizations are: The Empire- the primary political and millitary force on Gaia (the setting) and is mostly made up of heavily armored fighters The Church- the primary religious force in the world and loosly affiliated with the empire but at this point its own political entity, mostly made up of mystics and more lightly armored warriors The Azure Alliance - a break away group of former imperial provinces mostly made up of sneaky assasin-like and light warriors Samaell- An alliance of nonhumans (Nehpilliem?) working together for political advancement and survival, lots of mystic types Widershant(sp?)- A group dedicated to the advancement of science which largely invoves delving into forbidden lore and gererally acting like mad sceintists, lots of prowler type characters and characters with ranged attacks (guns!) Wanderers- pretty much just what it sounds like, I think that they can be incorperated into any faction (not sure), and are sort of a grab bag with a little bit of everything. Most of the asian type characters have so far been of this faction. I hope this post helps :-)
  10. I actually think that the translation isn't too bad its just a few of the more technical parts that get a bit touchy which, frankly, is one of the perils of translating technical writing. Given all the problems in getting it out at all Im willing to cut the translator a bit of slack, hopefully these issues will improve over time.
  11. Fair enought The FFG guys don't update their website very often (at least until recently) but are quite approachable at cons and such so I was hoping somone would have some info about what the current translation and/or release schedual was (assuming there is one). But I suppose there isn't any new info to be had at least for the moment
  12. I know this is terribly non cannon but Ive often wondered, post heresy, if the emperor hasn't been replaced wholesale by one of the C'tan or prehaps is becoming akin to one of them. But then im not sure he's eating quite as many psykers as he used to. Still I like the idea of an ancient god becoming fat and lazy of the backs of humanity (who just serve themselves up!) as its cousins try fruitlessly to exterminate all life. And it would explain where the hell those C'tan blades that Callidus assasins carry come from (if they've ever explained that I must have missed it)
  13. What character combos do you use in your games? I confess that my own Anima collection is a touch small due to luke-warm support at my FLGS (at least until the full rulebook is out) and I am curious what other people like to run with. How do monofaction teams do? I confess that I tend to run a light aspected heavy armor team with Kronen, Khaine, Duncan backed up with Evangeline (and maybe Faust depending on pts value). I have seen a Samell faction team (which seemed to do pretty well for itself) and a ninja sytled team (mostly wanderers and the 2 dark faction prowlers) which did less well. What have you done or seen?
  14. I've been keeping my scenery fairly basic and often use some of GW's recent scenery packs (the forest, the watchtower, the arcane ruins and the walls work very well) although I stay away from my mordhieim stuff which is way too gothic. Other than that I use a few hills, which I bought from my local game store for cheap,somtimes some river tiles which can be made fairly easily useing cardboard (or posterboard) some paint and some "water effects" glue which should be easy to find at any hobby shop. If your at a loss check out model train shops, or store sections, which often have a huge ammount of terrain kits (somtimes very unusual ones) although the scale may be a bit off.
  15. Any word on when any new products for Anima will be released?
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